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  1. Surtout hâte que la mise a jours arrive sur consoles pour pouvoir use ce petit nidus , et j'aime fortement le skin de frost qui est vraiment BADASS , pour les dégâts 3.0 j'ai vraiment hâte de voir ce qu'ils vont nous sortir
  2. Serious ? Normaly come 13 and now 15 ..
  3. for french wait tomorow for update ..
  4. Hello this is for [DE]Drew dou you have some information about update for mag on ps store ?
  5. any know date for mag today ? i dream i know :p
  6. Sorry for spam i need Targis and Mag ...
  7. Sorry for Spam ... DE or All WHERE IS MAG PRIME VAULT on PS4? XB1 and PC have and In america have this and in EUROPE nothing why ? is no retard normaly come 29 jun nothing ? Today 30 jun Nothing where is ? is not sony approved this just WHERE IS ? in PS Store ?
  8. DE SERIOUSc? what happen where is VAULT on PS4 ???? 29 jun not on STORE 30 jun no on store ??? u lost client on PS4 ...
  9. is not serious 29 jun for EUROPE en is no en Store !!
  10. is not serious 29 jun for EUROPE en is no en Store !!
  11. Where is mag prime vault 00h15 is france is not on store ?
  12. just need what time is go ON PS STOER EU
  13. Europe 29 today is 29 is not on Store what time go ? ( french )