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  1. 1) That whould pretty much go against the idea of the mode. 2) This whould render other endless modes obsolete. 3) Health, Shields and Armor upogrades are totally interchangable and thus reduntant. Autorepair massively butcher it's current diffuculty curve,m since it completely negates chip-damage. Auto Defences... sure, so you don't even gave to play yousrself.
  2. So, I havn't played Warframe since May 2020 and I decived on a whim, to check out the game again. When I tried to log into to game client I got a pop-up, "Verification Required - (...)to ensure safty of your account (...) sent mail (...) enter code (...) will expire in 30 minutes." Said verification mail isn't coming in. Not to my inbox, not to my SPAM folder. Does anybody know, how I can force the mail to be sent, or a way to get around the 2FA?
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