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  1. That's because there is a mob spawning in Thermia Fractures that ignores Limbo's bubble. I haven't done this event seens the day it was introduced but, I think it's the big fat guys that spawn. /Foo
  2. You don't get an Amber from watching the dev stream. You get the rewards from having a Twitch Prime subscription which, I guess you don't have. The dev stream drop was 1 forma.
  3. This happened to me a few times after U26 with Cyanex and Akarius but only when i wasn't the host. Tbh, sometimes I was happy about it because it didn't consume any ammo. One time, I was asked how I was doing this, by a random squadmate while we were on an elevator and my Cyanex kept firing continuously. Also, another issue I have with weapons after U26 is that the they refuse to reload neither on their own nor manually. This happens when I am the host (often solo) and more frequently than the continuously firing bug. The way I fix the issue in both situations is to switch weapons.
  4. I suspected this was the case cause I was seeing some very wierd numbers when I wasn't hosting. Yesterday I had an apportunity to confirm this. I had a new Amp to level so, I picked Wukong and did three mobile defences for the Nightwave challenge with a friend who was the host. On every terminal, I used transefence to level my Amp and let the Twin do all the killing. At the end of every mission my damage was zero although I could clearly see Twin killing mobs with Acceltra.
  5. I've run Cassini over 20 times since U26, mostly to generate Liches. There are no enemies at the start of the mission and the capture target is just standing there alone. He doesn't fight back until you shoot at him. After the target is extracted the following happens: The extraction pathway mark converts back to the old one, before U7 (old players might remember the nightmare :P ) Most of the times, there are no or very few enemies spawning close to the exctraction point Even when enemies spawn, they don't fight back unless you shout at them Sometimes there is a red UI color change that indicates a Larvling spawn but the is no Larvling anyware on the map This happens in the regular mission and in the the Kuva Lich one. /Foo
  6. Wukong's Twin killed the Larvling and i didnt get a Lich. So I tested it 2 times and let the Twin do the killing and didnt get a Lich. Then, i killed with Wukong himself and i got one. Wukong's Twin bad for Lich generation. Just hide the Twin when you get the Larvling message. BTW use Wukong if you want impact on the weapon /Foo
  7. Same here. Killed 3 Larvarings using Wukong but no Lich. Probably Wukong's Twin got the kills but that shouldn't matter. Anyway I'm gonna try with a different frame next.
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