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  1. Well, there IS a room on tzhe opposing side to the living quaters. And there already seem to "live" something... 😉
  2. Walkampf

    DE please! Fix the bug that makes the Argonak useless.

    Oh, I didn't mean it as a question of which one, but I actually wanted to say, that you should do that as well, if you havn't already. Posting to the forum is just as important, but recommending this at this point whould have been redundant, since you taken care of this lready by optening this topic. 😉
  3. Walkampf

    DE please! Fix the bug that makes the Argonak useless.

    I havn't read of any changes in the patchnotes, so I'm pretty sure, this is a bug, not a nerf. You should write a support ticket to make sure DE is aware of this issue.
  4. Walkampf

    What about player synergy?

    So, no answer at all, he just went off topic, as I already said.
  5. Walkampf

    Platinum prices for players in nigeria

    I'd like to ask, what are the prices for Prime Access in Nigeria?
  6. Walkampf

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    To be honest, I read only this much, because this is already SO wrong on SO many levels that it's already quite the work to respond to. The game NEVER forces you to mod for high numbers, it is and has for the time I played the game ALWAYS been the players who come up with the most efficient build and then demand for increased difficulty because the game get's to easy by breaking mechanics with the META builds. In fact, the literal opposite is the actual truth: DE did try to activly decrease the numbers players were getting to by the introduction of the peculiar mods. Playerfeedback was negative and thus DE was forced to go back to simply increasing numbers as that is what the majority of players want. So please stop lying.
  7. Walkampf

    Problems with Fortuna?

    This very much is prove for your uneducated ignorance I mentioned in my previous statement. You are only talking about the "players" In this whole long winded statement your are only putting the player in some kind of vitime role to force pressure on the DEVs and you think you are entitled to DE casting a spell to magically fix the issue.. What you are completly ignoring is DEs side. -You don't know, what is causing the bug, you only know the simptoms when the situation happens. -You don't know how many other parts of the code are involved in the bug. It might be contained within Vallis. It might be something from a different part if the game which the general gameplay relys on. -You don't know the extention of the bug. Maybe it cant be fixed on a short term solution because several other gameplay mechanics are also resting on the same brittle foundation. -You don't know if the issue might not be a hardware issue which DE doesn't even have any access to in order to make a "simple" fix. You are completly ignoring DEs side in the matter and you can only think about how youa re entitled to be pittied and comforted by the evil DEVs who are to lazy to fix their game. And because of your narrow minded vision of the issue, this: is absolutly a lie. Because you have no idea how coding works. You literally lack the knowledge and education to judge if coding is easy or hard.
  8. Walkampf

    My feedback on Fortuna, Fazit at the end

    With that build, yes, i imagin it is. However, as the topic at hand is my feedback, based on my experience. I don't think it's my duty to improve other peoples builds, since this whould go way off topic. If you need help getting your Archweapon working there are other parts in the forum you can ask for help.
  9. Walkampf

    What about player synergy?

    This is a whole lot of nonsense. What you are describing are basics of team gameplay, no grand synergies. This whole long winded post is completly off own topic.
  10. Walkampf

    What is a good frame for solo Defense?

    Frost, Limbo, Gara. Also, the Vazarin school of focus helps a lot by healing the defense target and making it invulnerable.
  11. Walkampf

    Problems with Fortuna?

    No, I say that most players think that coding is as easy as waving your magic stick in Harry Potter. I say that most people are completly oblivious to the fact that there is literally not code or any other kind of machine, which is impossible to break down at some point. This is called murphys law. It's not the fault of bugged coding, it's the fault of ignorant dimwits.
  12. Walkampf

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    No, I'm the kind of guy who asked for an actual example. You gave an example and i pointed out that in this case, it is indeed, as I previously claimed, a matter of a bad player. But hey, I guess a dog barks if you hit it.
  13. Walkampf

    Problems with Fortuna?

    There is an option to prevent that from happening. memory leakage is usually a driver problem of your own computer and not bound to a specific location in the game. OK, that's a actual bug, however there is the workaround of not using peacemaker and transference at the same time, when bubbles are near you. I Actually had all repeller systems long before I had enough Atmos Systems. If you complain about RNG in a game about RNG loot, you might want to switch games, that is, if your are not addicted to dopamin rushes and lootergames. Then again, since you are still around complaining about RNG it's quite unlikly that you can simply turn of something that annoys you.
  14. Walkampf

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    I'm often at high alert for Toroid farming. As I said, I havn't ever had a bounce grenade stuck to me long enough to notice it actually happening. Yeah, "apparently" there are. I haven't found those however. I even asked earlier to provide names of enemies who might have this misterious abilities a few hours ago. Maybe somebody is able to enlighten us? Because otherwise this whole topic is a witchhunt for a nonexisting issue, started only because some people have problem acknowledging that they are not the awesome, chosen by god himself, top-tier-pro-players they think they are and instead are only filthy casual noobs like the rest of us.
  15. Walkampf

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Nyx is awesome, no complaints with her. Titania had also many improvments, however the Vacuum on Razorwing makes Energy managment next to impossible. Not every player loves Vacuum! It takes away the choice of the player when to make use of energy pickups, which can screw over people who use the Energy Conversion mod and/or Arcane Energize.