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  1. Thanks for the Ephemera change, but still that shouldn't have been an rng item in the first place considering you guys told us in a dev stream that Ephemera's will be a challenge based items, someone messed up really bad at DE. Who at DE thought it was a good idea to add "Form Up" Avionic that lets players recall others to the railjack? I mean have you not thought about trolling with it? Got recalled twice from captain kill because of a troll. It would have been nice if we had an accept recall option. But i guess it was too much work to implement that Am i right?
  2. Due to the reactor changes my frustration level towards you has gone down exponentially. Thank you for those changes, but at the same time they should have been addressed with the first hotfix, i didn't approve how you guys dragged it this far. Damage model for RJ still needs a major rework. Vacuum? Rush repair drone drop chance fix or better bring it back to market if you don't want to increase .25 drop chance.
  3. Agree, let's not derail the og's post or else silent players up police will show up and remove this thread completely. But regarding the original post, yes i 100% agree that lich system needs a major overhaul, and tbh as 6-7 years veteran i have played this repetitive game and enjoyed it a lot, but this kuva lich system is on whole another level of repetitiveness and boring. That's why i have only killed 2 liches and will probably wait for few months before this is fixed and will try it then, like everything else in warframe new system at launch is terrible just give it few months, it will become what it should have been in the first place.
  4. Isn't this the case with most of the things DE promised? Over promising, under delivering.
  5. Still nothing about horrendous rng stats for extremely rare Components e.g. me getting 40-50 avi cap for all for 4 vidar reactors (remember vidar is suppose to be designed for more avi cap but sacrifices flux cap) but currently it is acting as a mk2 zetki. (Why are you ignoring everyone's feedback regarding this point everyone wants this fixed, at one place you say you value our feedback and in next moment you are like whatever) Nothing about yesterdays "nerf", (DE, you guys do know that enemies taking even longer to kill now since yesterday's armor "nerf" is not actually a nerf right, it's more like a buff to the enemies) Nothing about vaccum Nothing about actually fixing the avionics drop chances instead of moving them around. (It's like applying a band-aid to a gash) And finally did you really take rush repair drone out from market, we asked you for it to be added to the rewards table but not for a .25% drop chance. If you had to do that, then should have kept it in a market.
  6. After 4 vidar reactors, i have yet to go above 40-50 avi cap lol, not playing railjack another minute until and unless rng rolls are fixed.
  7. Originally what they told us was that ephemeras will be a challenge based item, we should have put 2 and 2 together considering rng on top of rng on top of rng is a challenge in DE's eyes.
  8. I lost (it was in my inventory and the next morning it was not) shedu barrel bp when the prices were 100+ plats, to this day CS cant help me out. I created a ticket but they asked for players that were with me 2 weeks after creating the ticket (seriously), it's not like recent players list doesn't get refreshed, should have took screenshot. but then again warframe has degraded this much that the every item we get in game we have to take screenshot so that we don't risk losing it.
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