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  1. I'm MR26, so I get hardly anything out of acually leveling. I can just use the weapon at almost full strength and at some point I can slap a Forma at it.
  2. So that you have to think about your build. You should try this 'thinking' thing. It's awesome, once you get the hang of it.
  3. I hope Mirage get's reworked. Her 1 is a complete disaster. it is so strong, that there are several weapons nerfed, because of this one ability alone, for example the Simulor. Her 1 is not only fat to strong, but, when you think about it, also extremly boring. You just press 1 button and get a lot of passive damage and passive damage-prevention for a rather long time. Then there is her 2, which is simply not even worth casting.
  4. If the games asks every time you start, you might want to consider re-installing it.
  5. You can actually open a support ticket to ask if modifications are OK. It's a lot more reliable than asking players, and if the support says, it's OK and you get still get banned by an automated system, you have something to fight the ban.
  6. You definitly need to learn to comprehend words... At this point, you aren't even coherent statements...
  7. And I suspect, that this is the dumbest take on the topic, since I've started reading Warframes forums since mid 2013.
  8. *sigh* Why is it so hard for people to accept the concept of personal preference? @FrostDragoon Adaptation and RG very very close together in terms of overall return. Considering they are completly different machanics, it's actually surprising how close they are and yet, the obsession and the effort you pour into convincing me, that you are right and I'm wrong, despite the fact that I never actually caimed that RG is actually better, is amazing. The mental gymnastics you do to proove that you personal opinion is right is amazing. Just to name a single example: True, however, this is also true for you plain old Armor/Health build. So in the end, it's hardly worth mentioning, since Adaptation is only one of several options we have at this point at our disposal. In the end, what you are unable to get into your head is, that it's completly irrevelant which is better in most of the cases. What matters is, that people are able to choose the right option for the 1% of content they are playing right now. Your crusade to generalise the superiortity of adaptation is missing the entiry point of having options in the first place.
  9. I was only pointing out that the statment I quoted was wrong, since this statement leads to undercutting the value of Rolling guard. If people want to discuss personal preference, they should at least stick to actual facts in order to not mislead people who read the discussion. On the other side, something like: Is just as much of nonsense. I'd really like to see the math on this, how factor in personal preference of players. You are overpricing Adaptaion, jsut the the person of my initial quote is undercutting Rolling Guards value. This number might be true for you, but ti's by no means an indication of how well the two mods perform for other players. For example, what if somebody prefers Warframes which are either very squishy, or have DR abilities themself, which don't stack with Adaptation, like Nezha? Which can be cured by rolling guard, reducig the chip damage as well, just in an entirely different way...
  10. Also, fun is subjective, your person isn't the standard which you measure fun by. Get of you high horse.
  11. Sure, if you have the time to build up the resistence before the big guns of the same damagetype get pulled out. Take for example grenades and bombard rockets. Explosive damage is quite rare, so when a rocket is sent your way, then what? You still have to roll, since adaptation is, in this case, exacly as usefull as Rolling guard on cooldown.
  12. It was a timed option. Well, if you don't even start looking for it, then yes, you can't find it.... at least be honest that you didn't even bother searching for it. It's such a frequent topic, that it takes less than 5 minutes to find a respectiv forum topic.
  13. You could agrue that, yes, even though the statement is factually wrong. You can still activly avoid damage during the 4 second window. Not in the least through the fact, that, even while rolling guard is on cooldown, the normal damage reduction from the rolling action still applies.
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