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  1. IF they were to do that, I guess they could theoretically change that specific Exodia's visual to something a bit more universal. Keep it cool looking but generic enough to work with everything.
  2. Idk. I'm going to openly admit I know nothing about how coding works, but I don't see why they couldn't keep the Zaw, make it invisible if a skin is applied that overlaps it, and have the player visually holding the reskin while the Zaw is still the active weapon, complete with its consistent Exodia effects etc. I guess that just isn't a preferred or realistic way of handling it.
  3. Another friendly suggestion for Zaws to be able to use skins. I know it's complicated but it would absolutely spike the amount of options I'm willing to spend $ on. Also, is it possible for skins for 1h weapons to also apply to twin variants? I know I personally rarely if ever use 1h swords and such, but I use twin variants all the time. That's another chunk of things I won't usually buy since I know it doesn't work with the things I like. This suggestion kind of applies to both Tennogen and non-Tennogen.
  4. I also would like to request this gets fixed sooner than later. This is reaaaaaally bleh to deal with.
  5. I'd be fine with the notion of expanding Polearm and Stave skins to apply to both. It's just fashion frame. Yeah, there are differences between the two, but if you don't want your staff looking like a polearm or vice versa, you still have that choice to not use it. Remember: Lookin' cool is the name of the game
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