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  1. (PS4)Bishop1712

    PS4 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8.2 (+ hotfixes)

    @[DE]Danielle I’m having a problem in stat comparison while modding (in all areas, including Warframe, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, etc.). If you attempt to compare stats between configurations A, B, & C, it only compares to the last used configuration set. So if you have been using config B, you can not compare Config A with C, for example. This issue is present on both my, and my wife’s, account, and we are using 2 different PS4 Pro consoles. Is anyone else having this problem? Thank you, DE, for working so hard on this game! You are appreciated!!
  2. (PS4)Bishop1712

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Not sure if this has been mentioned just yet, but there are some definite problems in three more areas: Operator Appearance, Orbiter exterior colors, and Orbiter interior colors. In Operator appearance, you can not rotate your operator when you are in the face design interface. You can only rotate (for a very short time) your operator to view the appearance when you hover over the "Sigil" category in the armor section, or when you are in the equipment (Amp) category. Even in the Amp category, it is a bit unstable. In the orbiter exterior colors, the Orbiter will not rotate at all, regardless of what Orbiter is selected. In the Orbiter interior colors, the UI does not allow you to see where you were trying to look (as in, if I'm looking at the Foundry console, it shifts my view to a different part of the ship, so I can not accurately see what colors look like unless I exit the color picker. If it is not something I like, I have to repeat the process, exit, look at it, and then rinse and repeat). These are all continuous issues, regardless of where the Virtual Cursor is moved, or what buttons are used to attempt rotation of items being previewed. Thank you so much for listening!