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  1. The change to the corpus lockers sounds good tho I still miss the old model
  2. What's redtexts obsession with licking screens anyway? Dx
  3. Yupp I can only agree.... 5 relics? What even is this? It shows utter disregard for players time by destroying hundreds of keys and in turn countless hours of acquiring them. It's just a slap in any long-time players face. Idk I think this for me might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I've been playing very little WF and mostly been taking a break from it, I only got back a little bit to check out the update but this seriously makes me consider dropping Warframe alltogether.
  4. What's not to like? Pink Floyd is awesome ^^ Anyway feeling like some western themes Sergio Leone + Ennio Morricone = Best combo South Korea should try to make some more westerns if they end up as fun as this one
  5. (It's been years yet it's still hard to be reminded of his accident, RIP Mr Svensson)
  6. also yay for more undertale covers~ https://soundcloud.com/not-bees/knives
  7. An extra day or two isn't any problem for sure, the problem is more what it says about DE and their professionalism that they keep missing the release dates they set for themselves and could prepare for as long as they like. Especially because this time they kinda tried to build up a hype train with the special code countdown so you'd think they made sure to deliver on time. But to everyone who's dissapointed by it: Have you not learned anything? afaik DE hasn't delivered any patch with any kind of major content on time for over a year now. Be prepared that the patch is gonna be 1-3 days late whenever a bigger one is about to hit. Not saying that it's amazeballs that DE is like this, just y'know save yourselves some disappointment.
  8. The Transistor Soundtrack is amazing, so many amazing tracks it's hard to even pick any favorites ^^
  9. Undertale is amazing as well as its OST. Not to mention all the tasty remixes and remakes. Undertale, ho!
  10. More Undertale music https://soundcloud.com/not-bees/metal-purger https://soundcloud.com/not-bees/spider-party
  11. Nuu, the music needs to keep going~
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