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  1. You shouldn't try to understand the mind of a lunatic. Just step aside when they are throwing their cooking ware out of the window, after sorting it for weight, at 3.A.M. while humming the intro of 'Friends'.
  2. People are stupid, that's why. They are scifi online Shooter with loot. That's enough for some people to compare them. It's basically all about self justification. They find 2 things that are very remotely similar and then compare the differences in order to make their favourite stand atop. P.S. WF and D2 have always been compared a lot, even WF and D1 have been. It's not a new topic, it simly fell asleep for a while. But since D2 is now also free2play there are now 5 things, that they are the same, so those desperate blockheads have another reason to
  3. They are SUPPOSED to be points hungry. So in the end, you idea whould only lessen the value of umbra forma. So nothing whould be gained and the next kid comes running in and asks for an umbra forma buff.
  4. I think it's clear, that DE wants to distance themself from Conclave, thus this idea in the first place. But the Warframe community and it's sense of entitlement casued a major sh!tstorm and thus they had to step back from the decision.
  5. I did give it a chance with each new mode including Lunaro, I'm Tempest ranked. This isn't about my own interst in Conclave. I do actually enjoy every now and then, if I want to play a match and this point in time I'm actually able to find a match with at least half the playerslots filled, that is. I'm talking logic and business. DE invested several times in a PvP experience, Clonclave, Lunaro, the Amazing Eternals. None of it got enough traktion get give DE any return for the invested time, on the contrary. The developent of the Amazing Eternal took up so many ressour
  6. With the exception of a few dozen out of tens of thousands of Warframe players, DEs current customers are not intersted in conclave. DE should just outright remove it to finally stop people from discussing the issue. DE reworks conclave several times already, they even tried to make an exclusive PvP game, nothing got any return in investment. People who are still lokking for a PvP experience in Warframe should finally realise that they are simply plying the wrong game.
  7. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Buzlok As creative as sliced bread!
  8. While I'm all for getting rid of any kind of Vacuum effect, I think your idea is a bit overcomplicated. Personally, I'd love to see mag pulling in enemies within 5 meters (for example). Basically a miniature Pull with 360°. Of course instead of knockdown enemies should only be staggered. As a prefered melee player that is basically my wish for Mag.
  9. Great feedback! Now the devs at DE now precisly which part of the games code is problematic!
  10. Yes. The added goodies are not supposed to be sold seperatly. Maybe you can ask the support really nice, if they can refund you the plat for the skin.
  11. Isn't that the fart-gun? If so, ignore it.
  12. Yes Grineer/Corrupted: Rad/Viral Corpus: Toxin Infested: Gas They don't.
  13. Oh, I didn't mean it as a question of which one, but I actually wanted to say, that you should do that as well, if you havn't already. Posting to the forum is just as important, but recommending this at this point whould have been redundant, since you taken care of this lready by optening this topic. 😉
  14. I havn't read of any changes in the patchnotes, so I'm pretty sure, this is a bug, not a nerf. You should write a support ticket to make sure DE is aware of this issue.
  15. Vay Hek is still screaming at the Captains of those ships. He is actually so loud, if you play any Archwing mission and you listen closely, you can hear him even in space shouting how those Ships were the worst deal in the history of deals and how he is a very stable genius and how the corpus will pay for the wall. I don't get it either, were he wants to actually place a wall in space, when corpus can simply fly around it, but hey, people elected him and he almost got most of the votes, so he has to know, what he is doing, right?
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