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  1. Yeah my fault honestly. I think I explained before on this thread but wasn't bothered to check.
  2. This. Damage types are a mess and only a handful are useful. IPS is completely unbalanced and until anything is done to change it, a weapon with impact only and no status chance will remain mediocre. Regardless of gimmick or AOE.
  3. The DR is on if elude is toggled. Only the evasion is disabled when attacking. Energy will be fine since you don't need to recast desolate hands every few seconds for the DR. You will cast desolate hands and sleep as needed to disarm/cc/restraint. I thought it was obvious as DR while only the skill is dodging everything makes no sense and would be a huge nerf.
  4. How would you be forced to use it? I am suggesting swaping the DR from desolate hands to Elude. Restrain and Serene storm stays the same. If you dont want to use it it's fine but now you evade hits, still have the DR, and are free to share daggers and disarm in a better way (desolate hands could give more daggers and fire off faster). This way you are not force to choose betwen DR and a functioning 4 skills frame. I dont know man, i dont find the ammount of daggers enough to justify sharing, you fully go STR you sacrifice the rest of the kit (which is the most effective way of playing him), the disarming is meaningless. Most frames are self suficient and do not require your daggers, and wherever it is needed people bring tanky frames anyways. Yeah thats the point, i think 1 and 2 COULD be fun to use, by simply swaping the DR from desolate hands to elude it makes its innate effect usefull along with a reason to use it (it becomes your survivability skill). Right now its a survivability skill that hampers your best survivability skill, while your best survivability skill you have no desire to use it as a disarm tool. The DR of desolate hands its too valuable to be thrown away for a single disarm, which makes building range and using elude counterproductive. Just my opinion but i honestly think removing the DR from desolate hands and putting it somehwere else on the kit solves everything for him, you wont even need to stack STR as you wont need that many daggers, a balanced build will be cool and make everything usefull. I agree Inaros is completly braindead. Nidus and Nezha ill have to disagree, Nidus has 4 functioning usefull skills which you use all the time and complement each other. Baruuk you press desolate hands and thats it, microing restrains is optional if you feel like using SS/DW, you might as well forget it and just enjoy 50%DR. I still have hopes on the Augments.
  5. Retrain gives 50% DR and unlocks his exalted. Does nothing of the sort of making anything scale indefinitely. I've put about 16 formas on baruuk and done all possible build on him. He is one of the tankiest frames in the game for sure which let's him go far on endurance. I'm not arguing that. If you are doing endurance runs you funnel enemies and camp specific rooms, which makes him hitting enemies above or below irrelevant. His exalted does DECENT dmg and has zero ways of dealing with armor whichever way you put it. He requires another weapon to get the job done. Wukong is way less tanky then him now, which is an issue on long endurance runs (not that it matters), but still tanky enough. His exalted outperforms Baruuks by a mile. Maybe give him a proper go and you'll see the difference, his staff starts long and benefits from primed reach, along with his new combos he spins and kills S#&$ on a 360 on the whole room. Much better then Baruuks waves. Anyways I know baruuk is a working effective frame, this is not my point, comparing him is also irrelevant. I can do all content with him just fine. My complaint is that hes got so much DR stacking that makes most of his kit obsolete. There's no point evading, disarming or sleeping enemies if you can facetank everything the game has with little effort, and that's all to use his exalted which is at best a sidegrade to other melee weapons. I can assure you most meta melee weapons are better then his exalted and less cumbersome to "maintain". Baruuk works, which is fine I guess, I like like his design I like his theme, I don't like how he plays. You obviously enjoy him which is fine, I just think when you're using half his kit just to use 1 skill it's a bad design. Could make his 1,2,disarming 3 have a purpose outside of that. Do you care about elude aside of dropping restrain? Do you sleep enemies so you are safer or need to use finishers? Do you care that you disarmed those goons shooting you? If the answer to those questions is no then there's a problem on the design of the frame. I was hyped for a monk frame with a phasing mechanic. Got a braindead facetank. Was disappointed.
  6. Never thought of that. This would definitely solve his 4th problem. To me the root of the problem with baruuk it's his design idea and execution. His stats tell me he's supposed to be a Evasion monk with low HP and Elude, then they stack DR on top of DR that makes evading/disarming/slow inducing sleep anything beyond pointless. And you do all that for a subpar exalted. I'd really like his DR to be on elude just enought to survive the hits in between and make desolate hands disarm way faster and more efficiently. This way sharing daggers is only beneficial because you are increasing your disarm range effectiveness. That coupled with the true dmg on SS would be awesome. His whole kit would sinergise nicelly without having a skill just to unlock another skill. 2 skills for unlocking a 4th skill is great design. Yes I've taken baruuk on endurance runs and e can survive just fine because of stacking DR. His exalted is extremely good when built right by using a secondary. Gotcha. His weapons carry him at high level content dmg wise not his exalted. You use something else to bypass the armor reduction then you can use whatever you want to kill. Wukongs staff is on a whole different level then SS at the moment mate, not sure what you are doing with it. It has status for stripping armor on it's own, it has slash dmg to bypass armor, uses the combo counter which increases it's dmg by S#&$tons more then SS and it has waaaay higher crit chance through gladiator set. The time you take to strip armor to kill with serene storm wukong and his clone has cleared about 50x more enemies
  7. Yes this is the main issue. There's no opt out when it's getting recast every few seconds. Fix the duration and it's going to be fine.
  8. A option on menu to block all other players abilities? Could work but some will still be problematic like limbo. A popup on screen to deny a skill? No thank you. I have i think about 1500h on volt and have had ZERO people complain about it in game. I use 300+ power strength. I dont think DE will mess with it because its a minuscule ammount of people that dislike it. Increasing the duration of the buff so you can actually opt out by backflipping will fix it or mitigate enough so its not a issue and its a win situation for both parties. Solo button fixes every PUG issues when i cant be bothered to deal with. Like the limbos that send enemies to the rift beside the cataclysm (which i can work around fine)
  9. That baruuk is so good. Needs to be in game ASAP. His base is ugly as anything.
  10. Easiest solution is increasing the base duration so it doesn't last a pityfull amount of time and the volt recasts every room. Longer duration you have less recasts and higher chance of not being close.
  11. Yes I don't think neither are/will be completely uncontrollable. I too got used to volt max speed. I'm just wondering at this point that the high base Sprint speed, together with the control over the speed skill on/off and the Airborne dashes will make him probably at least just as controllable as volt. What kind of buffs he gets for melee remains to be seen. Not saying RIP volt, as he's got a lot more then speed. But personally I only use volt for the speed, and I don't find his other skills working well with it. With max speed build I never use 1 and 4 and 3 sporadically when I absolutely need it. Having the 3 spawn in hands would be a great addition to volt. Gauss seems to be faster at base skill without mods, and have other skills complementary to the speed. RIP speed volt for me personaly
  12. Meh we will know when we get our hands on. Volt is pretty uncontrollable too if you go absolute max speed in some tilesets. With gauss you will do bursts of speed with some fine tuning in between. Might even end up more controlable specially since you can dash midair too. I am expecting to be easier since you can change between speed and normal at will unlike volt. Hyped for Gauss
  13. They have said nothing about volt running on water. Don't spread wrong info. All tht said was volt will work well alongside gauss. Rip speed volt imo, gauss will be faster apparently, have a defense mechanism for on the move and still have the buffs to attacks on ult. Speed volt will be a straight downgrade.
  14. MonkeyKV

    Baruuk Buff Idea

    Enemies dead are better then interrupted, specially on a fast paced game. Baruuk currently does not need to avoid anything.
  15. MonkeyKV

    Baruuk Buff Idea

    Elude with enough DR to survive the few hits in between. As I suppose he was designed to. With disarming and cc to complement. When you turn 4th on you have 2 90% Dr and you can go ape S#&$ and facetank more. Right now I have 2 arcane guardians S#&$loads of power strength and adaptation and I can go afk facetanking because of the absurd amount of DR, don't need to evade anything or cc anything or disarm anyone. Elude on while attacking becomes immortality as old wukong defy. Will never happen and would be boring as hell. I too LOVE d&d monks and I think this would be the closest to it. He would have high evasion but when he does get hit it's not as mitigated as a big brawler armored warrior.
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