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  1. Mate, spare your energy and just let them be Apparently the Warframe community is full of entitled whiners who pretend that the first real CHALLENGE we get in literally years "mUsT bE cHaNgEd CaUsE iT's ToO hArD" I don't really get these people either
  2. What's with all this complaining and whining? This just shows how little the new generation of gamers know about real challenges. They "just" alluded to the fact you would have everything disabled by saying "empty". You didn't figure it out? Too bad. Was it hard to figure it out? Yes, but that was the challenge!! "Oh my god, lv 41 Corpus can disable my mods oh no this is bs"...Why tf are you even contesting this thing? There are literally only these 3 missions of this kind and you are not even forced to complete them to get Grendel. Instead of whining try to find new ways to complete them while failing as you try, because what you don't understand is that this is a challenge and not something DE is gifting to you. Earn your 💩 Tennos and stop complaining ffs!!
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