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  1. In it's defense, the Miter was/is at least somewhat viable. The Spectra was just flat out awful. Still really want that Miter buff/overhaul though :(
  2. I kinda miss the old announcements too, they should bring them back, even if it's translated into Corpus language (or it play both languages, kind of like when an announcement or message is played in English followed by Spanish).
  3. IMO, only the Toxic Ancients should've been given a rip-line (since getting into cuddling range with you is their main objective) and even then the current range seems like a bit much. It's unnecessary for the Healers and DIsruptors since the former should want to keep away from you and the latter is already devastating enough with it's energy drain, now it has the benefit of stunning you from 20m meter while you wait for the inevitable. Also, it would be nice if it wasn't a copy-paste of the Scorpions rip-line, hope they at least add a unique design/animation if it's here to stay.
  4. I think the idea of abilities "resonating" or working better in unison has been tossed around a bit in the past, and I'm a big fan of it since it would be a nice alternative to having Rhinos and Novas just spamming their respective skilsl while everyone else just tags along for the ride. Unfortunately I imagine it would be a ton of world for the Devs, but I'd still be nice to see them try and something along those lines in the future. I think the Bullet Attractor + Radial Javelin is a staple example of how two skills could work together for an alternate or improved outcome, we need more of
  5. The only ammo reduction I don't agree with is the Torid, I certainly hope there's a major buff or overhaul in it's future, because having 540 ammo was the only thing really going for it. Also, I'm happy to see that the Grakata is getting an even greater ammo reserve, but nothing for the Gorgon and Supra? Those two weapons are equally as bullet-hosey, perhaps they should also be given a reserve of 750+? Otherwise it's nice to see that the ammo issue is being addressed. Can't say much about the sniper changes until they're released, but it certainly sounds like they'll be a lot more beastly
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