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  1. Please fix/change "kill more infested than the grineer" Just had another public party where the grineers counter went over 50% before we even reached 20%. --> instant loss of bonus (And yes we did have a mesa and an octavia...) This is stupid, frustrating, and just like many other things (read bugs) this should have never been a thing in the first place. Kind regards, Bed
  2. I'd really appreciate fixes for the following things: 1) Clients' warframes disappearing during deimos vault runs so they're stuck with only their operator and necramech 2) How are you supposed to solo fight necramechs that stay invulnerable 24/7? (i know you can shoot them from afar and not get damaged, but 1v3 they just keep rushing towards me) Also if kavat attacks them, I die? 3) If I manage to kill both arms, how am I supposed to shoot his back if he keeps facing me head first? (again, solo play) 4) Why is operator dash still broken in the vaults (host)? 5) It'd b
  3. White velocipods fall through the floor when tranquilized.
  4. Thanks for the reply! 🙂 I've been able to complete numerous bounties like that, but failed plenty for it to be a problem to me. I've succeeded and failed many times regardless of the setup we used. It seems to heavily depend on where you are in the map and if there's a lot of weaker enemies like maggots (second bounty mind you). It is indeed not difficult at all, but sometimes their % just increases incredibly fast, we suspect it's when there's a lot of maggots and they kill them really easily. Anyways thanks for the feedback!
  5. Aww thanks for the reply! 🙂 I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! I don't really mind the token system either, it's just getting difficult to keep track of where to find things. Especially when trying to help new players. And thanks for the tips! 🙂
  6. Thanks for the update. Can you please allow us to at least be able to achieve the bonus from "Kill more than double the enemies the grineer kill"? They reach 53% before we can even get 50% which seems kind of silly (and this happens time after time, not just once). I really feel like a third open world with another set of fish, syndicates, animals, resources, ... is a step in the wrong direction, it's just more of the same... If you keep introducing new "open worlds", where will it end? How many more will you add? How will you motivate any new player to try an
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