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  1. I don’t really see an issue with the Itzel being so good at getting around. That’s the players choice. Once Railjack comes out and the combat based archwings are more viable, then people will use those, if you want to get around faster in the plains, then you use the Itzel, if you want to run fast, you use volt. It’s simple to me.
  2. An interesting idea that’s been brought up before. I actually hate the idea, but only due to my own selfish reasons lol. Whenever I make a video showing off a build, it’s really cool, because I had to work for it, I had to put in work to be able o show off strange or unique builds that not just anybody with 3 minutes can make.
  3. The armor looks really cool! Especially on graxskins
  4. Sheesh.... can we take this down a few notches, it’s just a game, and you’re getting free stuff...
  5. So basically you don’t want any challenges or rewards at all.
  6. Hi Tenno! I seem to notice that literally every week of nightwave I see posts saying “this is so stupid, why do I have to (insert challenge player doesn’t want to complete)” so I was wondering, what is acceptable? What challenges are okay? Because while there’s been challenges I don’t like, I’ll simply not do them. So what challenges are left? Just simple quests like shooting or melee kills? I’m curious what type of quests you’d like to replace all the ones the community is complaining about.
  7. Bump. Playing Hildryn today and her 4 doesn’t hardly hit enemies and I have to double jump like crazy when I cast pillage to make sure it hits enemies
  8. I’m on console so I haven’t personally played the remaster, but the plains has felt horrible after we got Fortuna. Now when I’m in the plains I realize how barren and empty and crap of color scheme it has. Everything looked like dead decaying grass or dirt. I always wished it had some foresty areas in it, thought it would be way cooler with more trees for dynamic combat situations
  9. Do you want stronger abilities? Or more survivability?
  10. Can anyone confirm if the glitch with M&K has been fixed, really wanted o game using mouse this weekend, but when the compatibility first came out, customizing keyboard bindings would reset controller bindings to default which is a massive pain. Then if you finally get controller bindings back, the keyboard bindings get defaulted
  11. The thing I enjoy about nighteave is that I’ve been playing warframe for 5 years. Once I get the newest frame and weapons in a given update, there’s nothing left to do. Nighteave gives me an excuse to use all of the gear I’ve earned to try and complete challenges for some sweet loot. It’s like any other games battle pass, the coolest stuff is near the end, so most casual players will only get like halfway, while the hardcore grinders will get everything. Besides, nighteave is completely free as well, unlike other games battle pass. It could use some slight tweaks but is easily one of the best ways to keep me playing the game.
  12. I’ll try to withhold judgement until I actually get to try her out, a lot o her abilities aren’t what I had hoped for, but her ultimate looks sick.
  13. Hopefully we can get some developer attention on it. It just feels bad. But I’ve no doubt they’ll tweak it eventually
  14. As other users have pointed out, I see now she has some MASSIVE LOS issues right now. I am not complaining at all about how her abilities function, I really like her set up, my issue is with not being able to hit enemies at all despite clearly being in range of my power. Hope this gets fixed soon. I want to enjoy her but dang. Spent all night last night trying to figure out why tons of enemies were like “hey! We don’t care that you’re using an ability, we’re going to ignore it” lol
  15. FOR SURE some inconsistencies. I’ve never played a frame whose abilities are so picky when it comes to targeting and in all my years of playing, i still feel like 20% of the time an enemy who should clearly be hit by it will simply have nothing happen to them. Makes it hard to enjoy when my pillage is only hitting like 1-2 enemies on a Uranus survival. In some cases I’ll use it in a hallway and I’ve had NONE of the 4 targets in front of me get pillaged. Which is rough considering she really needs shields lol
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