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  1. To put it simply 10 Syndicate Missions = 4500 points 3 Nightmare Misssions = 4500 points So it makes little sense for it to be as high as 10 for 4500. If Anything it should be 15,000 points.
  2. I think this paragraph is a clear example of disassociation of what is said and what you understood. I said they had to patch the raid every update just to make the Raids work. Your understanding was - "The Raids mostly work" Timeline here is important. The Raids were mostly working BECAUSE they were spending time EVERY UPDATE to fix the issue SO the RAID worked WHEN the update launched. What does that mean? That means the Raid Broke and Fixed - before ever being released to the Public. and yes sometimes it required More Patches to fix more issues. They had to work on the raid anytime they planned on releasing an update. Those small details are quite important, what you said, not so much.
  3. One thing I hope to see in the future is something along the lines of a "Shader" Palette. Some seconds of Warframes really cause colors not be really dull. So if you pick orange as primary and orange as secondary. Even though you picked the same orange - you end up getting wildly different results. Which makes it really difficult to use certain colors in certain parts. So would be nice if we got some more control in how those colors appeared on those parts. So we get interesting Shader options like Plastic \ Leather \ Satin \ Cloth \ etc.
  4. It's actually a ridiculously tiny amount of resources. Once time I let my Kuva Litch alone for probably 4 months. Since Steve was like a "Dragons Hoard" in rewards if you kill them. Let's just say it was less of a Dragons Horde and more like an Ant Hill.
  5. You know whats funny, Ash used to be one of the easiest frames to farm a few years ago. If you did the Raid - you pretty much guaranteed to get a full set.
  6. Yes, they remain visible - but also the loot that falls out of them remain visible. Meaning you got to actually go visually see the item to confirm it is a medallion.
  7. You should refer to my post again. They can't respond to hundreds of thousands of players. They also have to prioritize issues. Critical Bugs - Always have Priority Cosmetic issues like Clipping will have the lowest priority. Balance issues take time to fix because they have so many other things they are working on. Right now their priority is the Massive Update coming out in a few months. So its all hands on deck to make sure it can be in a ready state before the end of the year. Which is why you aren't going to see much on the Trello board. Once the big update comes out the first month will be fixes to the big update. After that you will only start seeing other issues being addressed. So yes for next 4 months Trello board is not going to be super active. ---------- But to give you another example that Devs are listening. When Plague Star Launched a few years ago it had a major issue - you actually had to kill a specific number of enemies to beat the event. The problem was enemies would spawn under the map or under the node. Making them impossible to kill. So I recommended a small change, one of the DE devs responded to the Feedback saying it was a good idea they would implement it. The post was probably like on page 30, so that means they read 30 pages of feedback before seeing mine. ------------ As for why Raids were removed, you may not have been here at the time when they announced it. The problem was raids broke everytime they had to update the game. Meaning that for every update they had to update the raid also. This drastically increased update time, so they cut the content. Another issue was low player count, but the major issue was really the constant breaking of the raids.
  8. Mobile Defense is a - Defensive game mode. So bringing a Defensive Frame is somewhat important. Crowd Control is key, not single target damage. So you would be surprised how amazing some abilities like a Stomp Rhino is when it comes to stun locking enemies.
  9. I have popped into a Few of Rebecca games at random. I think Megan Once and one other person who I can't remember ( Though I really want to pop into one of Steves games just to see how well he balances off his frames ) So they are actually there playing with the community, getting live feedback. You got to keep in mind there are very few Community Managers and thousands of games running at once. They really can't reply to or interact with the hundreds of thousands of players at a time.
  10. Which is exactly why she needs a rework. She used to be Shield Stripping Queen. Which is why I suggested a Formula that will not make her as powerful as she used to be, but will scale extremely well because she does percentage based stripping + flat damage.
  11. While Syndicate Missions at face value is "very short" in reality when you do Pub - there will be others looking for medallions ( the main purpose of syndicate missions ) So Syndicate missions when done properly take an insane amount of time even if ou use Max Range Loot Detector + Limbo explosions you still have to go that loot box to confirm it isn't a medallion If the GUI was changed so Medallions so "Dropped" items had a different icon - so medallions remain "Crate" icon when destroyed ( giving a hint to players its a medallion ) that would speed things up. Since that isn't the case, I suggest moving it from 10 Syndicate to 6 or even 5.
  12. I forgive you for getting the basics wrong. You see Hildryn is a Radiation Damage Frame. Two of her Abilities focus on Radiation. Mag has 2 Abilities focused on Magnetic Damage. Magnetic Damage for newbie players is the damage type meant to damage shields. Which means Mag should ( remember should is not the same as does ) be doing MORE shield damage than Hildryn for shields. But due to POOR balance, that isn't the case. Hence the purpose of the thread, why Polarize needs rework. Which allows Mag to have her shtick magnetic damage, the damage type for Shields.
  13. Ah - the desperate attempt - to try to save face - I have seen it so often. But I like going for the Jugular. It is a very poor performing passive - which is why it needs to be changed. A player ( a good player ) can put hundreds of thousands points of damage within the 5s of volt doing nothing but running just for that added 1000. Making it useless. Which is why Oberons passive was changed - "Make Friends with Wild Life!" to "Add Health to Animal Companions ( exception of venari ) " Wukong having one of the best Passives.
  14. Each frame has something "Unique" about them. Mag is ( Magnetic ) and Magnetic is for *Drum Roll Please* Shield damage! Literally her "Shtick" is in her name. 🤣😂
  15. Running around for 5s, just to use 1 charge? When I could kill any enemy in less than 2s? You really are bad at this aren't you. Stick to my advice on tripping.
  16. Just had master Rank 28 test today. I noticed 2 issues 1. If you let the cannister despawn in your hand - all future canisters will despawn on throw even if you have 4 - 5 seconds remaining 2. Enemies Can stop "grouping up" - which makes it quite difficult to hit 50 targets - which makes this test RNG based.
  17. The game you are playing involves attacking enemies - not racing usually. If you use ANY attack you lose charge. Make sure you know how a passive works - before sarcasm. Helps you avoid tripping.
  18. Warframes Passive needs an overhaul considering how much running you need to do for a single 1000 charge. Instead the charge should build up with meele and discharge when you use your gun.
  19. The problem with Valkyr is she is a Close Range Specialist in a game with large open spaces. There are maps she can be good in - but that also heavily limits her, especially with nullification bubbles .
  20. Mag's whole shtick is "Shield Ripping" Yet in Shield Sortie even at 200% ability strength she doesn't even do 5% shield strip. What makes it worse is she consumes nearly 100 energy for terrible performance. Mags 3rd Ability needs to be overhauled and a better formula would be. [ Boss Modifier ( Total Enemy Shield x [ 0.25 x ( ability strength / 100 ) ] + ( Base damage x ( ability strength / 100 ] ) This way the ability will scale with higher levels and Mag will be able to fill her niche. Boss Modifier - scales from 0 to X Basically it shows the resistance of a "Boss" unit to mags polarize. Default value of 1 would mean the base formula would do standard damage, this can be used to reduce or even increase the effectiveness of the damage.
  21. When looking at the corner where the 2 massive buildings intersect there is a Massive Frame Rate Drop as you can see in the video
  22. Most Bosses are the opposite in warframe. They have Tiny invulnerability phases. Their vulnerability phases are long. Like Vor invuln phase is only 2s and his invun phases are fixed at certain percentage of damage. Krill on the other and Vulnerability phases are random. So he could be invulnerable from 5s, to 2 minutes, based on his mood of when he wants to turn vulnerable. When I help new players, I hate having to help them kill this boss. The Invun phase being random is maddening. Best option, DE remove invun phase completely and let kril get ganked until they find a better option.
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