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  1. Noted that there are no murmur farming changes made this update, so gonna throw out some issues I have with the current system! Currently, you have to go out of your way to play very specific missions that’s only real benefit is to obtain murmur progression. There’s literally no other reason to do the Kuva Lich missions. I think it would be wise to remove said specific missions and allow Kuva Lich goons to simply spawn in any territory controlled by your Lich; allowing the option for passive gain towards defeating your Lich while also focusing on other content. Just a thought. Alternatively, it would be very good to see an endless method of hunting murmurs. Would much rather dedicate an hour to a single mission than 45 minutes across three or four shorter missions, but that’s just me. Having to bounce back to your orbiter every 5-10 minutes just to repeat the same thing over just isn’t enjoyable imo. I wonder if an endless murmur Hunt like this could also be implemented into the Plains of Eidolon to give the place a much needed endless bounty type, though I can see that being much more of a personal fantasy of mine, and not to mention time consuming to develop. Looking forward to the future of Kuva Liches!
  2. I know there’s a hesitance to give release dates, but are Empyrean and The New War still on track for 2019? It seems extremely ambitious to release them both in the remaining time of the year, so understandable if there is a delay for at least one of them!
  3. Kuva Ogris still can’t use Nightwatch Napalm
  4. Kuva Ogris still can’t use Nightwatch Napalm? Hope this gets fixed soooooon cuz I love the Kuva Orgris so far
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