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  1. Yes why not, that sounds pretty good. So everyone can flag her in the the kind of groups an go to public groups. It is similar better than a factory MR filter..
  2. Sure you can filter me out, but would you like to give me a database value that can be implemented to ensure reliable filtering? All other values for "strength" determination is a disaster in terms of development. Here is an example Successful mission + playing time + X = Y? Or how would you calculate it so that it doesn't become so prone to errors? Please describe it to me. Mastery Rank is a fixed value that cannot change every minute. Damn it has nothing to do with vanity, it's just about database values ... Games like The Division have an GearScore and Mission have dif
  3. Sure, but do you want to looking everytime in the chat to create a new squad if you want play mission ? I see people who search over 30mins for an squad..this can be bypassed with an filtering system. Best Regards Clap
  4. That make no sense. I mean i have with my mr 24 acc 1500h and i think it is an diffrence between a player with 20h Best Regards Clap
  5. You are absolutely right a high mr doesn't make a good player. But the MR value is the only measurability we have. Because how can you measure experience in the game and how do you want to set the value in the database. Not only MR filtering but various filtering in public matchmaking would make sense. I very much like it when I jump overpowered in a mission and destroy the boss with one blow because I forgot a farm a frame, I also destroy the fun of playing someone who makes the boss for the first time. Host migration is always my nightmare. I mean Filtering is only an
  6. Hey Ladys and Gents, I'm MR24 right now, and I would very much appreciate it if you, as a player who has spent more than 20 hours in the game, have the option in public matchmaking to get a filter option to play a mission with equally good players. For example the following: I went through certain missions faster than someone who is just starting to play. That breaks the fun for me and the player, because the level difference is too big. This could avoid that both parties are stressed and then either play solo or only with clan members. This also includes events and other missions and gam
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