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  1. Why does self damage still virtually one shot every frame from full health? So many weapons still do more damage to you than they do to enemies. Pentas, Ogris, Talons, almost any explosive weapon has crippling self damage that prevents them from being useful in close range while not providing damage to compensate. The Risk/Reward is terrible. Now I'm not saying every explosive weapon is bad by any means. There are plenty of good ones. I'm saying that it's not a fun mechanic and it doesn't make sense for it to stay as incredibly damaging as it is. There's no option to see the explosion hitboxes more accurately and the graphics are misleading on many(especially with + blast range), making it hard to avoid your own explosions or judge whether or not they'll hit enemies. It would be amazing if self damage was reduced to levels at which it isn't super risky to use them in general. Something like capping the damage at a % of maximum health/shield. Maybe a mod in the Exilus or Aura slot that increases that threshold to give you options to enhance their usability, much like Rifle Amp and Steel Charge for their respective weapon types. Cautious Shot isn't a viable candidate for self damage reduction. Sacrificing weapon damage AND valuable weapon mod space isn't what it should take to not die in one shot from your own gun in a PvE game with hordes of enemies.
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