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  1. I fail to see how I've discriminated against anyone, I've simply been saying "Live and let live". If I've somehow personally attacked you, I apologize.
  2. Having an opinion =/= being toxic and hateful.
  3. Not gonna lie, I wish I could say I was surprised to see so much toxicity and bigotry. Welp, back to killing Corpus... those money grubbing pricks.
  4. Guess while we're playing it safe to avoid offending parties, I propose the special Holiday items be removed from the game. They are in association with beliefs and practices that some may or may not be offended by.
  5. It's not political though, it's always been a matter of social acceptance, perceived morality, and personal beliefs extruded from religious teachings and practices. It's only in politics because both sides are so stubborn and hard headed.
  6. Personally, it doesnt matter who or what you are, just aid in completing the objective and you're gold in my book. My clan leader runs an Equinox done up in Trans-Pride colors, he identifies as such and enjoys Equinox for that fact. Yes, her theme is Yin and Yang, but I'm not going to tell another player they're wrong if they say she is a trans frame. It's a game, enjoy it how you like. We're all here to play, enjoy, and for a moment, escape.
  7. Much prefer Nightwave. Due to my work schedule and commute, always ended up missing 3 of the 4 daily nitains under the old system. And the helms I wanted always showed up when I couldn't just log on.
  8. While I do have rivens on my main loadouts, they are nowhere required for my builds. Rivens are there to compliment a weapon, it's not what makes a weapon, Imho. I never even noticed any changes to my Tigris Prime or my Ignis Wraith during the last round of rebalancing. I still rip right through everything I aim at.
  9. Double check your modulars, found that I had maxed but never gilded my first Zaw. Got a bit lucky with that, could have sworn it had been gilded.
  10. My favorite alert was an April Fools one a few years back. 60 minute survival, lvl 200+ enemies, all for 1 credit. xD
  11. Every syndicate has an ally and an enemy. Gaining standing will gain you standing with their ally, and loss standing with their enemy. For example, I've maxed Steel Meridian and Red Vail. The two are allies, which makes building standing far easier. However, the other four syndicates hate me.
  12. Fun little glitch I ran into while fighting 'Ol Ropa, my left arm (and zaw) got tweaked. (I assume it just got twisted into the body.) It got me thinking though, I've known several people over the years who have had amputations. (One of which who's both legs were prosthetic, helped him cut firewood. He ran the chainsaw. "Can't lose them if they're already gone.") While it wouldn't work too well on our frames, what if there was at least "prosthetic" or "amputation" cosmetics for our Tenno. Personally, it would be awesome representation and just add to the empowerment that our frames grant us. What do you all think?
  13. So, what about us in the camp that actually likes the new UI. Tell ya what, put it on a toggle. Boom, everyone is happy. (or just add it as a Legacy UI Suite for, idk, 356 plat.)
  14. "You weren't good enough, but we'll keep your points anyways to boost our egos" Sorry lads, shouldn't have been in such a rush to cut off heads. What was it, you said you had waited a whole 15 minutes after the event, oh my. Yeah, my final attempt at the event didn't even get registered until almost 30 minutes after I had ran it. I understand wanting only the best players in your clan, its prestige and a motivator for everyone. But, you also shouldn't be crying when you pull out the guillotine and end up removing a toe.
  15. If you're kicking people, only makes sense that any points they did contribute be removed as well. Credit given where credit is due.
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