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  1. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: When testing knockback for Exodia Contagion after encountering a large amount of it in the latest anniversary missions, I came across this issue of knockbacks not happening when they should while a gun is equipped and the Contagion projectile is launched via quick melee. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use a zaw with Exodia Contagion, and cast Exodia Contagion through a quick melee EXPECTED RESULT: Explosion should have caused a knockback OBSERVED RESULT: No knockback from explosion. Knockback only happens if the melee weapon i
  2. Because Loki sucks, DE knows he sucks, and don't want a spotlight on him because he's been in dire, desperate need of a rework for over half a decade. (This is sarcasm, but just barely.)
  3. Not sure if it's an undocumented change or not, but Exodia Contagion's burst now does extreme amounts of self stagger, when it definitely didn't before. e: Actually, I've found a bug! If you cast Exodia Contagion by a quick attack while aim gliding with a gun, it doesn't proc the knockback. However, if you hard-swap to melee by holding F, then the knockback from the explosion does occur. I only ran into this issue because the anniversary missions limit you to only melee.
  4. Regular mini bosses would be a nice thing. Really have to find a way to balance them vs. player damage, though, because the gap in DPS between two Warframes can literally be in the millions.
  5. Honestly, wall attacks need to be addressed before aerial attacks. They're completely broken - they bizarrely don't provide any forward momentum (despite most of their animations suggesting they should), and aren't affected by attack speed mods. They're an explicit disadvantage to use in every situation, and every time I accidentally do one while chucking Exodia Contagion around it's pretty much a three second stun on myself.
  6. I'm aware of it. In my head I'm thinking about a mod that goes farther than that, where the damage bonus on the mod dynamically scales with the weapon's attack speed. But that's probably too complex for players.
  7. Man I'd love a 'Heavy Pendulum' mod that reduced attack speed but caused increased damage an an inverse relationship. And if you killed an enemy with it it would ragdoll them like old Blast used to, knocking them against walls with lots of squishy sound effects.
  8. I mean, people that were fine with melee being nerfed are people that engage with the game at the highest levels of play, that regularly do Steel Path, that find that having melee as the go-to option for every type of content leads to things being stale, that think that creating a system where guns are starting to be evaluated primarily for their ability to be status primers for their melee is kind of messed up and indicative of deep systemic issues in scaling ... Those people? Aren't that crowd you just described. Yet they're being called casual. Casual because they want you to have to d
  9. They could nerf melee damage by 50% and they would still be top tier. Frankly, making it so you can't stack attack speed mods helps you, because it's not something you should be doing anyway. You want to be stacking different multipliers to your damage, not doubling up on the same.
  10. If you were stacking multiple attack speed mods you were doing it wrong, anyway.
  11. I must admit I'm bemused by the assertion that people wanting something overpowered nerfed are 'casuals.' That it's bad because 'casuals' want it so that you have to do more than hit E to win Steel Path, because a 'casual' ... wants more complexity and options/depth? What does a 'casual' mean to the people saying this? Someone that just doesn't have Blood Rush/Condition Overload yet?
  12. Mobs that are specialized into shutting down particular styles of play are a potential solution, like the above mentioned shield unit that could have extreme resistance to melee and can counter players, knocking them on their butt and subjecting them to an increased damage taken multiplier for several seconds. You can avoid it, but you have to roll at the right time (maybe accompanied by a visual cue like a red flash from their eyes/pulse around their bodies). Best way of taking them out would be shooting a weak point, something requiring precision, which most melee weapons aren't good at, etc
  13. TBH, melee attack speed isn't even, like, a big factor. It's not like you should ever stack melee attack speed mods, because that's bad. You want to stack different multipliers as much as you can. Primed Fury or Berserker are more than enough on their own, and that's not counting other sources like Arcane Strike, or Warcry, or whatever. DE categorizing attack speed mods together and making them mutually exclusive will do pretty much nothing. e: What @PublikDomain said.
  14. Not a lot of people ever ask for nerfs, that doesn't mean they're not a good idea. It's a game developer's job to make systems that feel rewarding and don't undermine other aspects of the game. Melee is currently so strong that it invalidates almost everything else. It doesn't matter if people don't ask for it (which, you know, I did, I wanted melee nerfed and I've used almost exclusively melee since the game launched), sometimes you have to make that hard decision for the future of the game.
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