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  1. I mean, I doubt many people have a regular warframe for every primed warframe they have, or a duplicate for every warframe that doesn't have a prime yet, to do it anyway. And you're going to need to hit max rank with the Helminth for unlimited slots anyway. *And* it's going to take a lot of resources to just put one frame in there. So yeah it's gonna be a lot longer than 44 days for most people.
  2. Waiting to see if Hydroid can cast subbed abilities while in undertow. Mag Pulling everything into the undertow slurp slurp slurp.
  3. I look forward to DE's future internal discussions where they're actively watering down abilities for upcoming frames out of nervousness that the subsumed one might end up breaking the game.
  4. I have to believe DE is not stupid enough to make vex armor or elemental ward the subsume ability since either would be insane buffs to any frame. Imagine the nightmare of Inaros of Nidus with Vex Armor.
  5. Wait. Hydroid can cast things inside his pool. Can Hydroid use Mag's Pull inside Undertow to vacuum everyone inside?
  6. Apparently Pablo says that Firewalk will be the transferable ability for Nezha so I'm totally wrong that they'd avoid buff abilities 🤷‍♂️ Bring on the Gauss with Firewalk for Sanic memes.
  7. Hall of Mirrors is pretty much the definition of signature ability for Mirage so I'm going to say no, it won't be that.
  8. Mirage will be Sleight of Hand for sure. Which might have mildly amusing results on a Prowling Ivara. But that's about it.
  9. They are unlikely to give you the full list just yet. But considering the examples are Mag's Pull and Volt's Shock, assume that they will prefer similar, simple active abilities, not more passive things like buffs. Rhino's Charge instead of Iron Skin or Roar, for example.
  10. Why in christ would anyone want to subsume Chroma when the ability you get from him is guaranteed to be Spectral Scream.
  11. How exactly would you balance raids when some frames can do 20x the damage of others based on abilities? Or some make objectives effectively invulnerable? Or CC everything in a 50 meter radius? Would you rework every frame so that their abilities all fall within certain capabilities, just so you can play endgame on something that's not Warframe anymore? It's the same as people asking for PvP to be shoveled into the game when it wasn't built for it. Accept what the game is and is not. Like Firetempest said, the endgame is whatever's the latest content to grind. if you want a shlooter that has raids, Destiny 2 is right over there.
  12. Honestly I'd be more concerned that this will lead to DE abandoning reworks. "Warframe ability is sh*t? Oh well, just replace it!"
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