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  1. Grendel’s regurgitate ability was changed to being an alt cast of his 1st, thus freeing up an ability slot for something else. Also digesting enemies grants a small portion of health AND his meat ball ability wasn’t so reliant on physics being able to move freely and quickly in flat surfaces
  2. Because warframe actually pays off incredible hard work and dedication by allowing players to grow extremely powerful. It’s one of warframes most fun aspects. Nobody wants the best you can become to be “pretty good” or have the feeling of destiny where content is level gated but then when you are playing the content you feel exactly the same as a level 5 player fighting level 5 enemies. Warframe has tangible growths in power and you’ve just seen the result of a good Saryn build. If this bores you, you could try to recruit your own squad or play solo so that you don’t feel so outmatched. It’s not like you’ll be playing with that Saryn every game. Just say to yourself “wow that Saryn is kicking ass, good for them!” And then move on to the next activity.
  3. I don’t really see an issue with the Itzel being so good at getting around. That’s the players choice. Once Railjack comes out and the combat based archwings are more viable, then people will use those, if you want to get around faster in the plains, then you use the Itzel, if you want to run fast, you use volt. It’s simple to me.
  4. Bump. Playing Hildryn today and her 4 doesn’t hardly hit enemies and I have to double jump like crazy when I cast pillage to make sure it hits enemies
  5. “Can not migrate from Xbox or ps4” RIP Fisto, 1993 - 2018 died of heart attack XD
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