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  1. Just as I ranked up a few hours ago, it just feels like I lost 120k standing (since I also collect Captura scenes). That's what I get for playing the game I guess 😧. Thanks for the hotfix though!
  2. I still had to kill Amalgams that spawned on previous phases in the final one, maybe one of those can get bugged or something? (ie: when the arena gets destroyed and they are standing on the bits that falls off). I went with Hushed invi Loki and Rubico Prime (also may be related to other enemies on the fight being alerted?), if someone wants to try with that loadout Will test a few more times after I finish all the planets (I'm not mad enough to fight this thing again today) to see if I can kill it consistently the way I did it today or if I also run into the bug, will edit this post if
  3. Just finished this fight. Did you kill the Amalgams that spawned? The Amalgam MOA does a healing pulse that also affects the Ropalolyst, maybe this is what was happening to you.
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