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  1. Can I suggest a really simple UI QOL thing that seems to keep being overlooked? Whilst I love the new Loadout selection screen, please can it be changed to view on hover and single click to select, since at the moment it’s the not so console friendly double tab X to equip. While you’re at it, could this also be changed for the Arcane selection screen and the Operator cosmetics screen, which were never caught and fixed the first time around. And also, the sliders on Operator customisation still don’t work properly, and haven’t for about a year now. Thanks though DE, everything else is pretty good!
  2. Yeah, it is a shame there’s nothing else you can assign to the power menu other than the powers, and I definitely understand the issues with muscle memory. At least you should be able to remap some of the other controls to get it closer to a scheme that suits you.
  3. As someone who has played on the “new” scheme since I started back in 2015, this has never been a issue for me. Don’t actually think of the power menu as a menu, as it isn’t really one as such. You already know which power is mapped to which face button very quickly, so it’s just a case of “press R1 & X” or “press R1 & O”. You literally only need to bring up the menu as you press the button for the ability, and since you would only be casting that ability at that point anyway, it doesn’t stop you doing anything in the <1 second that it’s pressed. I believe that you can still move as well when pressing it, but as I said, you literally tap it alongside a face button, it’s not going to interfere with anything you’re doing.
  4. Will that 100 platinum be tradeable or market-only? I know most free plat is market-only, but with these it’s hard to tell
  5. The update is called Chimera. They don’t mention it just like they didn’t mention Apostasy Prologue when it released, it’s a “surprise” mini quest. At least the update is named after it this time, definitively saying this is the update with it.
  6. Does dragging/dropping mean a literal “cursor on, hold x, drag to other slot, release x” system like with the mods when virtual cursor was first introduced? Because if so, that was really finicky and didn’t go so well.
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