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  1. No, you're not blind. It was silently corrected in the news! The post in this topic still points out as "Once 2FA is enabled, you'll receive the Fae Path Ephemera via in-game inbox message!" and that's the reason why some players are still confused.
  2. @[DE]Helen I enabled 2FA now, but didn't received a in-game message with Fae Path Ephemera. Is the Fae Path Ephemera deployed with next weeks update or should I have received it instantly?
  3. It's bugged on all warframes and skins since release. In missions it is visible again when you died 1st time. I also have this ephemera fx when entering my arsenal. Even if I selected a new warframe without ephemera it still shows the old fx from the warframe I used to open the arsenal. Seems like a ghost fx similar to this: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1044747-targis-prime-effect/?tab=comments#comment-10537313
  4. Even if you reached the missions target and the green exit mark appears, this mark is also introduced by a green pulsing glow on the first few seconds. This pulsing spot can also get bugged at the same position on screen for the rest of the mission.
  5. BUMP Over 50 Updates later and this logical mistake is still ignored. -.-
  6. Sounds to me that you're talking about some closed doors in one mission and you made it on every door with this workaround. When I had this problem, it was mostly one single door in the whole mission. I tried your workaround, but it didn't work for me. Never had a chance to try the workaround by creating a lock down. The only way I could solve it a few times was switch teleport with Loki and an enemy close to the bugged door.
  7. @[DE]Marcus Any chance for Korrudo BP drop on Basic Thumper too and maybe a little increase of the drop rate? 😏
  8. @[DE]Megan The problem also existis in Corpus tilesets, even in solo mode, so it's not related to a bad connection to the host:
  9. Sometimes it's host related especially when you also recognize a delay while opening cashes, pick up loot and such things. But there is definitly a problem with closed green doors too! There are many new reports about green doors that won't open and I also had issues with bugged green doors in solo mode since the last few updates.
  10. The game should have alerts and nightwave. Would like to get back the alerts with credits and ressources as rewards (still waiting for a better way to earn mutagen samples). Nightwave should be a selectable series with a huge list of different acts, were you can pick a few as currently active. Maybe with a limit for acts per week as a little slow down. Every player should be able to manage the current series and active acts when they want to play the content.
  11. I would prefer a official solution for such mistakes (working past, present and future), without being forced to use some shady workarounds!
  12. I guess that won't work properly. Sometimes the door is on the way to a single spy-point and you would need to switch at least twice trough a bugged door. Maybe it could be related to a false alert state, because sometimes the consoles to lower the alert are always active and can be hacked multiple times (what could be used to grind hacking), but the behavior of the enemies is like "you're still in the dark". On the other side, the alert would have impect on all doors, but the problem exists mostly with one random door.
  13. I think this should be worth a ASAP hotfix: Could be very distracting and occures on all platforms: I'm afraid to ask again, but please DE fix this logical mistake from update 23.10/24.0: Breaks the rules of art and fashion:
  14. BUMP! Even after update, this problem occured two times in a row during jupiter spy mission: - 1x in public mode with point A unreachable - 1x in solo mode on the main way to the mission points
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