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  1. Well... i just let the discuss here for the posterity, you're a better comic than me 🤣 Because i'm immortal, guy 😎 No. Inferno costs 10 per mob, up to 10 mobs targeted (so between 0 and 100, depending on the number of targets). Fireball costs 25 for a single target. And taking efficiency into account, you can lower the cost of Inferno up to 2.5 per mobs. So up to 25 energy for 10 mobs. Since Overheat add 100% damage, i must cast Infirno a second time to reach the same amount of damage for a total of 50 energy. I let you the exercice to estimate the cost of micromanagement of
  2. No connection between both. Look at Rhino : a lot of synergy, not a once of micromanagement. And dare to tell me that the old Ember Accelerent didn't synergize with her 3 other powers ? Now, on the new Ember, remove the absurd amount of energy the heat jauge consumes (leave it at 1.25 energy/second, for example, regardless of the heat level): you remove the need for micromanagement but, surprise, the interactions are still there. Synergize are here to add goodies with the use of multiple powers, even the less usefull. Micromanagement is here to prevent us to use a warframe the w
  3. This is obvious. Her 1 is useless since it costs 2.5 times more than the 4, does less damage and is much less comfortable to use. Her 2 is a no-go if you don't want to bother with micromanagement, which is the case for the vast majority of players. As a result, the 3 is useless since you don't care about heat and micro-management and you don't want to slow mobs flow. That leaves 4, with a pretty fun and badass graphic effect that you can spam to nuke mid-tiers mobs. This is the design that most players see in the new Ember and how she's played. Well... sorry to play the way it mean to
  4. Well... just look at the post i quoted ^^' Ash was one of my favorite frame before the Storm Blade nerf. Without doubt my most dynamic, fast-paced and skillfull warframe considering that you had a fraction of seconde to make a one handed action or shoot between teleportations during Blade Storm. Compared to his pre-nerfed WoF ? No, I don't think so. They mainly trade CC for the boredom of micromanaging and DR. The increase in damage comes from the massive fire proc buff.
  5. The funny thing is that no matter what you do, it will never be good. Ember was nerfed because his 4e can nuke low level mobs without spaming it. And now there are complaints because spamming his 4th nuke mid level mobs. Ash was nerfed because his 4e can auto-select mobs in range. Now there are complaints because the selected mobs died before he could trigger his 4e.
  6. Well, well, well... so if we fuse a Grakata with a Tonkor, we may have a potato launcher with the magazine size and firerate of the Grakata or a rifle with the firerate of Grakata et the magazine size of the Tonkor ? How to say...
  7. For crit, it's a bit more complexe since you have to manage crit level (no crit, yellow crit, orange crit, red crit,...) and both high and low damage crit chance. But that would look like this (% is the mod operator) : (CC%1)*(1+(Ceil(CC;1)*(CD-1)))+(1-CC%1)*(1+(Floor(CC;1)*(CD-1))) And it's a bit simplified since i didn't add the crit level enhancer from Vigilant set mod 😊
  8. Please, no more switch mode, these kind of power are just pain.
  9. Since pellet is the smallest amount of damage you can do, increasing their number proportionally increases the damage in the exact same way.
  10. No, the radius is the area of share between warframe, not the area of killing. So even if Saryn kill a mob @200m+ she gain XP from this kill. And as long as you are in the affinity radius, you get XP from her kills.
  11. Yep, the lack of diversity in objectives is also a problem. We have variation of only 3 basic objectives : -kill as fast as possible (80% of missions) -keep [self/someone/something] alive for a while (mainly survive, mobile defense and disruption) -make an action before the end of a countdown (spy)
  12. And that's part of the problem. The metric is supposed to indicate something good or bad. But it doesn't indicate why it's good or bad. And the only answer from DE is to mitigate what is good and improve what is bad. The problem is that improving what is bad does not automatically make it good enough and nerfing what is good automatically makes it not good enough, or even bad. You get into a toxic spiral that gradually reduce the overal quality of the game. And it's a damn god to deal with nullifier and ancient
  13. There are a lot of topics proposing the addition of a customizable weapon and WF filter that one could ban (then we would have a new "Restricted" option in addition to "Open", "Friend" and "Solo"). But for some reason, it didn't convince.
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