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  1. What they want to implement is 100% free choice to switch platforms on a whim. For example, play on PC, then you notice that the weather is nice, you log out, grab your Switch and resume playing while you sit in the garden.
  2. I'm playing since the Stormbringer Update. Riven didn't make melee viable, but the ongoing development of the games melee and movement systems. If you want to point to one exact moment, when melee became viable, it was, when Scott talked on dev-stream, how well he was doing on his testbuild with only armed with a Skana. And I'm saying that as sombody, whose most used weapon across all categories is the Prisma Dual Cleavers. I stuck with melee from the very beginning, before coptering with the regular dual cleavers, became meme-worthy. So, please don't try to play the 'Uh, actually...'-card. Rivens never made anything better.
  3. Riven mods are lootboxes. And there is only a single game, which implemented lootboxes in a way, that's actually improving the game itself and that's Lootbox Simulator. In every other game the game is made worse by having them. This includes Warframe.
  4. @RobWasHere is right. Full crossplay is in development as well als crossplatform accounts. I really hope, it comes soon. I recently started playing on the Switch and technically I love it, because of a change in my families constalaltion I don't quite like it anymore, to hole myself up in my office. But I have to redo the grind, not to mention ingame purchases. While crossplay will help Warframes longevity, I really hope, they implement crossplatform progress ahead of the crossplay feature. It should be easier to implement.
  5. Wasn't this fixed in the hotfix yesterday?
  6. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/de This is the official support.
  7. Back when they introduced the sigils, they thought out about n, during a Dev stream. They were all in the opinion, that 'Haha, yeah, what could go wrong... ;-) '
  8. Even if you connection is good, the hosts might be bad. Play with friends, whom you know have good connections.
  9. ...to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women?
  10. Yeah, that's a whole lot of nonsense. 1. Tetris doesn't feature upgrades and powercreep. Back, when the Stalker was intoduced, the fight was extremly frantic and challenging, for a while. When he got an upgrade to the shadow Stalker, he was a threat again, but only for a time. 2. Tetris is single player, Warframe is multiplayer. So, even if YOU want the game to be harder, the next person might not. This is the reason, why games had selectable difficulty levels for decades. So even if the foundation is extremly and impossibly well thought out, the exceptable difficulty is always subjective. But it's basically impossible to create a game, where different people with different skills get different difficulties while interating withing the same sandbox. 3. In Tetris you have always your own score to compete against. Warframe levels are, for the most part self contained. You move to the end of a stage and you are done. If you can't reach the extraction, this is frustating. If you can't beat you previous highscore in Tetris, you have at least the thought, that you yourself set the goal, which you culdn't reach again.
  11. You can do an infinite amount of trials before you do the actual test and even replay all of the already completed tests... Just saying. It's basically like back in school, youa re supposed to do the learning BEFORE you take the actual test. Having only to way 24 hours is just as little of a bother, as having to repeat a grade, when you are preparing and acing any test anyway. Don't hate the game, hate the player!
  12. Well, I mean, you any enemy is to weak, you can downgrade yourself. Don't use Umbral, sacrificial oder primed mods and the playing field get's a lot more even. Personally, I don't even use fully ranked mandatory mods anymore. (since these don't effect the gameplay anyway) I also reduced my own surivability to crank up the fun. I completly got rid of Steel Fiber on any Warframebuild and replaced it with something that's actually effecting the gameplay. (Most of the time Augments)
  13. Oh, i thought this was a Prova... An arrow makes far to much sense. Sorry, but I have to take back the like!!!! 😛
  14. You can't delete a Mail, without claiming items atteched to the mail. Either you are missing a step, or you suffered a bug. You should ask support for help. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/de
  15. Cool designs. But now I really want an invested Detron, one shooting teeth instead of plasma pallets.
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