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  1. Oh annoying Volt Speed buff, I am happy to see u less, letting me bounce into objects and falling off cliffs coz there is a Volt suddenly buffing me so I miss my target from 0.02 seconds ago by miles. Also, Volt is still and amazing damage/support/CC frame.
  2. So, the new wukong... wtf did u do to him? I get a letter in my orbiter with 3 forma and that message that u #*!%ed up my 7 forma wukong. I have the feeling that u no idea after u have an idea for a frame, inconsistency all over the place. No view for the things that ppl want, reworking things that are fine adding stuff to make it more complicated and less efficient. Dont always go over board.... why the heck do my wukong has to be 2 wukong, was it impossible to make the iron jab work? Or was it just to boring? Or did we need another afk frame? press 1 go make something else Why is cloudwalker so short now? It was fine before with the stun. Why add speed but at the same time u decrease the active time to basicly 0 and make it a thing u have to press every 5 seonds if u wanna live. Its cool that u get health back while in cloud walker, i dont wanna take that away. What brings us to defy... WTF was going through ur minds as u destroyed the only thing that made him good... it gave him a place above all other frames, immortality, its now a time gated abilty that gives armor, wow, noone cares about armor above level 50 enemies. so u only die die 5? times now and than u can choose from na buff that is also timed, like why? It was super confusing for me to die while my abilty is active. I would love to see the old defy again or at least kind of 50% of it. So that if i reactivate it I can die 5 x again. The 4 is fine but wukong lost its flavour, 7 forma.. im sad. He had his own slot, now.. i dunno man. I dont wanna have a split personality frame, if i want to have this i go equinox or mirage so im not going to use the 1. So basicly I lost a button. The 2 is ruined coz u took the duration away, adding speed and healing was good. Oh btw, the augment for clodwalker is not making you or anyone else invisible anymore, at least the invisibility end if u go out of CW wich lasts like 5 seconds max. Another lost thing. The 3 is effed up, just boken. Main thing, taken away, no more real reason to play him, there are other frames that can do that same, having a bit of extra armour for some kind of time... and not just one frame. He was one of a kind, now wukong is one of many. Can i have at least my 7 forma back, I dont ask for the time I invested
  3. Oh, the data hashes are gone and now I cant scan them anymore? I mean, I did try to scan some, got like 3 or 4 on one hour of cruising around orb vallis but got bored and started playing the game again. So no Hildryn for me? I dont understand, Halp mee^^
  4. Its getting better, thanks. 🙂
  5. wow, 6x credit drop was a real letdown, nothing else 6x 7500credits. FeelsBadman
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