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  1. Hello, My name is Marko and i am 24 year old from Serbia. I am into Warframe from the start, played heavily then made another account (this one) during update 5 i belive, when Excalibur Prime was hot topic. Played for some time then i had to make break because of life things. I tried Warframe again during Wings update but after quick play and just overwhelming content i got pushed back. Now i installed game again, joined some Discord and trying to figure things out. Most of the time my gameplay revolve around getting all frames and weapons, level them up and then move to others. I was near to complete everything, but now there is so many things to do! Seaching for friendly not toxic community to play with, get help and just have fun. I play on PC, EU (connected to steam). In Game Name: Omnifrost Discord: Cinnamon#9296 Mastery Rank: I belive it's 14 near 15, but don't know my overall hours played.
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