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  1. And screw over those of us who spent time and the 6mil on it? How about no. It's a similar time sink as Hema, which is something DE wont reduce as well.
  2. The only fix is to remove it completely. The conclave experiment failed years ago.
  3. They aren't comparable on purpose. The melee rework fully intended slide crits to be weaker so to kill off spin to win.
  4. Archguns tickle even the cutter units. That is the stealth nerf that is being referred to.
  5. You do realize they'd have to try to balance both forms of melee systems,right? That is too much work to even consider worth the time sunk into it.
  6. It's meant to kill off spin to win because it made all other melee useless.
  7. Well I got some hard news for you. They will never add a toggle for that.
  8. You are just too used to press 4 and forget. Her changes look amazing.
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