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  1. I have a +range +status chance +impact for 400 if you want
  2. I like pie. Where's the pie? I was promised pie
  3. LOL What monitor is that and at what resolution? Thats insane. Also, how does the limited (78 max) affect it?
  4. Here's hoping. Or Plague Star for the grind forma
  5. gotta keep the whales interested and throwing money at the screen
  6. Stahp please, I can only get so erect
  7. How much of a hit to the stats did it take with the rebalance?
  8. He meant night on the Plains. Interrupts Eidolon hunting
  9. WHY? The pure corrosive was amazing for armour strip and status.
  10. So you're telling me I didn't need to build 700 launchers?
  11. I'm having the same issue (also Aussie on NA servers) I can't invite people to dojo, either says 'could not deliver' or 'user is offline' even though I am still chatting to them. And when they invite me, I cannot join as it says Host unreachable/not found. This has only started occurring since the server maintenance. I think you need to add more hamsters
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