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  1. I miss that kill on fail, wish theyd add it back in at a 5% chance or something.
  2. Tactical 6? I think in the recent Dev Workshop showed the ability to deploy a Necro anywhere, Rebb even says Yes thats what you think on the video
  3. If only that were true, ive got the best weapons (not +60% but in the 50s) i can use and reactors et al, but ive only built maybe 8-10 of them to get there. So gota build more to be sure :)
  4. Formaing sure, not like making you forma Kuva weapons 5 times for the mastery for the sheer hell of it. I was saying that we will need forma for the changes, its yet to be seen if the Plexus will need ranking due to it.
  5. Exactly this, I think Night coincides once maybe twice a week with my game time due to RL, secondly, I do one session of Night, which I now have to do for Nightwave (which I dont mind as i still need shards to unlock my last waybounds) but after ive completed a single Night session with the eidolons i have to actually turn the game off as it kills my eyes (ive had eye surgery for corrective vision so I get halos in my eyes from bright lights). The amount of missions i instant quit because theres some idiot with super bright colours on their weapons or frames I've lost count.
  6. When you try to build a mutagen or antigen on the mobile app you get the error 'Sorry Operator, The mobile Foundry cannot build blueprints that require item selection' These items don't need any selection, theyre the base parts for the revivifaction
  7. Same, although I wish theyd put the internal enemies back to pre nerf values but leave the ships as is.
  8. They made it happen, let us keep it, cos stomping around with a mech is hella fun, they need to put something in the missions to counter the mech though. If a mech is deployed they need to spawn a unit as a counter otherwise the whole game just becomes even easier than it is. e.g a mech spawns and a raptor or lynx proxy start spawning as well as other enemies
  9. Ouch, that said I don't go outside clan or alliance for it, I'll see if you are online next time we run if you want in :)
  10. Probably because consoles have a lower spawn rate than PC
  11. This, It was nice to have a mechanical boss fight for a change without any nonsense, miniature weak points or other crap, and it gave me an excuse to take Zephyr out for a change. Thankfully we have a Nora mute now, however itd be nice not to see her face either.
  12. We had 3 of the 4 lichs spawn in the same mission once, was 3 kills too =]
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