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  1. Still occurs with update 29.2.0. Can only be fixed with logout and login or restart of game.
  2. Since update 29 I also recognized a short freeze in every mission. During solo runs I realized that it happens more often around 1 minute after the start of the mission (+/- a few seconds). Some other freezes seems to be related to the new (and still bad designed) quick progression / end of mission UI: - When opening the new quick progress (TAB) the first time during a mission, it also leads to a short freeze. - While playing solo, I got a freeze between entering the extraction point and appearing of the new end of mission screen.
  3. Isolation Vaults and Damaged Necramech Weapon parts are still missing in the updated drop table.
  4. The new challenges where dead on arrival and I hope it will be fixed with implementing of the related steam achievements to avoid this:
  5. Same for me. I finished a Hive nightmare mission on Eris and after returning to orbiter the navigation was bugged. I boarded my Railjack an even there the navigation was bugged. Next idea was traveling to my Dojo, what was ending in an endless "Please Wait..." loading screen and I had to use Alt+F4.
  6. Same here, I was fishing for over one hour before I got stuck. 😠
  7. The mod can be purchased from Cephalon Simaris for 75,000 Standing.
  8. Short after the HoD update I was getting a drop every 20 minutes, but since yesterday I got a drop only every hour. If there is something like a dynamical reduction, this could be a reason why some people don't receive anything from watching the sheduled DE streams.
  9. - focus summary is still reset in last screen (reset occures on loading screen around 50%) - quick view mission summary window (opened with Tab) has oversized text and icons = wasted space = less informative - if stats are more hidden to avoid toxic reactions, then the Medals are straight against this concept - the pulse of the exit button is not necessary, if ESC also works for leaving the screen - I'm still missing the main information of the mission that was played (missiontype, planet, node) - the loadout is important (even if it's maxed), e.g. to know how many focus was gained b
  10. @[DE]Megan There where some new challenges introduced with this update and they are not available as steam achievements. Will they be added as steam achievements and if yes, are they unlocked retroactive? I just want to avoid the problems like with the "Joyride" challenge, where I had to use another warframe account just to unlock it in steam because I had the challenge already unlocked in-game before the steam achievements were added.
  11. Still not fixed! Workaround (at least for solo runs): I was able to repeat the mission without error, when I start the mission alternately via the navigation menu from my landingcraft and the navigation menu of a Relay.
  12. I like that idea, but for me would be the most important feature to be able to scroll in the stats and progression section of the first view (upper left). This would provide all informations accessible in one screen without being forced to click.
  13. Some people call me the space cowboy, YEAH! (sorry, I couldn't resist) Back to topic ... MR29 could be to high, but MR8 is just to low!
  14. These two mockups are great and I would like to see some of these ideas ingame asap: In the first mockup it could be better to change the order of the tabs (1. progression, 2. stats, 3. standings). The quick view as seen in video of the second mockup is great. Maybe the loot icons could be smaller. With the current quick view, the game is not paused (what's ok), but the UI covers the hole screen and the mouse still moves your view in background, so you are not able to scroll in the UI. Hovering over an loot item in the end mission screen should also display the amount you
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