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  1. These are obviously not bugs but suggestions and the topic should be moved. /Foo
  2. As stated in the update notes: *Players who purchase the Protea Warframe before playing the Quest will receive a Riven as an additional reward. I got Protea with plat cause I was 5999xp away from MR29 and didn't want to wait but didn't receive the said riven. Btw, at the moment of the purchase I was 78/78 riven capacity but didn't get any message or anything. I got 3 more riven slots which I would buy anyway and restarted the game but still nothing. /Foo
  3. These are NOT sources for status immunity in general but ONLY for AoE weapons usage. So, if a source provides status immunity (ex. Atlas's Rumbled Augment) but you can't use weapons then it's not listed. Frames Atlas (Passive) Rhino (Iron Skin) Nezha (Warding Halo) Gauss (Kinetic Plating) Titania (Spellbind) Revenant (Mesmer Skin) Trinity (Link) Valkyr (Hysteria) Oberon (Hallowed Ground) Nidus (Parasitic Link) Harrow (Covenant, *Invulnerability phase) Inaros (Negation Swarm Augment) Nekros (Shield of Shadows Augment) Frost (Icy Avalanche Augment) Ivara (Empowered Quiver Augment) Nyx (Assimilate Augment) Ember (Purifying Flames Augment, 4sec Immunity) Hydroid (Tidal Impunity Augment, 12sec immunity) Companions Wyrm (Negate Augment *once every 5sec) Specters Oberon (Hallowed Ground *30sec cooldown) Ancient Healer (Immunity to stagger within aura range) Mods Sure Footed (60%) Primed Sure Footed (100%) Cautious Shot (90%) Power Drift (30%) Fortitude (20%) Rolling Guard (3sec immunity, 7sec CD at R10) Motus Set Bonus (100% while airborne) Honorable Mentions Constitution (40% faster knockdown recovery) Pain Threshold (160% faster stagger recovery) Handspring (160% faster knockdown recovery) Valkyr (Passive) (50% faster knockdown recovery) Notes Nezha's Safeguard Augment allows for Warding Halo to be cast on others. Valkyr's Passive, 50% faster knockdown recovery, stacks with Handspring and Constitution for up to 250% faster recovery speed. PS. If I forgot something, please reply and I'll update the post. /Foo
  4. You do realize, Warframe is a Digital Extremes trademark.... right? /Foo
  5. Ancient Healer update... I thought that it's aura was 15m but it's definitely not. It's more like 5m but it does provide status immunity. /Foo
  6. I have over 2300h play time in 5 years, 6000 mastery away from MR29 (not Founder), 69 rivens (many god tier) and over 6k plat currently. I have EVERYTHING except stuff that can only be bought with real money but I obviously don't give a fck. Total spent $0 Best free game ever made! PS. /Foo
  7. Get yourself a toxin Bramma and fuse it. 21% is very low anyway. /Foo
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