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  1. yes, this is exactly the problem, random stranger who solved issue faster than DE. DE, please see issue fix and implement a work around if possible.
  2. Did this happen to anyone else after getting unreal bundle? what's strange is according to wiki you had to do 3 alerts to actually get skins, but as soon as i logged in i already had them and the bonus weaponry the go on, the alerts never showed up on my console in the orbiter. i just thought, Huh, cool. But i don't know if downloading a copy of the game through unreal, playing it for a few minutes, and then uninstalling it only to reinstall steam version is what caused this error. I am basically trying it out every day to see if it works: WAR-3170187
  3. I have done most of these things, even restored pc to point before crashes began. I have been able to randomly get it working sometimes in the last week. but it happened as soon as uninstalled Epic games version after getting unreal skin pack. every time I have gotten it to work it asks for verification code via email before letting me login. I have don restarts, uninstalls, full file path deletion, closed and relaunched steam, , verified and optimized, o do not have discord, no antivirus active during launch, updated graphics drivers, even tried re downloading from epic and playing using their launcher but same exact issue. here are the last Logs
  4. Everything seems fine, press play on launcher, game crashes. I have updated drivers for my graphics card, checked and verified cache and optimization. Nothing works. briefly managed to play after reinstalling from steam, then the same error has occurred. Reinstalling no longer works. this problem began soon after downloading game form unreal launcher to get unreal skin pack, then uninstalling it to get steam version back. WAR-3168099 is the error code. the same error also occurs when trying to play from unreal.
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