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  1. I've googled and there are several threads about this dating back several years... I guess it's just something they can't fix? It sucks because I can't chat with my team mates or I can't see their messages, I don't know if they are trying to talk with me because the chat just keeps dropping. I tried forwarding ports, a different router, changing region, changing dns. Weird thing is, it used to not do this and now it's every day.
  2. Do you know what AFK means? You say Odin was AFK and then in the same sentence say exactly how it wasn't AFK. 🙄
  3. Was nothing AFK about Odin farming. Do you people even play the game? How can you be so clueless?
  4. So because 1% of players were AFK macroing, you decided to nerf the whole damn thing for everyone? 🤔
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