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  1. I do wish electricity wasn't penalized quite so hard by most enemies, I just love the utility and the chain damage. Radiation is also underrated IMO, especially on AoE weapons or as a freebie on Kuva weapons.
  2. Gotta agree with @gbjbaanb, I think the visuals on the napalm could use an update, right now it just looks bad and obstructs your vision to boot. But I'd settle for the fire's color matching the Ogris's energy color.
  3. If this is true, then maybe us Tetra fans will finally get some respect around these parts. All three of us.
  4. Basically the title, got some good rolls on a couple Rivens and am looking to sell them off: Atterax - 300p Balla - 200p Strun - 350p As a bonus, I also have a (mostly) unrolled Hikou riven up for grabs (not really a fan of them, but I'm sure someone out there might want it): Hikou - 25p DM me either here on the forums or in-game (the former is preferable) if interested. Prices are ideal but negotiable.
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