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  1. Pretty good changes overall; more endo, more rewards, more vitus esscences and a less time to get to the real good stuff (rotation C) may make me go back to arbitrations albeit solo, still wishing that you guys find a solution to the host migration problems so you can get rid of revives in this mode tho, being punished for your team being bad is still not a good thing...
  2. Kinda sad about this one because it was the only reason to play the disruption nodes other than kuva...
  3. People wouldn't have to look for ways to do it if the mechanics weren't so dull and long because they can and no other reason, i understand that the team works hard on the boss fights but that's not an excuse for the fight being as tedious as it is, tweaks are needed, and you guys need to find a way to add warframes into the equation, making everything immune to warframe abilities does not make things hard or interesting it makes them tedious and boring, i understand why a boss would be immune, but why the rest of the enemies too?
  4. I do too but i also hate stages that are long because developers want them to be, the phase one is mostly introductory why do we have to spend 5+ minutes on it each time? halve the canisters needed for the boring introductory fight that's mostly dialogue, that's why people were skipping it, is a time sensitive event and having to spend time in the fight doing nothing is just boring, that's not mentioning numerous other issues, like the fact that you can lose your team after doing the phase 1 because p2p is what it is and there can be many issues that DE can't completely address because of it.
  5. Sure it was, but stripping you from your warframe abiities is not the way to go, nor is it making the fight longer for no reason, instead of having to throw 2 thermia per vent so then you can shoot it they could have made it just 1 per vent because that's not difficult, is tedious, on the second phase the orb can climb up the mountains nearby making it to so that you can't even see the coolant raknoids, let alone getting to them before they cool her down and all the thermia you used up to that point means nothing, making the raknoids completely invulnerable to warframe abilities is also dumb, they could have made them like the index enemies and have the time they are cc'd halved or straight up cap warframe abilities on them so that at least the payer feels like their warframe means something.
  6. Oh yes, nova and octavia dealing dmg in area with their abilities is an exploit now... instead of stripping game mechanics for boss fights to make them "difficult" DE should try and make the fights interesting, removing what's probably the biggest aspect of the game and the thing that a lot of players enjoy the most doesn't make things hard it makes them bland and boring.
  7. You guys might as well change the name of the game to "Gun Play" since you don't seem to care about letting people use their warframes for boss fights anymore, this fight is more annoying than even raids were because it can get as long as one hour if you solo it and is not a fun hour is a frustratingly long hour of asking yourself "am i actually doing something to this boss or is it going to advance on it's own like the scans?" because honestly throwing canisters at it barely does anything when the orb can cool itself on top of being cooled by the raknoids that are also immune to warframe abilities for no other reason than to arbitrarily make them annoying, this is not difficult it just makes it seem like you guys just want to have people online for longer periods of time by taking away the players ability to use in-game mechanics.
  8. The Exploiter Orb is the most tedious boss fight you've guys made so far, letting bugs aside like you being invincible and companions disappearing, having to fight the orb not once but twice with both fights requiring multiple steps in both instances is just not fun, on top of that the fact that a single coolant raknoid can cool the orb in less than 5 seconds and that using thermia barely advances overheating makes the fight frustrating, that on top of the raknoids being able to cool the orb by shooting at it's legs and considering how big it is and that raknoids are immune to warframe abilities makes the fight worse than the multiple knockdowns the profit taker had back when it was released and the cherry on top having to load 2 instances during the mission gives too much space for disconnections...
  9. Check my Saryn with my beautiful paracesis please ❤️
  10. Can we please get an option to opt out or reduce the innate razorwing vacuum? is great and all but i think that it should be up to each player to decide whether they want vacuum or not like in almost everything else.
  11. A better example of this would be if you ask for an allowance and the bank sent you money you weren't meant to receive (which can happen) and they tried to get you jailed for that.
  12. He has made a lot of videos in the past about all kinds of bugs and for the most part they were used to fix said bugs, this time was no different he even said it on the video "i wouldn't be surprised if this gets fixed really soon" because that's what DE used to do when things like this happened before, but now on top of not even allowing jokes they themselves make on the game they are just straight banning people for something they created... also do i need to remind that people can literally afk and leech off of you and get away with it? that is worse than someone going solo and getting his stuff maxed as fast as possible while they can again like DE has let us do for quite a while.
  13. They allow macros for other reasons, like helping people with disabilities and some problems that they themselves have created like having to spam your mouse buttons or keys to get the most benefit out of some game buffs.
  14. Exploiting and cheating aren't the same, you can exploit things without a malicious intent just to get the most benefit out of it which is what people were doing in this case, a cheat is malicious in nature unless it is by chance.
  15. I hope you guys unban the people that got banned for the exploit, because it's up to you to make sure things like this don't happen, also are you really going to ban the guy that has showed off multiple ways to get out of bounds and bugs in the game over the years just like that? it seems counter productive even more knowing that he is one of the oldest warframe partners on top of being a founder.
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