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  1. Thanks for 24 and thanks for staying up late for 24.0.1 Take a look at this please, its annoying
  2. I don't know if it's been asked here but... Question: will the login progress continue or will it be a reset, and also lets say if you just crossed 200 mark will we have to wait 200 days or what?
  3. ThankYou also i guess leaving stream on whole night doesn't count 😂
  4. 54000 i m happy, don't care about this game that much after U15 mess, so i m happy with that lol
  5. Lol "10 Tenno" and "Just Team" you guys had score which even moon clan couldn't pull off Hats off to you Geniuses Exploiters.
  6. YAY WOOT WOOT Finally EDIT: SERIOUSLY DE I mean seriously, Nullifiers in T3 AND T4, who comes up with new ways to annoy players?
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