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  1. Just finished the quest. Feels very short lol... lots of touch up here & there, especially the added affect of warp jump in Dock's cutscene. Best Jacky skin everrrrr
  2. It has been getting on my nerve for past few days... Been farming Damaged Necramech parts in Iso Vault T1. I know that matrix is guaranteed, and then there is a secondary drop right after that which most the time is either mods or parts. But there are times the secondary drop did not happen. Is this normal?
  3. speaking of this, anyone tested the frost globe from time to time? Feels the globe becoming as squishy as 10 casts with over gazillion cast?
  4. I may sound like complaining but not really. I'm just looking around see what stuff is missing here & there is all. Yes i do stock & use those pizza from time to time. I like more than half of the railjack 3.0 shipped though majority goes to art & sound dept. magnificent job they did as always. While the gameplay flow part feels clunky or having pit stop here and there, i believe that it may be improved further down the road.
  5. Hasn't gone deep into the update yet, only play like 1 or 2 mission in venus proxima. Is it just me or there is no energy drop from the ships killed? I wanna use those flashy void/tether/etc. early on.
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