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  1. I just went to customise and equip my new Twitch Prime Liset skin, but it seems that on console there is now absolutely no way to rotate the ship. No right stick no matter where your cursor is, and no R2 rotation, nothing
  2. This same issue is occurring in PS4, the control of the landing craft in the loading screen is overriding all interactivity of the end of mission screen.
  3. Personally, I can’t help you as I l’m in a poor ghost clan and haven’t gotten the research, but if you were to go to the clans section of the forums and message one of the owners, I’m sure you’d quickly be able to find one. Do keep in mind though, if you’re going to join a clan, don’t just get what you want and jump ship, it’s frowned upon as you’re basically taking advantage of the work they put in to do the research. So if you do find a clan, try to stay for a while and be a productive member, instead of just leeching off their work.
  4. Oh, I thought I was just going crazy or something. I have had exactly the same thing since Shrine of The Eidolon hit PS4, main arsenal area’s really dark for some reason
  5. I know it’s there on the R1 tab, but, seriously, it should be there on the actual star map
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