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  1. Boy I do love the idea of going into Sorties/Arbitrations against level 80+ enemies that can melt my poor delicate warframe body in seconds while doing probably 1/5th the damage. Or trying to juggle enemies to output damage, then watching a teammate pop their head into the room and nuke everything with one shot from their primary. Warframe is not a character action game and I don't know why DE seems to be pushing melee towards that. It's a horde mode where high level enemies have to die quick because they will vaporize you if they touch you.
  2. Considering we're about to get a big content drop and we're going to be busy doing other things, I don't mind nightwave being something that I can ignore for a while.
  3. Personally, I think if anything should be removed, it should be Defy. Put Celestial Twin in its slot. Give him health-link with his twin so that you split damage with your twin to make up for the loss in mitigation. Make it so that if Wukong 'dies' with his Twin active, the Twin pops instead, providing Wukong with the buff ability of his passive and a few seconds of invulnerability and health regen. Way more thematically appropriate. Then you bake the spin effect into Iron Jab. Rename Iron Jab to Iron Tempest. Tapping the ability casts it as normal. Holding the ability button triggers the new Defy absorb effect. This gives his #1 more utility and choices to make when using it, his #3 now has an element of resource management (trying to top off in the invulnerability window), gets rid of a generic, unflavorful ability, and preserves current active builds while still allowing them to get rid of the non-interactive DefyRage one while replacing it with Spectral Twin. I'd MUCH prefer that.
  4. Mechanics that encourage you to court death are terrible and go against the flow of the game. This goes double if you can only do so a few times per mission. And goes triple if you can't even determine what buff you're going to get. It's an awful passive, and doesn't even thematically fit with Wukong. (If you wanted a 'limited number of times you can be saved from almost certain death' passive, Valkyr cats-have-nine-lives-frame is RIGHT THERE.) I'm going to miss the hell out of Iron Vault. Nothing like whipping out the Arca Triton, building up a full charge, then using Iron Vault and dropping a megaton nuke on the enemy. I enjoyed that build, and wish DE would stop removing ways to play from the game with every rework.
  5. You should either need to hit X to pick the revive item up or it shouldn't reduce your health.
  6. Some combos may have changed, but there are plenty that still require you to hit block in order to pull off the chain. Except it's not block, now. It's Aim. So during the middle of your melee combo, you're now required to have to pull out your gun just to 'aim' to do that chain. This is especially frustrating if you want to make use of the option to melee with LMB. Tapping RMB will swap your equipped weapon back to your gun, which means LMB no longer swings your melee anymore. This means to do a basic LMB, LMB+RMB, LMB beginning of a combo chain, you have to LMB, RMB+E (to flip your melee back to being primary), LMB. Which is supremely awkward, and it really should not be the case that an option designed to cater to players who prefer melee as their primary makes it more clunky to do combo. And that's not even getting into the zooming effect mid combo that can, depending on the default zoom magnification of the weapon, seriously disorient or even make you sick. Like, I get it. I get why - because blocking no longer exists. But in an update that touts the word 'Flow,' this is the exact opposite. It's janky and unintuitive. Please have someone go through the combos and replace RMB requirements with either a straight up directional input or a Pause, please.
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