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  1. if u think i did not explore warframe in 5000 hours than i dont know who explored more
  2. why DE are u tryng to kill this game or what this event is just like the condrix but more bugs already failed 2 times in a row couse the resonator spawns in a wall or secret room or whatewer the pion is ur just recyling older events and ur waisting our time
  3. same and spent one hour to downlod the game again
  4. becouse of ppl like u nerfs are a thing in warframe, iff u dont like somting play somting else and let other ppl enjoy the game the way they whant ppl will always find a way to build around and find a way to be op that does not mean the thing is broken and needs nerf, low MR players need a way to do somting to advance too dont u think
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