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  1. Ah yes, arcanes that only work effectively when you're playing static and grounded. In *WARFRAME*. This is an early April Fools, right? Please tell me these buff durations are someone's idea of a laugh.
  2. I've pretty much stopped. Recent history has cast serious doubts for me on whether DE has a coherent plan for the game. And even when a feature is good - Helminth is a good system that, for once, reinforces the core gameplay - DE's actions in and around it cast further doubts on whether they understand their game or respect their playerbase.
  3. Ah. Gee I sure hope that zaws get more weapon classes added to them, it's kinda lame that kitguns keep getting more and more parts while zaws have barely been touched in... what, years?
  4. I mean, if that's the case, why ... not ... just run Plague Star again? Have they given a reasoning? Seems pretty harmless to run.
  5. Nah, I'm gonna call bullS#&$. It would not take much to test whether MfD worked as "intended." If you buy their line about "Radial damage was never meant to exceed the target’s Health," this would have been extremely easy to test by spawning a low level trash unit next to a similarly leveled heavy gunner, then MfDing the trash and killing it with a hard hitting attack to see if the radial limited itself to max HP. It would have taken literally minutes to check. You shouldn't buy their line, though, because I don't think it's true. I might not be happy with how DE has
  6. Use another ability that one-shots entire rooms for less effort, I guess?
  7. It was a gimmick that took heavy investment in power strength and range to make useful outside of the simulacrum. You've overreacted again, just like with Khora in Scarlet Spear. And just like you did with Khora, you're pretending like the ability was never supposed to perform that way in the first place.
  8. MfD was only ever a "problem" in the simulacrum where enemies were bunched up with unobstructed LOS. In actual missions it could do some impressive things, but not out of line compared to other offenders, and it certainly wasn't for free. It was a gimmick, and DE has overreacted - again. I'm sure that MfD was "unintended" in the same way that Khora healing objectives was "unintended."
  9. It was only ever a 'problem' in the simulacrum. It was hardly overpowered in practical gameplay. DE should, at the very least, give the player 100% armor piercing vs. the marked target, because their ideal scenario of targeting a tank mob with a sniper rifle is utter fantasy with the inflated armor values as levels climb.
  10. I'm not sure if DE have really given their scenario for MfD their full consideration. Any "tank" type in the level of content that requires that kind of thought and setup is going to be your least preferred target for a single, large sniper shot because of their inflated armor values. You'd need to strip the tank's armor first for it to be worth it, which is just wasting even more time. DE, if you want your fantasy scenario? Give the player 100% armor piercing against their Marked for Death target.
  11. Capping Marked for Death's damage at enemy health is a ridiculous change. Yes, I'm sure the radial damage was never meant to exceed enemy HP. Just like you never intended Khora to be able to heal defense objectives, right? 🙄
  12. What exactly is broken about it? Other than it being incredible.
  13. Reverse the nerf to Larva's range. There's all kinds of gimmicks that would have been fun, here, that are pretty much pointless because you have to spec heavily into range to make it workable at all.
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