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  1. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    Chapter 5 This is a bit of an odd one. It was originally going to be the opening part of a larger chapter, but as I wrote it I realized that it would take waaaay too long to get through this scene and the rest of the stuff I intended it to cover. So instead I gave it a chapter break and added in a bit more detail so it wouldn't be skimpier than my already relatively short chapters, and here we go! The good news is that this means I have the outline for the next chapter already finished, so I can jump straight into the actual writing parts of it. Another 2k words here, by the way. Once again, thanks for the read!
  2. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    Chapter 4, up and ready to go! This one's a bit longer than the previous chapters, sitting at about 3k words instead of the usual 2k. Things are moving along pretty nicely, and we're definitely into the main 'meat' of the story at this point. I know the main plot points of where the story is going to go, of course, but the actual word count and number of chapters is a bit more fluid and tends to change as I write. Thank you for reading!
  3. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    I debated over whether or not I should actively say or go with the "wait and find out ;)" that some people could do, but here you go!
  4. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    Chapter 3! Moving a bit faster now with the chapters, so that's good. A week or two should be a bit more about what I can muster for these, I think. About 2,000 words, same as before. Thanks for reading!
  5. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    Okay! Apologies for the wait, that took a bit longer than it should've, but I have the second chapter now for those lovely folks that are interested. Also about 2k words long, same as the first, so thank you for your patience! Chapter 2
  6. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks! Strova's super fun to write for since she's so cheerful
  7. Krinkel

    Corpus on Ice

    Uh, hello, my name is Krinkel, and for those of you who don't know, I'm an amateur science fiction/fantasy writer. I've been playing Warframe for a few years now, and while I wouldn't call myself a veteran I do think I'm well-seasoned. Lately I had the brilliant idea of combining my two interests, so I made a thing. I didn't see a fan-fiction section, so hopefully I'm not posting it on the right area (I don't post here often) Rather than dropping an entire novella on you all, I figure I'll break it down into specific chapters and post as I go. That being said, this one is just over two thousand words long, so I wouldn't blame people if they didn't want to bother. Thoughts and feedback is always welcome, as is laughing at my dumb stuff or berating me for how I've probably botched the lore. Thanks in advance! I'm so sorry
  8. This. I love Papa V to death and back, but he's slowly falling farther and farther behind everyone else in terms of doing anything.
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