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  1. ok ill try the codex thing out, thanks to everyone for the tips. Edit: According to the codex the culprit is a glitched sly vulpaphyla. Ill have to reassemble one but i can cope with just having to do 1 pet. Thanks again for the help. Edit 2: Leveling the vulpaphyla resolved my issues.
  2. I have tried the 20 different companions in my inventory along with the necramech+weapons. Others have been dumped over time due to space issues and cant be tested and it would be pretty unreasonable to try gathering every missing companion I've already ranked to try and unbug myself.
  3. Necramech is currently 30 but ill try equipping companions in open world and report back.
  4. I have all the items you listed and my numbers match up to yours except I have one more amp (9)
  5. Tried a mission with khora and no changes, but thanks for trying.
  6. companion pic was posted and is 15/15
  7. Snipetron and machete are both capped and which companion am i missing?
  8. Necramech and the weapon are both 30 and all 4 intrinsic categories are maxed as shown in 1st screenshot.
  9. If I include the nezha prime package + nightwave, which are the 4 missing items in my profile, I'm missing at least 5k mastery to hit 30. I cant figure out at all what I am missing. Did i count something wrong or overlook something? Any help is appreciated.
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