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  1. I just have one question, can we have a 4th mission for the Sortie? Every forth mission its a assassin mission.
  2. could you fix the windmill not folding when being shoot by the rampart to get the 1000 year fish Statue
  3. could you all fix wisp spector because it doesn't do any of it abilities
  4. Limbo's banish animation needs fixing every time you banish an enemy and immediately dodge into the rift he does the banish animation again
  5. Limbo banish animation needs fixing he does it twice when he banish an enemy and immediately rift walk
  6. All I have to say is this. This does not fix the problem with Arbitrations you just made the problem worst if you put this in the game because every player is not on the same level and players like me come to a game mode like this for difficulty and maybe try to shine on those who die but now with this players that are dead will be spamming revived me. Lets try fixing host migration and let permadeath stay permanent
  7. Limbo is still broken since the mainline update Please fix, he does his banish animation again when you banish an enemy and then rift walk(roll) quickly after
  8. Please fix Limbo banish animation it has not been the same since the mainline update. He will do it again if you banish someone and then immediately do rift walk(roll)
  9. Now that's what you call keeping your eyes on your target..don't even move your head
  10. Fix Limbo PLEASE!!! He has not been right since the mainline update
  11. could you please fix Limbo's banish animation he does it twice when you banish an enemy and then immediately dash into the rift
  12. MItter mod neutralizing justice does not work on nullifier bubble on fortuna Please Fix!
  13. the mod for the mitter needs fixing its not destroying the nullies bubbles
  14. [DE] please fix Limbo he has not been the same since the mainline update his 1 2 and 3 is not working as It should be
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