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  1. Currently, animal enemies are just foes without finisher vulnerability that can be summoned by another unit, like Corpus' drones. It's totally suspending my disbelief, waltzing right through a cluster of Kavats or Kubrows without them sensing me whatsoever. We should consider the option of having the animal units of the Grineer be a counterplay against our Invisible Warframes. Superior hearing, animalistic sensitivity to cloaking shimmers (invisibility), sense of smell. The animal enemies could be capable of picking up the scent Warframes that have crossed their path, or are within a short range of them, or nearby bloodshed, and could see invisibility shimmers within a range slightly farther than that, and be more sensitive to sound (bodies, like their handlers, hitting the ground)(with Banshee or Hushed Invisibility Loki as an obvious exception to being given away by audio). This would make them a more compelling foe to have to work around, equally so for both invisible and visible frames (however I'd propose some less stealth-conventional Warframes have niche counterplay back here, such as Hydroid's Undertow/Tidal-Surge, Limbo's Rift-walking, Titania's Razorwing, Nova's Wormhole, etc, not leaving scents). Having the pets telegraph a grapple (like Kuva Jesters currently do) to signal the Warframe's current location would help reduce invisibility's effectiveness as a "Win" button, where it should really be used more tactically for stealth, rather than an infinite "no damage to self, high damage to others" state. If we're making Stealth/invisibility more difficult or less lucrative, more of a challenge to utilize properly, it'd be appropriate to look into reworking Stealth and AI and rewards so that while the Grineer and Corrupted foes have counterplay against us, that ninja-like stealth behavior is rewarded more in Warframe by having end of mission bonuses for enemies stealth killed, overall lack of being noticed by enemies, etc, to balance out how much more resources are gotten by genociding as many enemies as possible in order to have them drop things.
  2. Consider this instead: DE should work on making K drive (for Merulina AND all other Warframes) more efficient and useful (and actually deployable) in normal tilesets so that those who wish to blitz to the objective and then to extraction can do so without as severe pinky-strain from bullet jumps and rolls and slides. Imagine being able to bypass floor-lasers in Spy missions by using the K Drive. Imagine some of the ludicrously large tilesets (like the crashed corpus ship tilesets, on the ice planets, or the intact Corpus installations, or Mars' wide open desert spaces, etc) having some rails and/or those booster-slopes that K-Drives can use to traverse the space extra-quickly. Imagine being able to get more Ventkid standing more passively, rather than going to an Open World map and nerfing yourself by choosing something other than Archwing for traversal. I think K-Drives are in a really rough spot right now, but tilesets and K Drive behaviors could be tweaked to make them a really good alternative to having to select Titania/Gauss/Volt in order to speed through long traversals in missions. For real though, Tileset generation already is what it is, in the words of Pablo from Tennocon, "time spent working on that is time that might be better spent somewhere else" (paraphrased). I'd rather they reworked Tileset/objective waypointing/compass so that we could quickly and intelligently navigate through existing tilesets, whether that's with Parkour/Sprint mods and button mashing up the wazoo, or using speed-frames, or using K Drive. I'd like to see enemies that pose more substantial threats in spite of our mobility, or that counter our mobility, and have substantial rewards for killing, so that the 1km hike to and from extraction feels a little bit more challenging and rewarding, rather than a tedious checklist-item. There's a lot of things DE could/should be doing, I'm not sure that arbitrarily lessening the number of tilesets between Spawn, Objective, and Extraction is one of them. If you're tired of the game, or frustrated with certain features, but everyone else says it's fine or how they prefer it, you may either need to take a break, or realize that this portion of the game (or the game in general) might not be for you, because if you're egregiously outnumbered, it's unlikely to be changed to your preferences.
  3. Several. Once was coincidence, but I tried two more times to confirm that Yareli's Merulina ate the flood rewards, so I could report the bug with confidence. AND the first one was a Charmed double. So that's over 4k.
  4. Support claimed that screenshots of mission completions (with the other player names) and timestamps, that they were still unable to restore any rewards that bugged and failed to be received from a Kuva Flood (because I only knew I ran kuva floods, not which node it was on). Does Warframe support have no ability to check which node Kuva Floods were on per hour? They should be the only non-lich/KuvaFortress missions that give a minimum of 1,100 kuva to all participants and guarantees all players of the mission the Requiem Relic, I'd be surprised for Floods to be unable to be tracked/verified based on those metrics.
  5. Still no fix for Merulina usage eating Kuva flood/siphon rewards?
  6. I love several of your thoughts @Denosaurus813, though I'm not sure about adding more "meters" or "ability currencies" in the way that Ember, Gauss, and Baruuk do. It's kinda problematic, imo, that DE is now operating with the expectation of infinite energy for each frame, so that people micromanage a secondary meter rather than just rationing energy that should do approximately the same thing every time. In general though, I think the SIMPLEST solution is to upgrade the ability nearly everyone feels is the most lackluster. I definitely feel like Hydroid's Undertow needs some major tweaking in order for it to be a fun/engaging ability to play with, because right now, it's either an AFK button (invincibility with low energy drain) that other players will shoot or run right over in order to kill enemies faster than you are, or it's exhaustively energy-inefficient, as none of his kit innately restores energy, and as a channeled ability, Undertow blocks all potential sources of energy recovery/regen, and none of your other abilities are cheaper while in this form (unlike Ash's Bladestorm being halved during ANY form of invisibility, including his Smoke Bomb, or Zephyr's abilities being cheaper when cast in midair). It's neither fun nor effective for gameplay, unfortunately, between either sit-and-wait or burn-your-energy-like-crazy being the only options. There's a few ways to I can see myself (or have seen y'all think of) to improve ALL of his abilities, I genuinely hope DE listens to at least one of us and gives at least one of his abilities, ideally his poor Undertow, at least a bit of a buff, but other kit improvements are welcome as well. To summarize: Not dissimilar to @kapn655321 proposed "wet" resource/energy alternative, simply have Puddles made by Hydroid's abilities (and occasional ground-slams) slightly buff his abilities effectiveness when cast from, and when cast upon enemies standing on them. Give Hydroid back some Tenno "Ninja" theming with small tuneups to his kit to allow greater tactical ability usage and stealth elimination options. Passive Tempest Barrage Tidal Surge Undertow Tentacle Swarm Several of these thoughts were altered or directly taken from or inspired by the mentioned users and other items in this thread, let me know if you have any thoughts!
  7. I feel like DE is missing the fact that infinitely-swingable melee weapons (especially the ones with more appreciable range, or high riven disposition to achieve the same) will almost always take less precision (aka is more rewarding for the effort put in) to utilize to clear groups/rooms of enemies than any single-target weaponry (like sniper rifles or any other non-automatic, non-AoE weaponry, whether gun OR melee). Elaborating (and meandering) further in this spoiler - Honestly, unironically/unsarcastically? Good on you, DE, for (mildly) reducing the efficacy of the most meta mods being used on Melee, making guns marginally more competitive by comparison. But even with Galvanized mods, I'm still not seeing guns competing with Melee, other than the AoE ones that were already, and now even more-so, the meta, such as Bramma. I know my post meandered, but I feel like a lot of these questions and observations in the spoiler need to be made/asked seriously by DE staff, in order for their game's foundation to be solid, so that ALL of the weapons in their marketplace are worth players (new and old) buying for platinum. With Monetization/Profit being one of DE's priorities, I'm just flabbergasted that they don't try and make more of their market contents worth buying. Give me a reason to want to grind for -or when patience wears thin or wallet feels heavy, pay for- your content, rather than making it feel like we need to criticize the game every update due to incomplete tweaks to its foundation. And dear word, PLEASE, use the test servers! Perform risky experiments! Say "Hey, these changes may not even be put into the game, but do you wanna try seeing what it feels like if we increase the pellet-counts added by Multishot mods by 800% but make it divide damage, crits, and stat procs between them" and just have your staff play alongside some of the PTS players and compile feedback. Please have some more dev workshops where you accept player feedback/criticisms of a specific under-performing/under-utilized Warframe's ability (or entire kit). The updates where you've taken a risk and entirely shaken up how foundational things work, in pursuit of better gameplay and balance, have been great! The ones where you listened to player feedback to delay content until it was better were so greatly appreciated (nobody wanted to see Impact procs to become Blast on steroids). The melee rework that introduced dual-wielding and quick-weapon-switches and simpler melee combos were great! The damage update that made exclusively corrosive or viral-slash no longer the universal metas, were good (if incomplete, as Gas/Magnetic/Blast/Cold/Electricity/Puncture all kinda still feel like jokes)! Please, continue making all IPS/elemental procs competitive or at least okay in most circumstances, and great in 1 or 2 areas, and poor in 1 or 2 others!
  8. Good points, really kinda exposes/highlights/describes the conflict DE is consistently going to face though: They have to try and thread the needle between monetizing impatience/inaccessibility, and making the impatience/inaccessibility not so severe that people walk, and never spend on the game. We can't say "everything should be consistently, quickly, and easily accessible by all players no matter what", or else DE is going to have to switch from a Free To Play model to a Subscription model. They need some things to be completely inaccessible, or hard/time-consuming to access, without the use of plat-trading or buying with plat/cash outright, such as Prime Accessories, and prohibitively difficult-to-farm things like Wolf Sledge (outside of the original Nightwave season for it). So I guess you're right, PFW, in that if DE has historically recognized people being stuck at the cap without ways of earning more credits for Credit Store offerings, and bumped the ranks, that they should just acknowledge this by bumping the cap up a bit, so maxed players can get Nitain from the store. I'd agree that nitain (outside of Ghoul Purges) are pretty prohibitively difficult to farm out without Nightwave, so it'd be nice if they consistently increased Nightwave caps when they're dropping either new content into the Credit Store offerings, or in the larger game/market, that requires resources like Nitain to build, or will need Catalysts/Reactors to get their full Capacity. Rather than having to ask/beg them every time. Would be less slimy-seeming of them, less "you MUST pay to play", more "you can pay to accelerate/skip grind".
  9. Bleh. You're not wrong. In an ideal world, DE's monetization would only prey upon people's wish to skip grind and/or timegates. Shouldn't be bullying people into purchasing things outright, by having purchasing it being the only reliable/effective option, due to mismanagement or poor reward designs. Still was only TWO (2) Nitain Extract though, regardless of your hypotheticals and what-ifs, which can be gotten reasonably reliably from the decently-consistently recurring Ghoul Bounties, or more rarely from Resource Caches. Or by having purchased (or saved the 15 credits for) a single spare bundle of Nitain from the credit store (which, again, Nightwave might have new ranks as soon as Saturday night, for all we know. Ridiculously niche and S#&$ty way of DE putting on a 2-week-long squeeze for platinum or cash, screwing over 0-nitain maxed-nightwave users specifically, OR they didn't even think of it, OR they knew it would be so few people and for such a short time that it should have been basically irrelevant nitpicking. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I will say/agree that it's dumb that they didn't extend more Nightwave Ranks when they released Yareli, who requires Nitain to build, which can only be gotten (efficiently) from Nightwave. REALLY though, it wouldn't have been hard to pass up a Kuva cache or Catalyst and have a few credits saved, or to have pre-emptively banked at least a single bundle of 5 Nitain for future content, considering you only would have needed to save 2 Nitain for Yareli. Wait until Tennocon to see if they extend ranks with a surprise update or something.
  11. No individual thing in Warframe costs more than 5 Nitain to build (with the exception of Aura Forma and Bishamo Cuirass), which is the bundle-size you buy from the Nightwave Offerings for 15 credits, which are the amount every single Nightwave rank after 30 gives you. Instead of having to watch your phone app constantly for Nitain rewards or be ludicrously lucky or no-lifing, DE has an extremely reliable system in place for players to get Nitain. Players either do a small amount of Nightwave to get to the Nightwave credit caches early on in each season, and they spend it carefully, or they can get through all 30 base ranks and then reliably just get another bundle of 5 Nitain by doing 1 "elite" (7k) Nightwave challenge, and one "normal" challenge (3.5k) or 3 daily challenges (1k * 3). Complaining about running out of Nitain or Nightwave Credits to buy it with isn't too far off from complaining that you didn't have Forma stocked up ahead of time for newly dropped weapons and Warframes. It's something that you budget if you're not willing to grind for more, or you grind for more of it. If you're talking about having maxed-out Nightwave entirely, that means you blew through more than 30 chances to buy a Nitain Extract bundle of 5, or to at least hold 15 Nightwave Credits in reserve. 60 chances if they upped the cap to that level. Nightwave credits are known to cap out per season, a failure to budget is a failure to budget, at that point you commit to grind or pay-to-play for whatever you're after. Nitain is technically also a sabotage cache reward, you might have to suck it up and do that if you don't want to or can't farm Nightwave further. There are other far more questionable/problematic/debatably-predatory aspects to the game that are worth debating or bringing to DE's attention, I really don't think this is something to complain about.
  12. As I advised in the Yareli Feedback, and in the Zendesk ticket 2554013, riding Merulina while the Kuva Siphon/Flood's last braid is broken consistently prevents the player from receiving the Kuva reward. (Valkyr seen in extraction is because I went down while chatting and screenshotting, allowed team to force-extract while I was down)
  13. In the future, it might behoove DE to give themselves more than 3 days for followup hotfixes to major batches of new features/content, such as brand new Warframes, weapons, enemies, etc., as a lot of people feel like the Sister's DR is WAY overtuned (effective health of the sisters shouldn't go UP as a player's DPS increases, people are finding that deliberately under-modded weapons kill faster, that's kinda bogus), and Yareli still feels very weak and non-competitive compared to other Warframes. Appreciate what we've been given though, it's mostly solid!
  14. Thank you for the fixes. Please quickly address the community regarding their feedback that they've given you both during the Workshop, and upon Release here. A lot of people are very strongly upset at the seemingly extremely anti-consumer, anti-loyalty/game-playing decisions made regarding the Helminth System's levels, and a lot of people are finding that while the gap between Melee and Primary may have lessened, the gap between meta and non-meta primaries and secondaries has drastically widened. Additionally, Yareli loses Loot/Enemy Radars on her K Drive ability, according to others. And she has exclusive items split between the cash-bundle and the plat-bundle, requiring us to outright buy both, providing us no options to do a lick of grind or selective market purchases in order to get them alongside a subsumable and playable Yareli. No Bueno there.
  15. I think the removal of the option of having Sentinels equip Set Mods on a Warframe's behalf makes sense. PLEASE follow it up with actually rebalancing Sentinels and other Companions against each other, so that they have clear usage-cases that make them worth picking in decently common circumstances based on player preference. DE, I think you need to decide what the expected range of DPS is supposed to be, from companion-type to companion-type, based on the best DPS-centric mods per weapon/companion being equipped onto the companion, it's weapons if available, and any synergizing mods on the Warframe and it's weapons. The universally-equippable DPS mods on each pet or sentinel/moa's weapons should be somewhat equitable, with the specializations of each weapon/companion-type (or their uniquely available mods) should be the point at which their effectiveness diverges slightly. You shouldn't have to sacrifice all of your DPS to get a smidge of utility, or vice versa. The baseline functionality of the majority of weapons and companions should be something that has half of the potential to scale to later levels. With a FEW modding setups or specific companion choices that particularly lend themselves to high-level gameplay. Not exclusively 1 category of companions, or only 2 or 3 total. I still feel like Smeeta's buff to loot could be potent *without* being multiplicative. Make Smeeta's buff be L+(L*2) or *3 or 4, etc (where L equals the baseline, pre-booster loot quantity), rather than outright doubling on top of any/all other doubling from Boosters or Loot-Frames, etc. Or make the Affinity boost and the loot boost two separate things. Smeeta already gives us a rare loot, why not have that buff go off more frequently, and give rare and/or common loots, without buffing actual drops, so there wouldn't even need to be anti-abuse mechanics in place where things just despawn and prevent a busy/distant Tenno from retrieving them? You're definitely going to see a consolidation into the meta of just using Smeeta for Loot, ESPECIALLY since you are forcing us to farm for more Helminth bile resources by not giving us our Warframe Subsume Helminth levels retroactively, if you don't take very proactive steps to make other options just as, or more attractive than, using Smeeta.
  16. Bumping since it's ridiculous to only have 3 (or 4 if you count Bishamo) outfits breaking the convention set by 13 other outfits and 5 additional hoods. People will almost *never* want their metallic color selections to be applied to their primary or secondary channels on their outfits, since for the majority of outfits, this is where you have matte or glossy textures that take the color substantially differently.
  17. This is how you do challenges that reward choice and preparation. Make something that's difficult under normal circumstances, but has 1 (or 2 or more options, perhaps only partially effective) specific option(s) that you can utilize to reduce the severity of challenge (or for greater sense of reward, eliminate challenges entirely). An option for making gunplay more relevant, in addition to this workshop's updates, would be to refine certain enemy behaviors and mechanics, so that certain enemies are more resistant or susceptible (or even strengthened!) by certain physical/elemental damage or procs in unique, logical ways, as well as to guns vs melee, to a greater degree than the current "weak to / strong to X, and because of Y you'll want to proc Z against them, even though Z does the exact same thing to everyone else" system. Give us enemies that incentivize specific elements OR specific weapon types, who are otherwise difficult to handle, to reward preparation and switching to things. Shouldn't be impossible without the things, since "sword only" or "rifle only" are both challenges presented in game, and player play styles, but it'd be neat to lean into this kinda design, rather than hosing down enemies in the same way.
  18. How many times/months will I have to bump this thread for someone at DE to recognize how universally incompatible the Harrier's current color channel assignments are with everything else? 😩 I can't imagine it's that hard to do, please switch the primary and lining channels, and the secondary and tertiary channels, for Harrier, and we'll be able to mix and match properly with the other 13 metallic-utilizing operator outfits. (You could swap the resulting primary/ secondary whichever way you thought was best). Please look at the previous screenshots. Electric-yellow metallics from the other 13 outfits shouldn't give Harrier a yellow turtle belly, Rose gold metallics on the Harrier shouldn't result in garish peach colors on the matte, nonmetallic channels on the majority of other outfits.
  19. I noticed recently that my Wisp had her cute cat helmet instead of her dome-head, I'll have to check on the rest, but thanks either way for the progress!
  20. Thanks for more content and fixes! I like the additions of new mods and arcanes, especially the ones that offer more rewards for active, skilled, and intentional gameplay! Once you've obtained all of these new upgrades, the guns are going to feel more powerful, definitely. A bit of constructive criticism though, that I'm seeing other players echo (or rather, I'm echoing) This doesn't... Address the problem of Steel Path requiring melee spam until after you've spammed melee to get through tons upon tons of Steel Path. This also does not solve the mandatory modding issue of guns. It's honestly, from the look of it, going to further reinforce "mandatory modding" on weapons that are already straining under the capacity-weight of expensive mandatory mods, especially when people are interested in non-mandatory mods enough to unlock the exilus slot and burn even more capacity, and in some cases, mod slots we already can't afford to further lose. I really feel like looking at the fundamental design intent behind mods is called for, honestly. Look at how and why Melee weapons are so capable of escalating beyond what Primaries and Secondaries can do. And why we see the need for Exilus slots to have even a smidge of variety or QoL mods be considered over more DPS mods. I'm pretty sure the answer is to remove the synergy between the various sources of damage, so that they're additive rather than multiplicative, because the current multiplicative system cumulatively starts looking exponential by the end of modding and combo counters, for guns or melee. Make critical hits only scale off of base damage, make status procs scale in range/duration/potency, but only off of the actual IPS/elemental damage component. Make multishot the "become a shotgun" mod that splits damage into more pellets, rather than outright multiplying the pellets. This de-syncing would help improve build diversity on both guns and melee, and "compress" the performance of all weapons, as there would not be nearly as severe a gap between the BR/CO-leveraging crit and status -focused weapons, and the non-crit/status weapons. The starchart would also become less gear-check-dependent, and more skill-rewarding. OBVIOUSLY if we dial back our weapons from multi-million points of damage, down to several hundreds or thousands, enemy scaling will need to be adjusted. And if their health/armor/shields are being adjusted, there will need to be some Warframe ability revisions, BUT half of the complaints about Warframe abilities are that weak abilities are too weak, which tweaking enemy EHP would go towards resolving, which means we'd only have too look at tweaking the egregious outliers down to being more equal with their peers. So like. Just de-syncing the different types of damage so that they're multiplicative ONLY for the baseline damage, and not on each other, and lowering enemy EHP, would appear to be a shortcut to fixing weapon balance disparities. It'll also be way easier in the long run to do balancing in general, if health/damage numbers get semi-standardized to all fall within a significantly more parse-able range. Humans suck at logically discerning between extremely huge numbers. Just some thoughts.
  21. Feels bad man. Can you guys *stop* with constantly invalidating/trivializing things that your early adopters beta-test for you? Players who are at rank 10 will now want/need to procrastinate doing any Subsumes/Infusions until this releases, or else their time playing your game feels *wasted and devalued*. Players that already subsumed every frame, and/or performed every infusion they think they want to try, will see all of their effort *wasted and devalued*. Also, I'm throwing in my +1 to all of the other comments saying "please keep the turbo-charged-Warframes in Arbitrations, don't have ludicrous overkill over-spill into the rest of the game", please consider having these buffs be somewhere else. I know you guys are following that playbook that says "players are good at identifying problems, not providing solutions" nowadays, but here's just *one* alternative option. Give the Helminth a "Find Maroo's Treasure" or "Clem's Mission" equivalent. Perhaps these missions drop resources for the Helminth to feed on, refilling secretions faster than we can separately manually try to grind for the resources, so that we can have a gameplay loop dedicating to engaging with the Helminth System. It'd be nice to give us back a smidge of what was originally promised with the system, that there wouldn't even *be* infusion costs, that we'd just unlock the abilities and then we could experiment to our heart's content. If the missions were replayable over and over again, or if you could do it endlessly, and experiment mid-mission by doing new infusions for free or at drastically reduced prices, it'd be a neat way of having a very *active-engagement* loop for Helminth experimentation. Take the whole idea, or cherry-pick bits and pieces, but it seems nigh-unanimous that the community actually *doesn't* want to see, say, 500% Power Strength/Range Saryns or Equinoxes or Octavias (etc) nuking entire rooms across the entire starchart, during events, so I really think making an isolated "Sandbox" for experimentation/engagement with Helminth has merit.
  22. I don't really see a single component of this set of changes that are steps backwards. Others have criticisms, and several of them have merit, but I have nothing to be upset about here, and I'm a perpetual critic! This looks like it's fully composed of positive steps, even if there are still more positive steps forward to take.
  23. Can DE please fix Operator Harrier's metallics being mismatching and clashing with practically *all* other operator cosmetics? Overwhelmingly, most operator cosmetic's metallics are on the lining channel (see: Prime outfits, original operator outfit bundles), and Harrier has 1, debatably 2, and neither of them are on the lining channel. Clashes like heck. Not a fan, not happy with what we got for the plat :/
  24. Is there any chance anyone in DE is looking into the Operator Harrier Outfit Metallics Issue? @[DE]Megan There's a grand total of about 4 outfits alone, out of the entire Operator cosmetic outfit roster, that have their metallics on something other than Lining. Harrier can't be mixed and matched with any other outfits cleanly because of this discrepancy between it and other outfits. Sexy copper/rose-gold metallics on the Harrier set become gross oranges on the non-metallics of other sets, while you'd get the same result if you set a gold lining to match other Orokin/Tenno aesthetics, you'd end up with a mismatching yellow on your Harrier abs.
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