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  1. RJ is Clan Content, A Clan has a Drydock, a Lone tenno has no access to this, so you are forced sadly to be a clan member.
  2. When you go to cast Sol Gate then realise that you have helminthed out Sol Gate....
  3. I like the sorties, but considering ive had 11 ayatans and an endo reward for the past 12 days - im pretty ****ed off with them at the moment. Id like some sort of system which stops you getting duplicate rewards too often, nobody wants 11 ayatans and nothing else for 2 weeks. Yes please.
  4. 1) Me soon as i can get one, 10 seconds into any of the Open Worlds, yes please oh and No Mans Sky overstretched is an understatement
  5. Great, so more of Nora whinging. Please for the love of all things, add a 'Nora shut up' option like you did for Ordis. Looking forward to the new content, including the Corpus Lichs and hopefully some changes to the currently awful Deimos grind (looking at you conservation and mining) I enjoyed the whole Glassmaker arc, was nice to have a mechanical boss fight for a change, but it has gone on too long with glassed enemies every 24 minutes.
  6. Self stagger was introduced with the removal of self damage a couple updates ago, you cant just blast something in the face at point blank anymore You get used to it, but agreed, its probably Jarring for returning players.
  7. This!! I had a whole host of things written on what id like to see but my browser crashed and it didnt recover... Also bring in a 5% chance of warframe kill on parazon fail, i miss it
  8. +1 i didnt start warframe until late 2015 so missed all the events prior
  9. I have issues with the lich system, but overall I enjoy it, if anything they are a bit too pussy footed. I miss the kill on fail, id like them to bring it back at least *some* of the time I think its great they can steal rivens and other rewards. I wish there was more to their fights then just giving them beatdowns (ala what we saw at tennocon) Taxes should scale up to 75% at level 5 They should have 'boss nodes' that guarantee spawns, especially at Max rank with all requiems know. I like the fact the levels scale with the lich Thralls should be like mini bosses rather than ju
  10. I actually said before i started the mission to my clan that I guarantee the lich will take my BP (Lich was on Lua), exactly the same thing happened, I laughed. So when it actually dies, ill get 3 rivens, 1 umbra BP, a bunch of kuva and some endo, the rest is worthless. Ill kill it later.
  11. Battacor/Exergis/Stahla Mara Detron/Akjagara Prime/Lex Prime Dakra Prime/Pennant/Plague Kripath/Reaper Prime Usually a mix of any of those.
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