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  1. If you want an anti shield element, i'd go for neither and instead for cold. It has very similar damage multipliers across different armor types, and a much better value for heavy armor. The cold procc also synergises extremly good with a lot of other proccs and effects, like any kind of stagger. The stagger animations get a lot longer, 75% if I remebmer right. Same goes for finisher openings.
  2. This has already been adressed by @Ham_Grenabe Instead DE focuses on loot-islands. In the end, both work exacly the same, the only difference is, tiered system have to be cleaned in order, while loot-islands can be cleared in any order. The latter having the destinct disadvanted, that this takes away the agency the player feels when the next tier is coming into viewdistance. What you are discribing is 1st, another system, which is, which is the problem itself. 2nd, basically an A.I. that writes really good stories, so yeah, this is 100% a dream in our current technology. There were actual tests with A.I.s writing coherent stories. Try googleing them, it's quite funny. Well, this is 100% wrong. Numbers are only able to hold a persons interest for a certain amount. Again, as @Ham_Grenabe correctly pointed out. If Warframe only keeps people around for as long as possible, the game will only slowly bleed out instead of the past, were Warframe was rapidly expanding it's audience. Wow, Sasuke, i cut myself just by reading these lines. They are that edgy. Please tone down the Linkin Park.
  3. No, not lore specific, but content with an actual designed end instead of infinite treadmills.
  4. So, yeah, another take on one of the most discussed topics on the forum, I know, I know. Anyway, I think Warframes big problem right now is "over systemisation". Everything in Warframes big updates were massive systems designed to bring players to play hours over hours. All of these system were basically providing infinite playtime, if you ignore the factor of fun. The Kuva Lich system, the Arbitration system, the Sanctuary onslought system, the riven system. Each end every of these massive updates introduced a system but not much of finite content, content with an actual goal. It's all just about inceasing numbers. Rivens for damage, arbitrations and onslought to get as far as you can, liches toi get the weapon with the best stats. But why do I think that finite content is important and completly underestimated? For example take the lore of Warframe. Sure, it's not very unique, but it's interesting nonetheless. But this aspect has completly been ignored for years. In the past Warframe had ingame events, which told a story, like - the corpus discovering the entrance to the void, in the fusion moa event. - Or where we, as a community, had to find phobos in order to get access to the planet. - the "gradivus dilemma", where players were effecting the actual direction of the story of the overall game. Sure, all three events were only reusing already existing systems, but people still loved the events at the time. Some finite content resonates to this day. Why is Clem still popular? because his short quests were very memorable and fun. Take the weekly clem mission on the other side. it is infinitly replayable, and despite featuring clem, hardly anybody bothers to do them. Or another example are prime trailers. only a few seconds and yet they gave a very nice look into the games lore. at this point people still want a Hydroid Prime trailer and all DE did was making a meme out of the communities wish. I hope i could explain my view clearly. If not, I didn't come up with the idea myself, instead it was a World of Warcraft Youtuber, Bellular, who in his most recent videotalked about what he thinks is world of warcrafts big problem and while watching the videoi just happened to think that most of his points also fit Warframe.
  5. As I already said, But thanks for reinfocring my point. But I have to ask, what you you playing the game for? you say the enemies are boring and since fighting said enemies is >95% of this game, So, you are bored by more than 95% of this game. Why are you still playing? It's not to reach the end of the game, since it's ongoing. In games like these the 'way is supposed to be the goal', but the way is already boring you. In a finite game, you reasoning is OK, forcing yourself through bad mechanics for the payoff being an emotional highpoint at the end of the game. But Warframe doesn't have and isn't supposed to have this kind of final goal. So, what is your goal, if not to actually play the game for it's gameplay, since the enemies are already boring you?
  6. I actually quite agree with the general statement of the OP, however, I'd go in a different direction. I don't think frame mods are the big problem, but mandatory mods, thus including weapon mods. And I think the game need to be cut down even more on said mods, as long as they don't effect mechanics. Take Hornet Strike, Vitality, Point Strike and Vital Sense for a vertical slice. - Hornetstrike and Vitality are prime examples of mods that need to be cut down. They effect very basic stats, which don't effect anything else besides what they are supposed to do. Cut those down by 66%, thus making other mods viable in their place. - Pointstrike and similar mods can be effecting other things. Changing these whould effect the mechanics of builds. Take for example True Steel is synergising with more than only DPS, other mechanics are also effected by critical hits. Changing crit chance mods whould thus also nerf other things. So these mods should be left as they are. - Vital Sense and other Crit Damage mods should be outright removed. They server no other purpose than to be redundant to crit chance mods primary objective, increasing DPS of a weapon. A crit-weapon already gains a bonus from having it's critchance improved. Increasing it twice makes not only balancing much harder since the ripple effect of this double dipping, but it also closes an additional slot on crit-focused weapons.
  7. Because balancing? Saryn is a very bad example for synergis, since she is OP as hell. If DE bring her down to reasonable levels, then sure, we could discuss synergis, but right now there is no reason to buff her even further. And here we have a very real problem with players nowadays, people talking about efficeny rather than fun in videogames... And now that this point has been brought up, the inevitable asnwer will be: 'Ohhh, but Warframe is so grindy, you have to be efficient'. Yeah.... no. Just no. Don't like the way the game is going? Stop playing, then DE is able to see that something is wrong with their current sesign philosophy. Instead you force yourself through an bad experience, like a lemming or a drug addict.
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