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  1. Oh true. I think I've been being allergic to the thought of suggesting too many explicit synergies because we don't want a repeat of Saryn's Spore turret strategy, and I also like abilities to be worthwhile on their own. But I'll add recommendations like explicit improvements to other abilities while riding Merulina.
  2. They're definitely not going to remove the K Drive ability from the K Drive frame though, which is why I'm in favor of giving Merulina drastically improved functionality than she currently offers. This is why I've also included another player's suggestion of summoning grind rails for Yareli to utilize. But I'd be just as happy with them polishing up the rest of her kit and leaving Merulina as the "obvious" choice to Helminth-overwrite without regret, for those that hate K-Drives. Either or both. Right now she definitely feels sad to play though. I'll add your recommendation of Merulina augmenting Yareli's passive to the list!
  3. I compiled a massive list of a bunch of suggestions floating around in the Workshop thread that got randomly locked -_- added a few I saw in Yareli's feedback megathread (that DE hasn't commented in at all) as well, but I don't feel like plundering 20+ pages for suggestions that might be redundant to what I've already gathered 😅 So what do we have as suggestions for each ability again, if we're practically unanimously in agreement that simple number buffs aren't enough for any of these abilities to shine? Note, this is just me recounting all of mine, and other player's, weaknesses and solutions observed/proposed for these abilities. Let me know if I've forgotten anyone's major problem-observations or solution-recommendations from this thread! I hope DE listens to at least one of us a bit! Shoring up one ability the right way can help other abilities work better and make her kit feel much more cohesive! I don't expect all of these to get implemented, I just want a grab bag of them implemented! Over 80 options to choose from, DE could just choose the best or the easiest to implement, we've already done a bunch of the brainstorming for them. I'd settle for them saying "After New War we'll review", but this silence is AGGRAVATING to me. Passive SeaSnares Merulina Aquablades Riptide Tenno, please let me know if I've missed any other glaring problems with how Yareli currently feels to play, and/or any additional unique solutions/additions to her kit to make her more viable and fun across a variety of levels and mission types. DE, please consider either implementing some of the easiest options present ASAP (so that your newest Warframe isn't a terrible option to play with for New War, and in general for the entire time leading up to it), or at least let us know that you plan on implementing some more comprehensive fixes to her kit after New War drops. Not fixing her, and not talking about when you'll do so, imo, is kinda unacceptable.
  4. Titania shrinks down visually and hitbox-wise (I assume) in her Razorwing form, and shifting sizes happens during lots of finisher animations against unusually sized opponents, so there's no reason Yareli couldn't be effectively or actually smaller when it comes to traversing on Merulina. No reason except DE not wanting to do anything but change a number in an excel spreadsheet, mostly, apparently. (With her dodge roll as an exception to that. It makes me wonder if they had it already half developed before scrapping it, and they finished and enabled it when everyone was rioting over how bad she felt)
  5. I compiled a massive list of a bunch of suggestions floating around in the Workshop thread that got randomly locked -_- added a few of y'all's recent ones as well, but I don't feel like plundering 20+ pages for suggestions that might be redundant to what I've already gathered 😅 So what do we have as suggestions for each ability again, if we're practically unanimously in agreement that simple number buffs aren't enough for any of these abilities to shine? Note, this is just me recounting all of mine, and other player's, weaknesses and solutions observed/proposed for these abilities. Let me know if I've forgotten anyone's major problem-observations or solution-recommendations from this thread! I hope DE listens to at least one of us a bit! Shoring up one ability the right way can help other abilities work better and make her kit feel much more cohesive! I don't expect all of these to get implemented, I just want a grab bag of them implemented! Over 80 options to choose from, DE could just choose the best or the easiest to implement, we've already done a bunch of the brainstorming for them. I'd settle for them saying "After New War we'll review", but this silence is AGGRAVATING to me. Passive SeaSnares Merulina Aquablades Riptide
  6. See, my problem with that observation is that the MEGATHREADS WERE FOR THE FEEDBACK. AND THERE THEY'VE SAID NOTHING, ACKNOWLEDGED NOTHING. I will forward my posted suggestions from the workshop into the megathread though. Still freakin' stupid though, the sheer lack of communication going on from them. And also.... They usually *do* state why they lock active threads as far as I've seen, just quietly and silently locking it without addressing/responding to anything in there is weird and frustrating for everyone spending time telling DE possible solutions.
  7. Would it kill them to TELL US THAT instead of leaving us in suspense, feeling frustrated that our feedback is being ignored? Myself and other users compiled 82+ suggestions they could've reviewed and said "there's some really good observations of potential sticking points with Yareli, we'll be reviewing her further after New War to apply some of these suggested fixes and/or some of our own" without committing to a specific thing or date. Some of these tweaks should be ludicrously easy to apply, along the lines of the stat boosts they already applied, and would make her feel much better without taking much work. I personally want them to A) ideally beta test new Warframes better, and not release them in a subpar state. We have test servers and they already never wait before showing off new Warframes in dev builds, why can't they take surveys from invested players on how she feels across a variety of content types and levels? Or B) KEEP doing what they've already been doing, but failed to finish doing, by doing super easy-lift tweaks to her abilities to make her actually feel competitive and less clunky and better-scaling, Or C) TELL US that they'll fix her PROPERLY in a certain timeframe (even if vague, such as "after New War sometime"). Imo, doing anything other than these three things is a letdown and betrayal to those that were generous enough to spend plat or cash on her outright. Xaku got meaningful fixes to their kit after release, Sevagoth released nearly perfectly tuned already imo, Yareli treatment and the lack of transparent or meaningful communication about her, is comparatively unacceptable. Imo, delay New War by a single day to work on Yareli, so that she's usable for New War when it comes out, and all the days prior to it, and through all the post-release hotfixing work.
  8. And now they've locked the Yareli workshop without commentary :/
  9. Also locks you out of Helminth infused abilities, and the mobility is more of a sidegrade than an upgrade, and offers no synergy to other abilities aside from not locking you in place for Riptide, don't forget.
  10. Can we even say she's top tier in mobility when Razorwing Blitz exists? I don't demand that she be so, mind you. Just tuned until it's "fun" and "effective" to use, rather than frustrating. And if her mobility isn't top tier, Merulina should have other functionalities that make her worth not-Infusing-over, and the rest of her kit should be more effective. Right now, neither how Merulina handles is fun to use in most standard missions (I caved and tried a few more with her, not picking her back up again until she gets more tweaks though, was disappointed, even if the dash was an improvement), nor is the rest of her kit very effective or synergistic or interesting to play. She consists of a worse Spellbind/Condemn (which we could both Infuse), worse Defy/Razorwing/Meatball/K-Drive-in-general (nerfed Infused version of Defy at max absorbed-damage-charge nearly provides the same DR, but Merulina doesn't have the same invulnerability period, or the reflected-damage bonus, it doesn't have the same micro-manageable mobility or handling or modding that other mobility-exalteds or exalteds in general do, without any significant upside, and is even inferior to standard K-Drives in the sheer lack of customizability), worse Elemental Ward / Splinter Storm, and worse Vortex/Larva. These abilities need to at least be side-grades. Their kit should net comparatively/relatively equal to other Warframe's DPS/CC/Mobility potential, not so very far below it as it feels to be right now.
  11. Added some of these new suggestions. 80+ unique suggestions to potentially improve Yareli. DE please tell us if you're planning on choosing/implementing any additional improvements to Yareli after New War, even if you don't commit to specific ones, or improvements to specific aspects of her kit. Please at least confirm you plan to make her actually fun and halfway effective to use.
  12. Good idea! We don't need a thematically inconsistent proc like viral or arbitrarily assigned slash procs, making Seasnares a Molecular-Prime Lite/trap edition would be really compelling, and help Yareli's DPS and add team-play perks! Oh that's good! Even if they didn't amp up Merulina's bestowed DR (to match Splinter Storm or Warding Halo), this helps give Yareli a safety net in case she dies before Merulina (which in my experience is basically always). They additionally could make dismounting from Merulina simply bestow x% of Merulina's remaining health (as a bonus to your proposed 50% Yareli health, or a nerfed amount like 25%), so that players could use her as a source of self sufficient healing (assuming access to energy) but would have to watch out that Merulina and Yareli don't both lose too much health at once, or she'll be at a high risk for getting taken out due to the lack of bonus health. This would address my previously mentioned risk, and also make dismounting from Merulina feel a lot less punishing in general! Facts. The very nature of it makes it feel like a Larva (LoS check) without any of the cc-duration (like Zephyr's Airburst). It's an ultimate that costs 100 energy, it should feel like it, or be made less costly. I'm gonna add these thoughts to my masterpost of suggestions in a minute! (A few of the others have been reiterated by others and were already added)
  13. I'll be honest, with @StarGeezerTim's review just above, I have zero eagerness to re-try Yareli. So many things are just obvious bare-minimum tweaks that need to be made, like having the SeaSnares not pop themselves on obstacles/walls/already-snared-enemies-without-even-refreshing-their-duration. Her entire kit rewards zooming around except for her Aquablades, that encourage you to try and hover or circle or pace-back-and-forth past a very small range of enemies. And despite her kit (sans aquablades) rewarding/incentivizing movement, her handling is still being reported as poor/slippery by users. How hard would it be to allow K-Drive mods to be applied to Merulina, and to release a new K-Drive mod that tightens up control/responsiveness on her to nearly-instantaneous responsiveness? Would it be so hard to have a ramp-up, sticks-at-max period, and decaying-down mechanic on Yareli's passive, and to make it good for non-critical weapons via flat additive % crit/status chance? The updates being shipped out only EXACTLY how DE decided they would be upon posting the workshop thread, without taking player feedback into account again, and without any communication regarding our feedback, is a huge letdown. A TON of players are noticing her design is whack, so much so, that from the very beginning you IMMEDIATELY jumped onto applying updated stats to Yareli in the first hotfix, and then had to do this Workshop as well due to (presumably) practically nobody playing her due to her ineffectiveness and wonky/inconsistent/ineffective design philosophy, even though I'm sure (from DE staff's own comments in streams) the last thing you want to do is anything other than finishing the New War. I compiled a master-list of 60+ recommendations from myself and other player's suggestions on how she could be fixed. Some of them are things that Yareli truly needs to feel like a coherently, cohesively designed Warframe that's fun to play. PLEASE take your pick from them, this is a list of options, not expectations, aside from the expectation that you implement some of them. I know you guys abide by that philosophy of "players are good at knowing when things are wrong, not necessarily how to fix it", but please look at the problems I compiled from other player's observations, and find the problem within the fix-suggestions. Because these fixes are all targeted towards making Yareli compete (not overshadow, just compete) with other (not-bottom-tier) Warframes, fixing individual problems with individual abilities, and making her kit more cohesive and philosophically consistent, and fixing how she felt bad to play as. They aren't buffs for the sake of buffs, they're "buffs" that are needed because she's obnoxious to play with their absence. Fixing a negative, not adding unnecessary positives. Dear goodness, (imo) at bare minimum, make Seasnares not pop themselves against the environment like lemmings stupidly falling off a cliff, give Merulina K-Drive modding and better handling (via new K-Drive mod if you must) and competitive-with-SplinterStorm/WardingHalo-DR and damage absorption mechanics, allow Helminth casts to auto-dismount-and-cast from Merulina, front-load Aquablade's damage to reward the K-Drive-encouraged hit-and-run tactics instead of boringly standing at range to enemies, and make the blade diameters scale with range (not the range at which they orbit), and make her 1, 3, and 4 DPS all scale with enemy levels instead of flat numbers that fall between meh and great in early Starchart, but become utterly useless in late- or post-Starchart content. These are consistent asks that I see most of the playerbase in agreement on for her, or that address or make-moot some of the other suggestions for the abilities (like the repeat blanket suggestions of adding Viral/Slash procs to everything). Please, even if you can't DO the development of some of these tweaks right now, please just communicate to your playerbase what adjustments your team will be looking into implementing (if possible) after New War releases. Not responding at all looks really 5h1tty, and it has people blowing up on Twitter/Reddit/Youtube over her, which isn't good for your optics, and makes your loyal playerbase miffed with you.
  14. Can definitely agree on that. Frames like Frost, Yareli, Hydroid, etc, lots of them have abilities that do practically nothing when you get to late starchart or steel path and such. Yeah it's dumb that his 1 and his Icewave (2, actually, I believe, his 3 was SnowGlobe) are basically cheaper but infinitely worse versions of his 4, which also does armor stripping. I feel like that's reductive, and ignores so many guns that seem primarily to be intended as AoE/multi-target status weapons rather than nukers, which would theoretically be what you'd use with a frame that lacks CC if you needed CC, but the guns can get twisted into doing more "useful" DPS status procs because of how modding currently works. But That's true, at really high levels and with large quantities of really spread out enemies. Would also be true if you used the simple example of Spores, being capable of dealing 1k+ per tick per every enemy in the room/tile. I guess that begs the question though, what is DE's actual design intent/philosophy in how enemies are primarily supposed to be killed at various levels of content? I feel like this is kinda a non-statement. "Things aren't made equal". The Warframes, or their abilities intended to fill a similar gameplay niche (assuming the rest of their kits are comparable and don't have something ludicrously effective/useful like Saryn's Spore or Nezha's Chakram, or ludicrous stats like Lavos/Valkyr/Inaros' raw tankstats) should be halfway comparable so that the Warframe isn't less worth picking (or require a Helminth Infusion) because of a comparatively dud ability. There's enough examples out there of abilities that "don't do what they ought to" to make OP's point valid. We come to this game for Warframes, not for Bramma, or other Kuva/Tenet weapons. I really feel like all Warframe abilities should be capable of, or enable, scaling effectiveness from the early game to the late game, without being utterly eclipsed by lots of weapon damage like they are currently in many cases. I personally get where you're coming from about needing to be more specific, but the problem is so broad that I agree with OP that there needs to be a more comprehensive pass/solution over this issue. The nuance in discussing Warframes relative to each other, when some have more foundational/effective/spotlight abilities, and some have more synergies and interdependencies, is so difficult to address when enemies' EHP scales so exponentially to meet the exponential DPS improvements offered by weapon modding. Imo, either abilities need to keep being overhauled (I'm low-key pissed that Pablo indicated DE isn't remotely considering "reworks" at all for the rest of the year, when it should be a given that "Warframes we bought prime accesses for or grinded our time for in the game should be relevant and useful" should be a constantly strived-for ideal), or DE ought to do another enemy EHP rebalance down to the point where most high level enemies can still feel affected by the currently underwhelming abilities, with Melee and Guns nerfed down to meet it (such as with my other "fix to mandatory modding and nonscaling issues" thread suggestion) and simultaneously be better balanced against each other, so that non-exalted weaponry wasn't so consistently superior as an option to most abilities for DPS, nor would melee be so consistently superior to gunplay. Another ideal thing for them to consider would, again, be to look at their general design philosophy behind the game. Should melee only, gunplay only, or ability-only gameplay be possible in the game? If the answer is "depending on the player's preference and equipment, abilities, melee, and guns could each be the primary approach to either damage, crowd control, or enemy debuffs", then in theory all three options should be on relatively equal footing (assuming the appropriate Warframe, gun, and melee are chosen to this given end). If this is their desire, then they can either balance these 3 elements so that they're relatively equal/comparable options, or they can make it so that some game design elements individually cater to or add challenge to these specific elements individually. DE already punishes and disincentivizes braindead energy pad and power spam by introducing nullifiers, demolysts, and other ability-negating elements. But currently, many players either use melee spam or AoE guns to deal with threats if their abilities aren't geared towards the threat. The way to incentivize using a wider variety of your gear shouldn't be via dexterity or weapon swap bonuses, but to have enemy designs that can force the player to use more tact with a specific appropriate tool. Enemies that are resistant/immune, or eximi that imbue resistance/immunity, to AoE weapons, or projectile or energy weapons, or abilities, or melee, demanding that the player use another method than their default, or at least far more tactical strategy or precision if they insist on using their default method, would be what would make each weapon class have their own innate value. For example, if some enemies were immune or ridiculously resistant to abilities, but hitting anything other than a specific weak point would punish the player, then it would encourage diversity beyond using exclusively AoE or wide-sweeping guns or melee or abilities, making the pinpoint/precision melee/gun ones the best options..... Melee resistant eximi that make their proximate allies melee immune would encourage gun and ability usage in general, from time to time, but the dedicated/stubborn melee users could burn their combo stacks on taking out the eximi. I think there's a lot of possible solutions to problems or improvements to the game that could be applied to at least mitigate the problem OP outlined. Problem is just that A) we always get lots of people blindly naysaying against any changes to the game in general, or against perceived nerfs to their faves (even when it would be healthy for game balance and improve the engagement of it), or white knights blindly defending DE from valid criticisms, and B) it seems like DE is absurdly risk/change/testing averse, preferring to focus on pushing out more content instead of fixing content islands, gameplay loops, base gameplay mechanics, and near-compulsory metas, etc. Even though they have a PTS with which they could test gutsier changes and additions. I don't want elements that say "F your playstyle in particular", so I don't want things to be impossible except via the use of a very specific tool (looking at you, rainbow-build and archgun-mandatory profit taker, and bosses nearly universally immune to status procs and abilities), just for the right tool to be effective enough comparatively that you'll consider diversifying your arsenal or squad to account for it. Between some challenges being able to be CC'ed and otherwise ignored/escaped, and between the entire arsenal eventually available to us (Warframe, Helminth ability replacements, primary, secondary, melee, operator abilities, operator amp, necramechs, and archguns) nobody should feel too restricted/challenged by features like this, but again, it'd be nice as a method of encouraging better diversity and to potentially shake up the gameplay pattern every few minutes, instead of mindlessly leveraging the same abilities and weapons against the same old endless hoards continuously. Wouldn't have to add side objectives or requirements to repetitive endless missions if the gameplay was engaging and attention-grabbing enough on a more consistent basis.
  15. Why does it sound like you don't believe that %-of-enemy-health damage would keep up with enemy health scaling? Yeah you're kinda want/need an armor/shield mitigation strategy, whether it was a companion with heat and or corrosive or magnetic and or toxin, or your own weapons or (infused) abilities. But as long as you had that then a % health scaling ability would scale right up alongside the scaling health. Or if they implement it correctly, per-level scaling would be good too. Either of these would be better than flat numbers that are OP in early star chart, and useless beyond it (sorties, arbitrations, Railjack, steel path). Also, mother of run-on sentences, I'm sorry but I'm having trouble gleaning what you're saying >.< A little bit of punctuation goes a long way. Do you mean that you've only mostly seen problems with nukeframes being viable in ESO, and not steel path? Because when a Saryn or a Mesa (or both) are in the squad, it's almost always been a given who is racking up the most kills in any game modes with lots of enemy spawns and encouraged killing the enemy. Whether it's ESO, Steel path, or other places. You finding a specific Warframe ability that scales well as a single target ability, and getting mileage out of it in steel path... Sounds like evidence that more abilities should use %health mechanics. Doesn't that still lend credence to the assertion that even lots of "scaling" and "stackable" abilities in their most optimum states are still below many guns' and melee's DPS by a long shot, in spite of ammo theoretically being a more prolifically constant/available resource compared to energy, and in spite of most melee being "AoE" (hitting multiple enemies with range and follow through) and melee being capable of being infinitely spammed?
  16. That's a neat thought. A bit feature/power-creepy instead of fixing baseline fundamental problems, but it's a thought 🤔 Yes, if accompanied by further melee nerfs, nerfs to nukeframes, and nerfs to enemy EHP 🤷‍♂️ The exact numbers/levels don't really matter very much here. Abilities that are intended as DPS abilities first and foremost should still be functional for DPS when you get to the latter end of the game. I don't care if a particular player's modding setup runs into that problem in the early starchart, late starchart, or only into Arbitrations and sorties and Railjack and Steel Path. MANY abilities run into this problem waaaaay before guns/melee do, and waaaaay before Steel Path levels, because gun/melee modding is ridiculously exponential compared to the merely multiplicative ability strength modding that barely allows DPS abilities to scale unless they're for crazy-effective elements like Viral or Heat, or had explicit per-level or percentage-health scaling or armor stripping built into them. Many abilities are equally DPS and CC-oriented in the early star-chart, but see their DPS component drop off sharply in utility, leaving some Warframes with entire kits that do almost exclusively just lackluster CC and no damage at all. I don't think Yareli is actually a good example of that, as she's seemingly designed to be a CC-frame, and is just doing a poor job at it. Her Riptide does half-decent grouping and damage, even if it's failing to do either to a competitive degree compared to other abilities, and the same goes for her Aquablades, which are intended to "cc nearby enemies and damage them", also failing to do either terribly effectively. CC (and grouping) becomes more important at high-level gameplay to avoid getting gibbed, but that doesn't make it more effective, if that makes any sense. A slowed/frozen/disoriented enemy in the early game is doing the same fraction or cessation of damage less as a higher-leveled enemy. But the number of ability-casts to kill an enemy going up exponentially feels silly, when Energy is supposedly/theoretically a much rarer/harder resource to replenish quickly/freely compared to ammo (see Cetus Ammo Dispensers, Carrier, mutation mods, etc). imo nukeframes and AoE weapon's purposes should be in clearing only lightweight enemies, not literally all enemies, which they do currently. Best CC is a dead enemy, and maximum quantity of dead enemies are one of the best ways of getting loot in this loot-grinding game. And is the way of clearing many game modes the fastest. I agree. Slow-va and Vauban were super crazy-useful when grinding Interception was one of the optimal paths to getting the kinda loot you desired, or avoiding crazy-powerful enemies bum-rushing you in the old Raids. The gameplay drifting further and further towards "genocide-as-quickly-as-possible", instead of making it so that there are minibosses to be avoided if possible due to being more trouble than they're worth to fight, devalued CC options. Noxes were a half-step in the direction of "better to delay and just kill other things" and felt like a good addition! Various Demolysts and making Bursas more common again, and Juggernaut-like enemies being used would be good too! DE released Scarlet Spear, saw that we realized that it was basically an interception-defense that we could cheese with Khora-healing and Limbo-Stasis'ing, and realized they made the event too simple, and so they brought the nerf-hammer down on those two Warframes, and then ALL of the healing abilities in the game, in order to ensure we could never (or at least less often) just CC or heal our way to victory. Having damage attenuation reward under-modded non-meta weaponry use (in Sisters combat) is too far the other way, especially when we're explicitly meant to kill them is the wrong direction, but making damage be a pathway to CC'ing enemies without status proc reliance, and making more things require less explicit/mandatory killing, making more things reward mobile gameplay more.... DE could make smarter gameplay and enemy design choices to make more options attractive and useful in more circumstances, instead of 1 option more exclusively and universally being the best option for a given game mode, and for that 1 option to be killing more often than not. Got rambly and potentially not-laser-focused there, but the different problems-observed and points/solutions pointed out are still mostly valid, I feel. DE just has to be willing to rework older content/designs/systems/enemies to make the gameplay less stale and cookie-cutter-solution-catering. Ideally most content would have 1 or 2 discrete solutions, with different sub-par solutions still viable, and with some curveballs that resist the default solutions, to maintain a sense of difficulty (or at least give you incentive to have a secondary that does a different thing than your primary, or a melee that does different things than your guns, or Warframe abilities, etc) and keep gameplay fresh, varied, and engaging.
  17. Oh I definitely didn't mean continuously in order to do the grind, I just meant that it'd be a hold-cast to trigger for a toggle or duration. Adding to my masterlist! (a page back) (the other ideas are good but I've already added them 😅 )
  18. Wouldn't it make more sense for pathfinding-aligned water-rails to simply appear for Yareli to use when she's riding Merulina, or as a held-cast effect of her 2 (Merulina), rather than replacing one of her existing abilities? Gonna add that to my master-list of suggestions, good thought!
  19. The worst part is that it feels like most workshops/feedback-megathreads in the last few months barely take any of the feedback into consideration. They keep making pre-release workshops, taking none of the provided feedback into account, and release it in nearly the same -or in the exact same state as- it was initially submitted in the workshop. Then when it drops, and pages upon pages of meaningful feedback/suggestions are given, they seem to listen to little-to-none of it, and if we're lucky enough to get a post-release workshop update, it only ever touches on a fraction of the raised concerns/feedback, and again, releases an update in nearly the exact way it was initially proposed in their workshop, without incorporating player feedback whatsoever, leaving original concerns since all the way prior to its original release completely unaddressed. Where's the Public Test Servers, DE? Would it really be so hard to clone the current build, quickly slap some of the easier numerical adjustments to Railjack Fissure Missions, Yareli, and the Arsenal, and get our feedback on these items after we've actually tried the changes you're proposing? Make some post-gameplay-session polls so that you can directly ask us "does Yareli's X, Y, and Z feel better? Did you find it to remain more effective across a variety of content, compared to before? Do you find Primary/Secondary weapons more worth using after these adjustments to the Arsenal?" The PTS (imo) should be where you can trial numerical changes to your heart's content, and determine if number-based changes are inadequate to fix certain issues and more mechanical adjustments need to be made. For example, we could try these Yareli stat tweaks on a PTS. What seemingly every player is able to see already despite the lack of a PTS trial, is that it'll only further trivialize the early Starchart, while still completely failing to scale and be useful in higher-level gameplay such as Railjack, Arbitrations, and Steel Path. imo, if an ability nosedives to near-uselessness in later gameplay, it's a badly designed ability and just becomes a waste of energy at that level of gameplay. Half of all of these design balance/scaling issues between Abilities and Guns and Melee and "mandatory modding" and looting systems could be addressed if fundamental weapon modding and enemy EHP was curtailed back down to linear/multiplicative scaling instead of exponential scaling, btw, by making mods add up to (Base X #ofDPSmods= MultiplicativeWeaponDPS) rather than the ludicrously exponential doubling-or-more per DPS per meta mod in the current system (Base X 2#ofDPSmods = ExponentialWeaponDPS). I could forgive such comprehensive radio silence if it was just acknowledged and rain-checked before they suffered such a prolong silence, especially if it was due to pending comprehensive solutions like the entire-game-affecting/overhauling changes like my suggestion above, or even just being transparent about them being delayed due to New War being developed. But starting the conversations, failing to reply to them at all, and keeping the systems the exact same way everyone advises to you as being inadvisable, is just frustrating in the extreme.
  20. Fair, fair, and fair, all good points. I was implying that if they kept Yareli restricted to secondary weapon use on Merulina, then it'd just make sense for switching to trick mode to also switch to the mobility mode, you're definitely right that if they expanded her to be capable of using Primaries, having some other trigger (like holding 2) to make her switch between precision and high-mobility modes would be ideal. In general though, the faster you're moving, the harder it is to aim, so I was okay with them potentially keeping these two modes segregated, if for nothing else then as a balancing measure, so that she doesn't switch all the way from lame to OP in conjunction with other proposed changes. I think the entire point of allowing the modding of Merulina would be for each player to choose how they want Merulina to consistently behave for them in mission, per config. Some people might want to drop at normal falling speed, but some might want to drop like a rock (Mad Stack) or be a bit more floaty (Air Time). Some people might be able to control their K-Drive amazingly, and want to speed it up (Extreme Velocity), or in some cases only when boosting on straightaways(Nitro Boost). And others might want to go all in on every combat-applicable mod. And if DE adds additional/explicit incentive to do tricks with Yareli, or if we just wanna get more out of the trick-based mods like Thrash Landing and Juice, then the trick-based and grinding-based mods would be ideal. There'd be something for everyone, depending on what they care about, and if they can't handle what they equipped, then it'd be their own fault, and they oughta de-quip it. I always found Riptide's apparent effectiveness to be pretty immediate and clear, as enemies are ragdolled within its range and LoS. I think as with most abilities that aren't a lingering AoE, the expectation is for the Tenno to either learn by feel, or just intellectually be aware of, the radius of the ability's effect. A "ring" around Riptide could be misleading as you'd assume certain areas would be affected, but they wouldn't be, because of the LoS requirement. Because we can't immediately gauge LoS per a given intended target we cast at, I think it's intended that we simply assume an enemy we missed was either A) out of range, or B) out of LoS, and in either case the answer would be to just cast a followup Riptide in a spot that appears to be within a LoS and range of that target (and ideally other/more targets as well). But adding a brief Hydroid-like highlight of the theoretical AoE wouldn't hurt. Especially if we also got the Hydroid-like charging mechanics for the ability. One thing I'd implore DE to consider though about charge-casts - any additional time being dedicated to the ability is something that could be spent doing something else, so the increase in AoE/Damage should be greater than proportional to the sum of the cost of the upgraded cast. Hydroid has that problem currently, where it just doesn't hardly feel worth the time and energy cost to do a charged cast of the abilities even with Natural Talent equipped. It's dumb if it's better to just tap-cast two separate times, the increased cost in energy/time to charge-cast already balances out any improvement to duration/range/DPS of the ability in question. It has to at LEAST be proportional for all of the components (time, energy, and effectiveness), as costing an extra 50% in energy, for a 40% improvement in the ability, and taking 4x as long to charge-and-cast, would feel horrible, and drive the player to simply consistently casting multiple times instead, never a charged-cast.
  21. 1) In theory they could probably just further divide (and make handling differences between) Merulina's Trick/unarmed K-Drive mode and her Combat/Secondary-equipped mode. If they insist on making Primaries remain unusable on Merulina. 2) Agreed, the passive only rewards critical-based weapons, and Yareli's blatantly-signature-weapon doesn't even have any explicit synergies when used by her, and doesn't even benefit more than a smidge from her passive. I still think my suggestion of flat crit and status chance (as low as 10% or high as 50%) added to weapons would be really interesting on her, and make even flat-damage-reliant weapons viable while on Merulina. And having the option to toggle aim mode would definitely be a good accessibility tweak. 3) If they enable K-Drive modding on Merulina, then Thrash Landing (an attack mod) and Juice (energy regen!!) would become available for Yareli to benefit from, but your other ideas to make innate to Merulina are neat too! 4) Like being able to hold the cast like Hydroid to amp up the damage, range, and preview the cast's area of effect? Added to my masterlist a few pages back.
  22. As a general rule, DE should start really thinking hard about what their actual gameplay philosophy is supposed to be. What is the energy economy vs ammo economy supposed to look like? What is infinitely spammable melee supposed to look like compared to these more limited options? What is an operator truly supposed to bring to the table that Warframes don't have/bring? What content truly asks for that functionality to be used? Can/should any content at any level be able to be best cleared by a specific tool, or by any tool? Can the functionalities and specifics of the tool make it the best option rather than a hardcoded exclusive option? Are there meaningful drawbacks to specialized options, to make their usage more tactical instead of no-brainer upgrades? Can systems be made so that there's consistently at least 2 valid options most players are likely/expected to have equipped? I feel like most of these questions have a big old shrug right now. K Drive doesn't seem to have a place in the game compared to the sheer utility/effectiveness of Archwings (and their ability to use primary and secondary weapons and abilities) in Open World zones, comparatively. What are necramechs but a secondary Warframe for which there aren't really consequences for dying in, with super heavy artillery in the form of their arch guns. What's the down side? If there isn't one, isn't it either blatant power creep, or a semi-pointless sidegrade that they only make relevant with arbitrary anti-Warframe Orphix zones and such. I really feel like we're getting further and further into feature/power creep territory with everything BUT most Warframe's DPS scaling. I kinda feel like energy economy needs to be nerfed, but abilities need to be made more aggressively scalable to later content, so that powers feel powerful, not something that you spam without seeing a benefit until you've cast it 10+ times. And tbh melee should be nerfed again, AND enemy EHP, as a way of helping make Warframe abilities and gunplay compete better with melee's infinite-swingability.
  23. Ohey it sounds like we're of the same exact mindset here Currently we see almost every "meta" mod approximately doubles the damage output of the weapon (Base X 2#ofDPSmods = ExponentialWeaponDPS) because they not only multiply the weapon's base stats, but also multiply each other. All they'd have to do to rebalance weapons to scale to a less crazy degree would make them only add/tweak the weapon based on the weapon's base stats, rather than each mod-type multiplying not only the weapon but also each other. Making them ONLY modify the base weapon's stats would result in the outcome looking like this: (Base X #ofDPSmods= MultiplicativeWeaponDPS) rather than the ludicrously exponential doubling-or-more DPS per mod in the current system. That's extremely reductive, and deflects to another problem in game design. imo, every ability should be theoretically worth the energy to cast, in circumstances able to be encountered at any level in the game. Abilities that explicitly are meant to do damage, and barely do anything outside of that damage, should be capable of dealing damage at high levels too, even if you should be complementing it with gunplay. Guns, melee, abilities, and enemies, should all be designed and balanced so that new players find early content mildly difficult, whether with Abilities, Guns, and Melee, where they're encouraged to upgrade their arsenal with better mods, or upgrading existing mods to higher ranks, in order to progress to the later content. And at that later content, endgame content, a player's best-moddable setups should allow their abilities, guns, and melee, to all be viable options for facing the enemy. It was stupid for Steel Path to be Melee-spam galore, and it's stupid for it to be "most abilities are borderline useless" too. Right now what's "spammed" is melee, or a select few meta guns (see Bramma and Nukor, even post-nerfs). If making abilities more potent at the endgame was going to result in them being too potent at the beginning compared to gunplay, then the answer really should be to nerf weapons and enemy health down to meet where most of the ability's DPS already meets. As was discussed in my thread I linked above. It could be balanced. They just have to be willing to do so.
  24. Yeah I don't get the white-knighting from that message either, lol. They explicitly already finished having their rest at this point, by the time that was posted, per Digressive's post several messages above it :V "For info: Summer vacations have been taking place, members of the dev team are now starting to return, so hopefully there will be some news soon :)" Unfortunately, it has not been accompanied by any significant amount of more news. Instead we've gotten practically nothing but dev/community streams indicating that they're doubling down on "nothing but New War" And doubling down on "we aren't going to allow Yareli to use Helminth Abilities on Merulina", and seeing them disregard almost all community feedback on Yareli in favor of lazy numerical tweaks. I personally compiled nearly 60 "individual" suggestions (some had 2 or 3 components in the suggestions so probably more, actually) that would make Yareli feel substantially more solid and fleshed out as a Warframe, to compete with the middle-of-the-pack Warframes. Some of them were solutions to the Helminth problem, and they don't look like they'd be hard to implement. Literally just have all of the one-handed single-arm-motion-animation abilities (or animation-free ones like Infested Mobility) play from K-Drive without adjustment, and have the others auto-dismount Merulina and then cast. A huge number of abilities are just a hand-wave, hand-raise, or thrust. We'd lose very little by considering the alternative of simply adding the Infused ability's VFX to Yareli's existing ability animations. It feels abysmally lazy to double down on "Yareli can't do ANYTHING but secondary gunplay and her own abilities", when so many other Warframes can cast Infused abilities in odd states, such as Zephyr or Titania's flight options. The only abilities I'm aware of that tend to stop Helminth abilities from being cast are the ones that block the Warframe's own abilities from being cast during the ability in question (Wukong's Cloudwalker, Grendel's Meatball, etc). Yareli's ability allows the use of all of her other abilities, but with Merulina blocking out your access to Melee, Primary weapons, and out of (arguably superior) Warframe mobility, Merulina is also blocking out Helminth-Infused abilities??? And it feels abysmal to just be told by white knights that we should be happy with a subpar release of a Warframe, and with a Primary/Secondary weapon update that may have closed a small amount of the gap between melee and guns, but increased the gap between meta guns and non-meta guns, and to be so tolerant of DE's near-complete radio silence on the topics via the forums, where they started the conversations in question! I flip-flop between accepting that they've backed themselves into a corner where it may be "better" or "necessary" to focus on New War at the expense of literally anything/everything else, and being lowkey furious and insisting that they fix what they released in a broken state. Or to at least have the decency of answering their own megathreads, even if it was for as little as a "we hear your concerns, we're going to circle back around to this after New War drops". Own up to it. Ignoring the threads don't make the problems go away, and a lot of us will remember that you left us in the dark / unanswered during this time even if these issues start getting addressed/discussed after New War drops. I'm not trying to dev-bash, I'm just trying to outline how little of an excuse there is for zero communications to be made regarding the megathreads, if nothing else. Seriously. "We're currently focusing on the New War, please sit tight and we'll circle back around to this feedback once the New War (and a hotfix or two) is delivered!" would stop these "toxic" and "entitled" and "whiny" threads and messages from me and others from being reiterated in several different places, and quell community disappointment in the state of the releases in question. Pleeeeease. Just communicate a little. It can be noncommittal AF. Saying nothing just implies that the threads are being ignored outright. Which is gross and frustrating to see.
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