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  1. you have to throw the thing at blue pillars, once all are destroyed than you can damage him
  2. I always knew Lotus was a Traitor Never Trusted Her.
  3. I know it is and i exactly know what part you're talking about, that's why even i voted your reply up. oh and i created below code just so that at least i feel some what good about my programming skills :) import java.util.Scanner;import javax.swing.JOptionPane;import java.text.DecimalFormat; public class AreaModify {public static void main(String[] args) {// Declarationdouble Area; // Prompt the user to enter a guessDecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("###.#");Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);System.out.print("Please Enter C, S, R to calculate area for Circle, Square, Rectangle o
  4. int steveRocks[]; steveRocks = new int [100]; // Execution for (int y = 0; y < 100; y++) { steveRocks[y] = y + 500; } for (int y = 0; y < 100; y++) { System.out.println("Steve Rocks =" +steveRocks[y]); }
  5. Congrtz everyone who won and thanks for that awesome Concept art RedSkittlez :0)
  6. I have question regarding Kubrows. Now i know you said that if you don't take care of kubrow then they'll die or their skill level will go down. So you go on a vacation and come back log into game and find out that while you were enjoying, your pixel friend died due to you not logging in. (Or is it that dying or skill level going down is based on every day you login and not on same system as daily reward like if you don't log in at all you will lose the progress and have to start over), More info on this issue will be appreciated. And about kubrows getting worse each mission, all i am goi
  7. ^new video will be up i think after u14 and as far as old one is concerned i doubt anyone would find it, also what happened to that private video?
  8. Oh how cool steam and warframe update at same time. :)
  9. Don't worry soon you'll have to pay to see those critters :cough: Perfect World DE's New Slogan Ninja Pay Fees
  10. I honestly don't like the idea of your kubrow dying when you don't care for him, hey while you were enjoying your vacation, look your pixel friend died. (i hope that system is based on everyday you log in game and don't care about him). Also as @katakuna said and what i think is that if kubrows are like that then besides getting xp and ranking them up (probably) i wouldn't have any other reason to take them on mission. To me if we can't take them on every mission then i think they are useless. (Hail Carrier Then). I think this system is a bad bad idea.
  11. Those guys are da bamb :) New U14 stuff looks great but the only issue i have is that, i don't like how every single planet is in one ring :( Much Cluster Bro
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