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  1. War -Valkyr (No sense in argueing there.) Death - Nekros (Also a perfect fit) Pestilence - Saryn Famine - Inaros or Nidus (his theme are parasites, maggots and mutation by assimilation)
  2. The reason is to make you log in daily for Forma, potatoes, etc. This keeps the game in your mind. It's a psychological trick.
  3. I can't quote quotes in quotes, all I want to say is, I already answered your question.
  4. Regarding the first case, well, there are different languages. I don't know about anybody elese, but I don't know every profanity in every language. I'd certainly love to and I'm working on it, but I'm not there yet, so I can't tell why the filter triggered there. Regarding the second case, that's just insanely amusing. xD And regarding the MOA, well, yeah, rice is a pretty offensive part of the asian stereotype, so preventing the word is common sense.
  5. *sigh* OK; yeah, I didn't bother to check the name of the person, who barged into the conversation I had with somebody else. The white horse and armor should have tipped me off. My bad!
  6. I havn't read your original ticket. I'm judging you on the appearence you make here.
  7. @(PS4)Knightfyre please, just don't feed the troll. I read until the point where he suggested that DE should ask another Techcompany for advise in AI.. Either @(NSW)MasterDarkwingz is actually trolling or there is actually something wrong with his head.
  8. I work in IT service as well and quite frankly, I whouldn't take people like you seriously. The tone makes the music. With the kind of attitude you are showing here, I'd shoot your ticket down as fast as I could as well.
  9. Yes, in a living market environment prices are dynamic as supply and demand constantly change....
  10. The purpose is useless ranting. The OP is upsaet how an open market works. He wants to somehow regulate it. The riven prices are what they are because there are people who are willing to pay the prices.
  11. How about we turn this idea around, Prevent non-level 30 weapons from joining public matchmaking, but leave premade groups open for them to join.
  12. While I'm all for getting rid of any kind of Vacuum effect, I think your idea is a bit overcomplicated. Personally, I'd love to see mag pulling in enemies within 5 meters (for example). Basically a miniature Pull with 360°. Of course instead of knockdown enemies should only be staggered. As a prefered melee player that is basically my wish for Mag.
  13. Same, but let's be realistic, we are the minority. Most people who level in ESO don't think that far ahead or simply don't care to go this extra step.
  14. Never underestimate the power of poop
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