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  1. for ur relief i can say you're not the only one feeling so xD
  2. i say theyre fine as they are didnt expect them put a fight like our old friends, gayhek , raptor or krill. its just a addon for now. maybe they be more challenging in empyrean ship raids. lets hope so
  3. I played wf sicne year 2 but this system ..... well i wont say its total trash, but the worst and very insulting update. only the ammount of grind is umbrallable.since many pps ,me included value our time bit more than before i can feel their pein,atm im at 11/13 and getting a dup almost every time , and forced to grind for weaps i dun even want, its a total facepalm for us.riddle of reqiems,..i say its fine but havta add the 3rd one and getting them to spawn takes way to long.since DE focusing now totaly of Empyrean doubt we get any reasonable ehhh "tweaks" of lich system anytime soon.I guess its partially either side fault that we ended in this dark a@@ mess. people whines we wanna get new content, endgame content so DE maked this for us but the result is a total utter failure.they mistaken challenge with braindead grinding. let me be clear with u guis im not against grind at all if its reasonable.In this system steves was not involved as i heard so it was Scott's team initiative in this system,tho not properly thought tru. Even tho this is 1st such punishing update from them i stil have much faith in DE.They are one of most trusty companies out there after all for ex look at gameforge or enmasse bluehole( fk them both) or kakao games( bdo).rest u can figure out urselves if u know what these companies are like. if this system gets its issues taken PROPERLY , it may have potential,otherwise it be a footshot on their side, and in its current state extending it to other factions would be suicidal.knowing such feedback, me as one of them woudnt risk doing so. stg guis tells me that kuva weaps aquisition maybe be linked indirectly or directly with upcomming empyrean. time tells how this turns out.
  4. can agree with u i played from release tho missed braton p in market sadly back then, gui was stg ncie, kinda dark , edgy, have that stg that can keep u pinned to display. but it was rly stg that didnt offer anything at best, it was rly plain, if u tried be sneaky u can snipe with bows etc, from start it was fun, to make stealth runs, but over time it got borring rly fast so i stopped at update 5.5 vanilla. then returned on Trin PA in the middle and game was insane, coudnt recall anything from before, and was to op, Amazing what DE made to this game. Memories fellow tenno,stg we should cherish to someday tell others how our road was in age of myths xD
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