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  1. Bet on Exca, Volt or Mag without potatoe and half mounted mods on MK-1 weapons 😄
  2. Great boss, but it may be a little too early for new players. It should be perfect for players who have understood how the gameplay works but don't yet know how to cheese the game. Indeed 👌 And a bit more lore compliant.
  3. Personally, i would more see a filter for stuff that make players complaining that it always make all kills (like Bramma, Saryn, Volt,...).
  4. @(NSW)Matt-S @Aadi880 In fact, you right. Please, don't believe me. But moreover, don't try it yourself. Stay as far away from this weapon as possible. The less you will use it, the less complains it will create. And no cry, no nerf, like Bobby said. Everybody is happy 😋 @(PS4)Rook117 Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding 😉
  5. Are you saying that DE should nerf every weapons because they all ouperform the Sentry Gun of Xyphos ?🤣
  6. ogris have a larger AoE, less damage fallof and an augment that make 3 times the damage as fire DoT on a similar AoE without fallof. Looking at the number is great. Looking at the effect and possibilities is far better.
  7. No. Players just won't use/invest in them during the first 45 days after the release. Not really. Bramma is currently less powerfull than many weapons like Ogris, Acceltra or Nukor. Without speaking of melee weapons.
  8. Because DE launched it as is and if they had made a balancing error, they would have corrected it long before. It don't dilute my primaries. And i make far more kill than any Bramma players i've seen without using a mass killer warframe (nor the Bramma, of course). Any melee weapon can easily outperform the Bramma. No, only since DE has annouced the nerf. But it's true that a few (including me) have seen the nerf coming when the complaints accumulated because of an alleged overpowering of this weapon. Except that DE have nerfed them not because they are overpowered but because they are overused in there time. But i bet that if they revert now the nerf of the weapons you're taking in exemple, the Bramma will not be overused anymore in few days/weeks.
  9. It would be awesome if players that dislike the Bramma could say to the game "I don't want to see the Bramma" and the game would remove the Bramma from its public missions.
  10. Hope my english would be good enought ^^' Context I played exclusively solo with the intrinsics level 10 (except gunner which is level 9) on a RJ MK III (with all Vidar and Zetki weapons maxed out). I dropped 0 Lavan but i don't know if it's a bug or if it's a statistical aberration. For the build, quite classic : Hullweave, Bulkhead, Cruising Speed, Conic Nozel, Ion Burn, Polar Coil, Hyperstrike, Predator and Section Density. Particle Ram for battle avionics and no tactical avionics. I also did some tests with maxed Hullweave, Bulkhead and Hyperstrike on a RJ full Sigma MK0. It doesn't change much except that it takes longer to destroy the fighters. All of this in the Veil missions with anomaly. Time-To-Kill on Railjack Enemies In terms of combat dynamism, it's much better. The new aiming system is much more comfortable. We are sometimes forced to over-anticipate on Apocs and to under-anticipate on Carcinoxs but we get used to it very quickly. The Pulsar lacks a bit of damage compared to the Cryophon and the Cryophon heats up a little too quickly compared to the other weapons (i suspect that you wanted to reproduce the feeling of a shotgun but there, it seems to use a Hek, it would not be bad to mount it at the level of Vaykor). Personally, i prefer the Zetki versions except for the Cryophon. Regarding the Lavans, no idea, I haven't dropped one yet. The big flaw i find at the moment is that the battle tends to disperse far too easily. There are always 2-3 hunters who, for some reason, get lost 10-15km in the middle of nowhere and wait. As a result, we are forced to go and look for them and, obviously, this triggers a new wave and we find ourselves finishing the extermination in the vacuum of space. So it's impossible to have a battle in the middle of the asteroids. Hunters would have to be lured to the RJ from much further away. In conclusion : reduce the heatup of the Cryophon a little bit more damage to the Pulsar activate the drop of Lavan weapon wreckage bring the hunters back to battle when they find themselves expelled several kilometers away Survivability of the Railjack and Overall Health and Damage of Enemies The main concern with this iteration, for my taste, is that there's no real threat to the ship during battle. Fighter's damage is negligible and can be totally ignored, crewship damage is okay and can't really be ignored when there are several of them. However, they can easily be taken out of play by simply destroying their 3 reactors and it's all the more simple as they arrive one by one and are calves. So it doesn't feel like we're taking the ships down because they're a threat but because there's a counter to satisfy. It lacks a bit of tension and matter. I remind you, we're in the Veil, it's not supposed to be Saturn and even less the Earth. The fires hazard and catastrophic breaches are well balanced. They are a threat without representing an immediate danger (the fire because it interrupts the regen of the PVs and the shield in addition to its DoT, the catastrophic breach due to the countdown and the deactivation of the engines). On the other hand, the small breach and the electrical hazard can be totally ignored. Perhaps they should be played on other aspects, such as reducing the speed of the WFs + a slight DoT for all WFs on board for small breaches, reducing the mobility of the RJ and the firepower for electrical hazard (considering that the fire does both damage + interruption of regen, it seems coherent to me that the others have a double property also). And it would be REALLY necessary to increase the number of hazard according to the size of the crew on board. And, in solo, to increase the probability of their occurrence. Note that the fire can be used to increase the RJ's speed/firepower since it makes the shield disappear every second and it's the passive of 2 MK III components to precisely increase the RJ's speed or firepower every time the shield disappears. I don't know if it's intended but I hope you'll keep it. The missile platform launcher does a lot of damage and is one of the rare elements that can quickly lead to a catastrophic breach, it's not bad at all, it makes it a real threat (the only one if I'm not mistaken if you exclude being deliberately pounded by 2-3 crewships without moving). Too bad that's not also the case for the anti-ship platform (which could continue to track its target while it's firing, have a much wider field of sight and an increased firerate), the crewship shed (which could send one or two Skold crewships in addition to the ramsleds, if you stay too close) and the EMP generator (I didn't understand what it was supposed to do, but I'm sure there's a way to make it dangerous). In conclusion : slightly increase the damage of fighters change the effects of small breaches and electrical hazards so that they represent a threat without being an immediate danger, like fires and catastrophic breaches increase the number of hazards according to the size of the crew, increase the probability of appearance in solo make all the "points of interest" a threat, like the missile platform launcher
  11. Ressource/Wreckage Dirac is useless Lavan weapons doesn't drop (i've maxed all weapons from Vidar and Zetki 2 times but still get 0 Lavan) When the update removed the titanium problem, I had immediately afterwards the trachon problem. But once I finished maxing out all the Zetki weapons for the second time and started maxing out the Zetki components, it was the pustrels that started to be a problem for me. After thinking about it, I rather say to myself that it's the Zetki weapons and components that drop way too much compared to the other houses. Lavan and Vidar should drop much more often and Zetki should drop much less often. Avionics Removing houses makes things simpler but makes the building more frustrating. The super cool thing about the old mechanism was having the choice of the drain/value ratio through the houses while using only maxed out avionics. It is quite easy to reproduce the first point using a non-linear progression of the values of an avionic according to the ranks (in log form, for example). The second point is clearly less concrete since it plays mainly on a psychological rope since unconsciously maxed build = all avionics at max rank. To redefine this idea, I think that allowing a maxed avionic to be used at lower ranks would help facilitate the use of lower ranks by players. I would even go so far as to think that being able to use all the ranks of an avionics should be chargeable (it could be in the form of a pseudo ranks significantly more expensive which would unlock the use of all the ranks). This cost should reinforce the idea that a maxed build goes through a balance between the drain and the values of the avionics and not only by trying to reach at all costs the maximum values of each avionics. With these 2 points, we would keep the simplicity of the current system and we should avoid the frustration of not having a maxed build on the pretext that all avionics are not maxed out. Valance transfert Good place to use dirac. It may be used as a joker ressource. Perapse you may increase the range of random value on components/weapons like it was on initial release. Not strictly about valance transfert but almost Can you make the passive of MK III components exchangeable between houses (a bit like Arcane, for example) ? A little something about the forge It would be nice to have a console that would allow us to control all four forges at the same time. It could even be a component like the shield, the engine and the reactor with specific statistics depending on the houses, such as the cooling rate, the efficiency of the ship or the amount of stored resources. And it would be cool to have an automatic refinement (or at least a reminder if there are still resources in stock) at the end of the mission. And to have an alert when the stock of a resource is full.
  12. MacIntoc

    Kuva Tonkor

    For Acceltra too. And generaly all AoE weapons.
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