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  1. Its not that the mace is bad, but I like the idea of a energy sword better, but I suppose thats what skins are for :)
  2. Update :)
  3. Let me see if I can help: OP is trying to say that if they do in fact think that this mod makes Excal's 4 too powerful that they should nerf this mod and not excal's 4.
  4. Maybe if there was a lot more augments worth using for frames, but right now adding one might make frames a little too OP.
  5. Ummm...no. You can buy her packs yes, but they don't help you in any way...ok, maybe they make it so you can play Spotify less in the background, but that's about all it does. Oh yea, it also lets you show off your skillz by showing that you can combine sounds to form...wait, what's the sound version of Captain Planet called again? Now I kinda wanna see how Hollywood would mess up a Captain Planet reboot...
  6. Baro will be coming next friday like normal. When he comes is not effected by tennocon.
  7. Chances are pretty fair that pc will get Harrow before Tennocon, but us console folk will have to wait for the critical bugs that will be coming with him...
  8. Oh yea, forgot about the unvaulting coming Soon...
  9. In cert already huh?
  10. Downloading now :)
  11. This is a nice surprise :)
  12. I feel like Naramon would get "nerfed" before Zenurik would. With that said, I would enjoy a change into like ultimate mode or something...I mean, I play Zenurik and honestly I only pop out for energy gain or invincible mode while I get shields back. I would try something like activating all the Zenurik nodes at once to make my operator into ultimate mode as it were, but the charge time would be too longer then any normal mission lol... Maybe make it so nodes make our operator stronger in operator mode and pressing 5 makes our operator transform slightly each time based on our alignment? I don't know...I'm just spit balling ideas...
  13. Secrets huh? Sounds fun
  14. downloading now :)