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  1. sadly i will sleeping during prime time well will watch on youtube tomorrow i guess
  2. its been 6 years already when i first saw warframe. i was like what is this game.i was not instrested and then i saw he first prime access pack and thought its pay to win.in like 2013 or so i played the game again but it was soo confusing for me.i didnt get the most part of what to do and what am i doing.i quit again i returned back again after some time then i saw something really new the whole star chart changed better graphics better understanding of what iam doing and what to do.i knew at that point that this game got an awesome team behind it, A dedicated team which really works hard and a devolper team which loves and respects the community.then after a while on the tennocon plains was shown i was so shocked i think at that time i realised DE is a group consists of around 150 people.i was really happy to know that these guys are really something they are awesome.Most developers make a game sell it and then thats it no customer support no better content or else all will be pay to access.and here its all free,if u wanna spent money u can or u can get what u want just by playing.I am really happy to be a part of this game and this community."I am really sorry to think that this game was bad and it will be nothing good back when it was released".Most game companies should learn from u guys.u guys are the best.Each time i have an issue in game it gets resolved or i get a reply in 2 days or maximum 3.Best customer service ever. Rebecca,Steve,Scott,Geoff,Sheldon Dev stream party love u guys and all those who work at DE.Take ur time for the future content.WIll eagerly wait for it. Space mom please come back Sorry for the bad english and bad grammer
  3. check info login failed "shows this after the update" fix pls have a good weekend DE staff
  4. Ok first thing why did u leave us spacemom Will we get umbra style warframe and weapons for all.if yes will they be releasing like prime (every 3 months) and will we have to farm the parts or will it be like excalibur umbra(already maxed ?) the new war quest will we join forces with other factions to fight against the orokin.or will there be like new raid or a big battleground thing with more players. will there be any buffs or any new content coming in for the archwings ? will there be a new planet or new quest locations coming other than the open worlds like plains and fortuna thats all love u guys u guys r the best ✌️
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