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  1. They don't remember half the stuff that's in the game. Like Reflection is still labeled a channeling mod, last I checked, and does literally nothing, for example. If it's not one of the typical dozen mods that gets used on a weapon, DE basically forgets it exists.
  2. Bringing this up because it's still present. Lol.
  3. Activating pure melee mode should still auto-block when you're not manually controlling it, I feel. Right now it creates this extremely weird dynamic where I feel less survivable using pure melee than quick melee.
  4. If you have block as a toggle enabled, executing a melee attack cancels the toggle. Seismic Wave does not show as boosting the Heavy Slam Attack, only the much smaller radial damage, which seems not correct.
  5. When you guys can get to it, the Kogake has what seems to be a clearly overlooked Heavy Slam Attack damage number of 120 base. Its normal Slam does like double the damage of its heavy slam.
  6. Kogake has an abnormally low Heavy Slam Attack. Primed Pressure Point, Primed Fever Strike, Shocking Touch. 1081 damage. Considering Dark Dagger's Heavy Slam is 616 damge clean with no mods, something really seems screwy with the Kogake. edit: Yeah, the Kogake's base heavy slam is 120. That can't be right.
  7. Man, it still boggles me how some people think of video games like they're somehow dirty and something you should be ashamed of being excited over, like this is still the 80's or 90's. News flash: it's 20-freaking-19. Video games are the most popular hobby in the world. Esports make more money than traditional ones. Sneering at people who schedule their time to enjoy it is an extremely dated mindset, and not quite the zinger you seem to think it is.
  8. I mean Grendel is a jackolantern. Sorry, kids, no candy at this house. Cause we gotta stretch this to the last minute, apparently. One of those times where my lack of any kind of social life works to my benefit! I don't have a stupid halloween party to go to!
  9. Well, tomorrow is my only day off, so I guess I'll just have to hope it drops early.
  10. Since my predictions are always wrong I will predict that it definitely won't drop today.
  11. Welp, at least it's a hard confirm for this week.
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