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  1. Can we change the topic name to "Riven the same old story" Its funny people sold volt prime sets for 180-250 in the past mean while normal volt cost 75. Prime parts are nothing better tbh. Curse you free market!!!!!!
  2. Well nobody forced you to buy the vault pack? De needs to fix the "powercreep" everybody talks about.
  3. From "dispo discussion to prices of rivens" Guess people miss the goal of this thread its about the dispo and we need feedback for de how to solve?! One thing will not change the demand for certain rivens = price stays the same maybe tanks a little, "godly rivens" will always hold there price. Bc people are "ready" to pay the price! Why? Bc we have way to much plat in the rotation thats why. With thar said, a diffcult family group will be cernos. Cernos prime has shootgun status and rakta and cernos has normal sc, what is the idea about exceptions like that??? There are few niche riven which need a careful treatment like neg mag vectis or bp shotgun rivens and detron bp. There is more to this idea. "prices should be the last problem rn"
  4. I usually run with a premade team,or go after my lich solo, he isnt hard to kill anyways. I dont get it, why is everybody so triggert?
  5. Kind of cringe abit when i read melee in endurance. Seems like nobody plays endurance whats so ever. Endurance doesnt need weapons just octavia and 4x cps. Great way to farm prime part or play another game while octavias 1 kills everything. Melee wasnt as much of a problem as certain wf rn. I remember back in the days they nerft that kind of thing in an instand.
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