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  1. I feel like Naramon would get "nerfed" before Zenurik would. With that said, I would enjoy a change into like ultimate mode or something...I mean, I play Zenurik and honestly I only pop out for energy gain or invincible mode while I get shields back. I would try something like activating all the Zenurik nodes at once to make my operator into ultimate mode as it were, but the charge time would be too longer then any normal mission lol... Maybe make it so nodes make our operator stronger in operator mode and pressing 5 makes our operator transform slightly each time based on our alignment? I don't know...I'm just spit balling ideas...
  2. Secrets huh? Sounds fun
  3. downloading now :)
  4. It is 100% a thing and is not a bug due to the smeeta cat having a resource booster charm buff if you will, but keep in mind it will only work for them. To be honest if it happens cool, but waiting around for it when you could be doing more kuva runs is a waste of time in my opinion...and if you aren't the one even getting the buff it is even more a waste of time.
  5. I disagree. I actually like his rework. It make his 2 more useful and his 4...if you mod it right still does the same more or less...the only difference is that now you can't just kill everything before anyone else can kill everything.
  6. Rivens are the reason most people play sorties as of late so... Plus, I want a Zenistar riven honestly. The only downside is I will have to find room for it in my build.
  7. Yep, my only problem is that I cant make jack...
  8. That is a bit different then a skin. I wish we were getting the skin, but that fact is we won't be in this update.
  9. This is good news indeed :)
  10. Vashta Nerada!!
  11. At this time only Primed sentinel parts and blueprints are tradeable, as trade doesn't have a section to trade sentinels.
  12. Just a heads up: Megan confirmed on Prime Time that we will not be getting Chroma Deluxe skin in our next update :(
  13. I believe I would be ok waiting, but we are not the majority on this one...
  14. Yes it does. I may actually use chroma for more then credit farming once I have it.