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  1. lol, guys, already that bored? Was it really needed that we need extra relics with extra relic missions? It gets boring really fast as the missions are pretty much the same over and over again. Same goes for the 50 minions u have to kill per requiem. I mean its kind of ok if u always play with 3 others, but still too much. 30 per requiem? Could this be a thing please? So u have 90 to reveal what requiems u have to use and possible 60 for further research. 150 in total, sounds like a lot to me. This will still take a good while and u have a end in sight. And please increase the drop chance for the relic nr. 1. I got one out of all my requiem relics and this was the present of the lotus. ^^ Now let me look into all the other stuff, bai, cu ingame
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