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  1. Along with an (amalgam) Exergis and Detron please =]
  2. Same, I mean i have him already but thats by-the-by. Ill wait till i get home later and if nothing then ill raise a ticket. Got everything else, Handcannon and Decoration and skin
  3. A vast majority didn't, personally I have liches down below 2 hours and I didn't mind getting killed, but then again I've spent lots of time on souks like games where I get punished for my mustakes, but that's the beauty of warframe the amount of choice.
  4. #proofreadingfail #proofreadingfail2 - I actually miss that kill on failure, they need to at least bring in a 5 or 10% chance on fail that you get instakilled, probably same folk who wanted SD removed cos they shot at the floor with their bramma.
  5. its not expensive anymore, they reduced the costs to 75% of what it was on release - its just not cheap for someone just getting into the game, but after a few weeks its pittance. 600k is a few rounds of Index, 6 million is a few more rounds of index.
  6. Copy paste from reddit as its probably one of the best explainations ive seen; You have to kill a Larvling to successfully spawn a lich. The mission I always go is Cassini, Saturn, it's easy, capture the target, then a little "flickering" will happen, then you go proceed to murder grineer soldiers until a "Kuva Guardian" message on the right side of the screen pops up, then there will be a RED MARKER on the map for WHERE THE LARVLING IS. You can check the "Lich menu" by pressing esc and clicking on the button right beside Nightwave bar. Once th
  7. This is the exact reason I like doing lichs, instant spike in enemy level, sure a drop rate increase by doubling the base rate would be appreciated, I just like murderising the Grineer and Corpus
  8. NO denying, but as i've stated previously im not Meta, so i've lots of choices 🙂
  9. Because a single user on their own can level a whole room, The issue isnt the weapon per se its the fact its removing 'fun' from other people by instantly deleting the map.
  10. I'm MR 26 almost 27 and knew from seeing the demos on the devstream that this would happen, i'm not entirely surprised why the community are so up in arms about it when they all knew it would happen too. I openly admit i've used the Bramma to death but only in a closed squad with a clan mate hunting lichs, its fun sure, but there's plenty of other choices out there, people just want the most powerful thing and only use that
  11. Some combinations work, I play duo with a clan mate most of the time as hes a Nova with a Bramma and i'm usually Mag, Wisp, Saryn or whatever else takes my fancy. His Bramma is sometimes indeed a nuisance. I do see alot of Mesa and only really Saryn in ESO The Youtube effect is the same for any game, especially when you have a vast bunch of people who dont understand modding etc. That said, i've never been Meta, I use what I find fun, Ignis, Catchmoon et al are not for me. I make my own meta, who cares if its not the most damaging weapon, its what i find fun, and i think alot of people fo
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