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  1. Clients don't get the rewards too. I lose the Pennant's BP because of this bug ^^'
  2. I don't know why they put a shadow since it is supposed not to have directional light in the space. It should be a bit like noon around the equator.
  3. I make only 1 ou 2 mission with new Ember. She would be barly good without this damn insane drain ramp up that entirely prenvent us to use her 2. For her 1. I don't use fireball (and all of thoses kind of power, like Freeze) because i can't have a direct access to the power (not enough button on my mouse, i have to use mouse roll to switch between powers). And weapons make more damage. So, it's more a personnal preference. For her 2. Good if we could rely on DR it provide. But not fully useable because of the energie drain. The meter should display the current step of increase, it would be easier to make the math to regulate it during the fight. For her 3. Usefull against Greenir, panic button against Corpus and Infested. But it seem bugged since some mobs doesn't be affected by it. Alas, for now, it's mainly used to reduce heat meter and avoid the energie drain. Maybe should you make it replenish energie (and/or heal her if energy is full) and make his augment remove armor. It would be more universal and make more sens with his cost and the meter's drain wich justifie his use. For her 4. Should be a 360° power. And why mobs in flame have not heat statut on them ?? And why have you named it Inferno since there is meteors that fall from sky and not flame from hell ?? Something like Skyferno would be more appropriate. The interactions between the meter and her other powers are not combo that amplify effects, like others predefined interaction of the others frame, but just prevent us to be too powerful. And a DR foolishly upping and downing like a rollercoaster is not suffiscient to force us to depend of theses interactions. In this state, she's just a low/mid level fast nuker frame. If i could make some suggestions. For the meter, you may use it to regulate the effect of her power instead of the use of her power. Why don't you make it part of her passive ? For exemple, it may be représentative of the percentage of mobs under ignite state in affinity range ? Instead of making damage, her ult may be use to combust mobs in range that are not already combusted. Combust is a special state including ignite state but interrupt mob's action, with panic animation is 4s depending on duration mods. Augment may reduce/remove armor. Then her 1 make damage to combusted mobs relative to the mobs life (~5% depending of strengh) in function of the meter (0%-100% of the ~5%). Her 3 vacuum heat from combusted mobs in range (removing the combust/ignite state) and the heat may be converted in health/energy depending of the meter when the power was casted then splited between allies in range. Augment may temporarie give a buff to allies touch by the wave. Instead of raw damage reduction, her 2 may simply deflect bullets and reduce precision of mobs, a bit like Zephyr. She can be a great [DPS-mob killer] frame without being a map nuker (interaction between1 and 4), support allies by healling/energizing (interaction between 3 and 4), buffing allies (1 and 3 augment), weaken mobs (4 augment), sharing deflecting (2 augment) and provide a descent CC (3+4).
  4. Probably a bit late but my suggestion for Vauban 1°)kind of exalted grenade launcher : prim fire : ”Launch Pad” : Granting a boost of speed in a chosen direction (as follow line of sight). Successive fire cost less energie (rocket-jump style). Also, apply an explosive proc on enemies that walk on, ragdolling them in arrow direction. Can also move a Vortex away. Fire an existing Launch Pad will remove it. sec fire : ”Nail Grenade” : break enemies weapons and applie rad proc on enemies (instead of damaging them). Can reduce nullifier bubble even if it can't target mobs inside. zooming/glide : ”Repo Roller” : launch a little roller that follow Vauban, draining mobs life in range to restore Vauban's energie (in energie per seconde, not blocked by leecher or modified by energy reduction). Apply electric proc on enemies in range. Grenades and rollers have HPs and have same threat level than Warframes, are in limited simultaneous number (If a new one is launched, the most ancient is detroyed). When a grenade or a roller is destroyed, it blind enemies around. Finisher on theses enemies restore a few shield (synergie with 2). For grenade launcher, please privilegie onclick fire instead of switch between primary and secondary fire (or, if you could, make a global option to choose between switch or onclick fire for all weapons with 2 fires mode ^^). 2°)deploy a drone that drain Vauban's shield (and overshield) and convert it in an armored shield around Vauban (and itself) which gained damage réduction from Vauban's current armor value (natural synergie with ult) and prevent physical proc (bleed, stagger and weakened). It may also block poison, unlike standard and proto shields. Vauban's shield can't regenerate or be regenerated as long as it's drained. Drone remains while Vauban's shield is not exhausted. 3°)deploy an orbital drone that generate an area of effect around Vauban. Within this area of effect, the drone will progressively and permanently decrease enemies max health, increasing a pool of damage. This drone have an energy drain relative to the number of weakened enemies (or the amount of stored damage). While the drone is on : on a short press (with energy cost), Vauban launch a beacon (aim inside the area of effect) targeted by an orbital strike that drains and makes a percentage of the damage stored. Strike's AoE may be a percentage of area of effect. on a long press (no energy cost) or energy is exhausted : the drone rushes on Vauban then emits a wave. All the stored damage would be splited between all enemies within the area of effect, with guaranted viral proc. 4°)Nothing to add
  5. Yes, but no. At 100% damage reduction, you negate damage only against electricity, heat, explosive, radiation and gas. Because of damage type modifier on others elements. For exemple, you need 150% damage reduction to negate viral damage because of the +50% damage modifier on viral. But you miss the most important part of his sentence : " if we never fight things over lvl 300 "
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