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  1. Another note to this: Rhino iron skin should be 75 energy to use.
  2. Well if they were to advertise that they are balancing conclave again the vets would comeback which would lead to a lot more matches.
  3. Its a pve weapon that was just thrown in
  4. if it is the boltace you are talking about then its very exploitable. it really needs its mechanic changed or removed.
  5. I wouldn't even say the wolf sledge was "added" it was just left to be allowed in which is why it 1 shot on the throw when it first appeared because de didnt balance it
  6. Though i roughly agree with what you are trying to put forward, movement slowing abilities are very few and far between on use imo, though i do think increasing the cost of them to 50 energy rather than a 25 spam ability would be a nice middle ground to go on.
  7. Because that one mode is more active than half of the entire star chart thats why. And because like I pointed out pvp is a less mind numbing experience in regards of using weapons.
  8. Underwhelming ults are like Octavia and nidus (to some extent) I dont see them creating new stances but i defiantly wouldn't mind it if they didnt have the innate damage multiplier on certain combos like the pve ones do
  9. What needs to change in conclave: nothing, conclave is a perfect mode that helps take the monogamy away from the PVE side of conclave. that being said a lot of things need to be done INSIDE of conclave in order to make it the best and fun mode it can be, and as a player who has almost 100k kills in the mode with an measurable amount of time in the mode its safe to say i have been through the ringer enough to give this level of feedback and it all starts with the following; A DEDICATED CONCLAVE DEV TEAM After the chains of harrow update we lost the few devs we had working on balancing and adding content into the mode, we even had a list of changes of what was done in conclave in the feedback notes (something that stopped after chains of harrow) and not even that the conclave devs made sure weapon changes hat were PVE balanced STAYED PVE changes and wouldn't seep through and unbalance the mode (like what we are seeing with the staticor and soon bows) please for the love of god return our drafted boys back to us manual tweaks to weapons even if we don't get our dedicated team back the community is desperately crying out for weapon tweaks, additions and removals. like the base game conclave is ever evolving and requires maintenance in order to keep the mode ticking over smoothly. immediate changes consist of the following; Removals telos boltace simulor from my experience these weapons require little to no effort to use since they rely mainly on pve mechanics of lazy effortless game play which does not fit into conclave at all and as they currently stand are very easily exploited and if added to certain loadouts break and unbalance the game Additions gunblades add a bit f spice and different play and strategy to the mode, (obvious play testing would be required to see balancing) Balancing Loki decoy staticor daikyu cernos prime snipetron rubico these are just a select few things that require balancing in conclave in order to return vast weapon type use and gameplay strategy back into the mode, high damage fast firing weapon like these require delicate nerfs in order to keep the satisfaction players get from using them while making it so those players don't overpower the entire lobby staticor for example needs to have its charge rate decreased along with its aoe range and falloff dramatically decreased wile also having the damage from running into players removed also. but on the back of that increase the dame on the tap throwing of the weapon and keep the knockdown to players if they run into you while charging the staticor up. Personal and final thoughts I have been playing since 1.0 on pluto, so i know a thing about a mode being unbalanced. but if conclave continues to be like this then it will be even more unbalanced than its original incarnation (because at least everything 1 shot and it wasn't the same loadouts over and over) please DE return our dedicated devs or supply us with new ones. we don't ask for constant new maps or rewards, just teaks and meta changes to keep skill balancing forever changing and fun, thank you.
  10. Its just not as fun or good imo, the prime is much better
  11. Then you will love the burston prime. Its a little underpowered but really helps get you used to tracking fast players to land all your bursts to get the real damage reward.
  12. Well the conclave dev team were rushed off to help with the development of the plains of eidolon. The last major update and fixes were done when the chains of harrow came out and at that point conclave was the most fun and balanced it has ever been. I do think the forums get looked at by each team. I think that because each new big update that comes to the game requires every member of digital extremes working on it in order to meet deadlines has ultimately worsened and left other content in disrepair. Also side note if you want to be shown the ropes about conclave then hit me up on PlayStation my dude
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