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  1. $20 is way too much, but would be acceptable if it wasn't also paired with FOMO. That's pretty scum, not gonna lie.
  2. This bug persists as of Nidus Prime and Plague Star (
  3. This bug persists as of Nora's Choice (August 2021). With the bonus that now it also applies to the new gun arcanes (Deadhead, Merciless, Dexterity).
  4. I'd use Larva more but you have to build for so much range just to get it to its unnerfed stats that it's almost not worth it. Like, I wanted to shloop enemies into my max range mag's bubble, but with the nerfed range it doesn't really have much more reach than the bubble does. Sad times. Don't know how that got nerfed but Gloom didn't. (Note to DE: plz no nerf Gloom)
  5. Even with that, I still usually find Eclipse to be better. In my experience, there's a lot more light on tiles than there is shadow, and all but the dimmest light is better than Roar. The only time I go for Roar over Eclipse is when I specifically want to buff the damage of a Warframe ability. And even then, a lot of Warframe abilities that you'd care about buffing the damage to - like Gara's Shattered Lash - count as weapons and Eclipse does a better job of buffing them, as well.
  6. DE again refuses to address what actually bothers people about the system out of stubbornness.
  7. Eclipse on most of my go-to's. Either have the damage bonus and obliterate things, or the EHP to not care.
  8. I've always wondered, can allies hit you with something like Mind Control while Radiation procced?
  9. Give guns a loot bonus based on their type. AoE guns stay as they are. Automatics and shotguns are the next tier. Semi-autos occupy the tier after that. There might be a final tier after that for sniper rifles. And then you put in a separate multiplier on top of that for precision headshot kills. Basically, if you headshot someone with a sniper rifle, they should almost always drop an O2 canister. The goal is to bring the total amount of drops attained by killing with different weapon classes closer together, and maybe even make the slower firing, single target guns get a little more, because they're suffering from the opportunity cost of not being able to remain as safe, due to not clearing out sources of incoming damage.
  10. Many games have streak breakers/bad luck protection. Most players don't need it, but it prevents outliers from having a miserable experience, so it's not a terrible idea. I know I would've liked bad luck protection last week when I did fifteen frigging void storms in a row and got no holokeys.
  11. I'll get up to the point of having 10/10. But then none of the bonuses are the ones I want for that week. I won't want to waste it. So I wait like two weeks. Then the bonus I want is there. Now it's time to begin the week of anxiety where I feel like every day I don't play the warframe with the bonus I wanted is wasted, because jesus, it took like a month to line up, I have to play it as much as I can because it's GOING AWAY SOON OH GOD. Then resigned disappointment when it's gone. I won't have the desire to do that again. The way my brain works, I think it'd just be simpler to skip to the end step and just not interact with the system. I would prefer having NO control, tbh, but again: my brain is dumb.
  12. Whoa. Yeah, it can't. What the heck? Why?
  13. Arcanes currently still do not copy over to clone's weapons like Equinox's Duality and Wukong's Celestial Twin. Since we're now apparently using arcanes to address balance issues, this has led to a (presumably) unintentional nerf to those abilities.
  14. Harrow does a lot of amazing things. Things that are not particularly in demand right now.
  15. Starting to wonder if we'll see another fix. It's been a full week and a half post TennoCon.
  16. I don't enjoy following around in the wake of a necramech during a void storm, trying to get kills while it does obscene amounts of damage and room nukes. Like, I might as well not be there, honestly. And considering I don't play Warframe just to watch the number go up - I actually like the gameplay - when another player's playstyle makes it difficult to do that? Not going to have a good time. Now, I've never outright left a mission or leeched because of it - I still try my best - but I sure as Hell am leaving the squad after mission completion.
  17. I'd take Zaw sparring and fist weapons. I want to punch energy blasts at enemies with Contagion.
  18. It is basically impossible for DE to balance things because they have released content for years and years with no overall plan or design philosophy. I doubt they are even aware of all the ways that they've introduced to break the game. Doesn't matter how much armor you pile on, we have 100% armor strip. Doesn't matter how much health they have, we have ways of amping ours by a 100x and more. Damage they deal? Please, we have ways of being straight-up unkillable. It'd take as many years to untangle the mess that is the game's balance and return it to something approaching reasonable. And that ain't gonna happen. So just kick back and enjoy. Might be a nerf here, a nerf there, but the Warframe community will always find a way to turn the latest 'super hard boss' into a joke.
  19. What newbie is fighting these bosses, exactly?
  20. Dude no I want to see that tech on every boss/miniboss, maybe with some tweaks. Imagine: a warframe where you can't one-shot a boss' health pool and they can be an actual threat!
  21. Only beef is that it's not consistent, because Vigilante mods still work.
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