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  1. The way I figure it could work would be Hold Weapon Swap and a ring starts to fill. Once the ring fills, you call the Archwing weapon. To dismiss it, you do the same exact thing. The bar charges up and at completion, it gets disabled back to your normal weaponry. Once less gear wheel items to worry about. This would make controller play specifically a lot more fun in my opinion. Maybe this could be added as an alternative control scheme option as well without changing the current one? Any thoughts/feedback would be welcome.
  2. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I was thinking with the new melee changes, the old hold weapon swap to change to melee option being removed, would it be a nice setup to re-add the hold function but use it as an Arch-Gun swap? Hold to swap then hold to go back to normal (with the cooldowns etc associated with the process, maybe even showing a little charge up window that displays cooldown time if it's not ready yet). I know on a controller at least, that would streamline that process a lot better than going into the gear wheel every time.
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