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  1. In fact, this should be done for every shotguns (x% per shot => x% per pellets).
  2. Vaykor Hek would be OK with 25% SC.
  3. Support and control frames would thank you :)
  4. The AoE of Acid Shell is not a sphere but a cross. That's why it feel weird.
  5. Honestly, when we look at Limbo, it would not be abusive to have a Chaos Sphere that does not shrink.
  6. It seems it's easier to make weapons skin-like stuff than it's to make a proper progression.
  7. What is important ? What DE says or what you think what DE thinks ? DE used this excuse to justify the change of Kuva Bramma's pellets. With the new option, this excuse no longer justifies the nerf, which is therefore null and void and should therefore be reverted. That's all.
  8. Where are they saying that the Kuva Bramma was nerfed because it was too powerful compared to other weapons ? Same for damage. Kuva Ogris do more damage and it's not over used.
  9. Where do you read that ? They reduce the number of bomblet to reduce the number of explosions (and reduce visual obstruction). They increase the AoE of bomblet and reduce the fallof to compensate. And they reduce the reserve ammo to prevent blind shot (and reduce visual obstruction too).
  10. Where are they talking about OP ? Only overhelming and visual busy.
  11. Yep... polarize a slot multiple time or polarize multiple time a stuff then dispatch the polarities througth slots... as long as we don't need to multiply the same stuff in our inventory... i'm on.
  12. The Power creep is a strawman which hides that there is no more progression in WF. Just as almost all new contents are MR fodder. MR fodder and power creep are the two faces of the same probleme.
  13. That would cost a lot of duca to use ours babies againts sentients ^^''
  14. False good idea. Prime Warframes come with 3-4 polarised slot. That mean you have to polarise all the slots which is a very bad idea since the more polarised slot you have, the less build can fit in it. This mecanisme work on weapons since there is no aura on it, no more than 1 polarised slot and there is no build diversity. On melee, it's purely useless since there is stance and mods doesn't cost much.
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