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  1. The latest Ayatan sculpture was added in March 2017. When can we expect more types of sculptures for players to collect? When Railjack is released this year, what's the possibility of a new vista for our personal quarters that could serve as a glass case for models of the various ships in game? After finding all of the glass statues on the PoE, we get one to decorate our Orbiter. When can we get a similar decoration after finding all of the Mem fragments on the Vallis? What are the prospects for Syndicate armour cosmetics?
  2. There hasn't been a Tactical Alert that has awarded a Stratos Emblem since 'Long Shadow' in September 2016. Why were Tactical Alerts discontinued? How likely are they return? What are the prospects for Syndicate armour cosmetics for our Warframes and Operators? Now that we can donate and place our ayatan sculptures in our clan dojo, what are the prospects of larger Orokin art pieces making their way there too (eg Lua tileset kinetic sculptures)? What happened to the Hydroid and Zephyr Prime trailers?
  3. It has been three years since a codex entry associated with a Primed warframe (Rhino Prime) was released. When should we expect another entry exploring the history associated with the primes? When happened with tactical alerts? The last one was during Christmas last year. What are the prospects for more Syndicate cosmetics? Now that we have ayatan sculptures in game, what are the prospects of other collectable Orokin art pieces making their way to our clan dojo (eg Lua tileset kinetic sculptures)? What will be the next Primes unvaulted, and when?
  4. Will the new Calendar include dates for when DE will be at conventions?
  5. What vendors will be at Cetus and what will they each offer?
  6. How will PoE be introduced to new and veteran players alike? How will the new Glass warframe tie into PoE? What will be its name? What can you show us of the new Operator armour sets that will be craftable with PoE?
  7. When should we expect the next tactical alert? What noggles are due to be released next?
  8. Apart from PAX East and Tennocon, what are the teams plan for conventions this year?
  9. When will a Teshin noggle appear in the marketplace?
  10. Fantastic! Exactly what I needed after spending so much time at PAX. Thanks once again for visiting our part of the world. It was awesome to meet you all and hang out while having a few drinks
  11. Do you have any information on the Meet n' Greet for PAX Australia?
  12. Excellent. I luckily guessed that the panel would be on the Saturday, and bought my ticket in anticipation. Stoked that I'll be there for it
  13. What news do you have regarding the last two planned appearances at conventions this year?
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