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  1. Improved targeting on Blazing Chakram? Warding Halo changed to DR so that his healing/armor actually have a purpose? Faster casting and a set Duration for Fire Walker? Gotta say, this sounds like a pretty solid rework overall, and I'm pretty much in agreement with the majority of the changes.

    That said, I am a bit skeptical about changing the healing from his Chakram from a 225+ pulse to a measly 25 health orb. I suppose with the 90% DR from Warding Halo will allow that 25 health to go a long way for Nezha himself, though I feel like it won't be nearly as useful to your teammates. Can't complain otherwise though, good job DEvs.

  2. Not that I'm really expecting these to seen so far into the lifespan of this megathread, but I though I'd inject my own two cents onto what is good, bad, and mixed with regards to the proposed changes, as well as a few suggestions of my own:

    The Good:

    • Melee Getting a Secondary Attack Button for Combos - I always found the use of pauses and directional keys extremely awkward for combos, especially considering how attack speed makes it all the more difficult to keep track of when to use these inputs. Plus the addition of a second attack button just has a lot of potential IMO.
    • Melee requiring LoS - Assuming it isn't a bugfest, I'll concede that this is a good change to remove some cheese from melee weapons with excessive range.
    • Improved Slam attack control/damage - Yes please!
    • Animation Cancels via Dodging - Also yes!


    • Possible Removal of Channeling - In it's current state, channeling definitely isn't worth much aside from the occasional Life Strike heal due to it's cost of finite energy and underwhelming returns, but I'm not sure if removing entirely is the way to go. If channeling were to use it's own self-regenerating Stamina bar and had more of an impact on melee, you could justify keeping it around
    • Dual-Wielding Single Melees + Sidearms - Okay I guess. Not something I was ever crazy about, and the whole sidearm + glaive thing is still kinda underwhelming but okay.
    • Range Mod Changes - Being able to see the physical reach of our melee weapons will be nice, and while it is still a nerf adjusting range mods in accordance to weapon types is probably for the better

    The Bad:

    • Energy Drain on Block - Please no. Auto-reflecting projectiles is and building combo stacks is "cute" but seeing as we longer have control over this function, having to burn energy just to block is a no-no in my book.
    • Heavy Attacks Resetting the Combo Counter - Not a fan of this. Maybe you could get away with losing some stacks on a heavy strike, but making combo multipliers only apply only to a single heavy attack sounds like a substantial and unnecessary nerf to the system.

    My own suggestions:

    • Stamina Bar for *Certain* Features - Now hear me out, I know the stamina bar in it's first iteration was loathed my many-a-player (including me) but for specific actions such as Charged/heavy attacks and, most notably, slide attacks, it could be useful in limiting how frequently players use these maneuvers and encourage them to be more tactical as oppose to the "spin-to-win" and "charge-to-win" tactics that plague(d) the current and previous meta. As mentioned before, it could also be used to justify Channeling's existence by being used in place of energy, allowing players to make use of it sparingly without having to expend energy that'd be better spent on abilities.
    • Very Slight Lock-On for Air Attacks - Seeing as slam attacks are getting some QoL changes, it would be nice to see the same for air attacks. Currently they feel very clunky and very unreliable for hitting elevated targets like Ospreys and Grineer sensor panels; I think I very slight lock-on would help alleviate the inaccuracy of these attacks. Maybe as icing on the cake air attacks could have a guaranteed knock-down on smaller, airborne enemies (making it easier to finish them off).
    • "Aimed" Melee Attacks - Something I've always extremely irritating about melee is how most melee attacks are locked onto specific horizontal planes, making it needlessly frustrating to hit enemies slightly above or below this plane (such as Maggots, Kavats, Ospreys). Not to mention enemies on slanted terrain further demonstrates this issue. It would be nice if melee attacks were directed towards the aiming reticule instead of locked in place, making it less cumbersome to deal with small/hovering enemies.
  3. I'm definitely all for the +headshot damage thing, it's nice to see snipers finally rewarding skill a bit more, although I still had few critiques:

    • Snipers' reliance on critical hits to due the bulk of their damage still doesn't sit well with me since it makes dealing optimal damage a matter of luck and skill rather than luck. I believe headshot multipliers should be a separate entity from snipers so that dealing more damage on headshots (crit or non-crit) can vary depending on weapon type (with snipers being the best obviously). At the very least, give snipers a guaranteed crit on headshots or something.
    • Would still very much love to see the hipfire accuracy nerf revert. I don't think being able to aim straight without being scoped in at all times would make snipers game-breakingly powerful.
    • Honestly not a huge fan of the combo mechanic due to how counter-intuitive it is to a sniper's role of being a slow, heavy damage dealer. And while I'm okay with the upcoming changes, I think a better route would be for it to just last a long time but only be affected by weakpoint shots.
    • While I'm all for scope zoom being reduced across the board, perhaps Eagle Eye could be buffed to unlock additional zoom levels and scope-bonuses for snipers? It would certainly make the mod all the more worth using on the Plains.
  4. Just talk for yourself. I like the mechanic.


    The mechanic of using weapons to build upgraded weapons is welcome in of itself, the issue is that a lot DE's weapon choices are a pain to deal with and the resulting weapons tend to be less effective than the ingredients used to make them. The Tiberon and Tipedo worked since the weapons used are super easy to craft, base tier, and the end weapons were very definitely upgrades. Weapons like the Panthera, Akjagara, and Basolks are a chore to build by comparison and the end weapons range from sidegrades to downgrades, at which point they should've just been standalone weapons.


    Or maybe you are not smart enough to understand this. If you want to use the Twin Basolk, you can do so as soon as you are Mr3. You just have to buy them with platinum.

    If you want to build them, you have to wait until Mr4 because of the Atomos.

    It's not that hard to understand...


    Doesn't purchasing a weapon with Plat override the MR requirement? Honest question since I've never purchased an MR locked weapon.



    P.S. No need for so much salt.

  5. It seems to be in a good spot to me. Tested a Corrosive + Heat status build in the Simulacrum (I went with level 40 enemies since that tends to be the "point of no return" for weapon balancing), and it melts through light enemies like they were made of butter. Admittedly it does struggle a tiny bit against Heavy units, but that seems like a reasonable tradeoff given how well it vaporizes crowds of fodder (without them even being in your LoS half the time to boot) which is the niche of flamethrower.


    It's certainly not a god-tier gun, but it's a vast improvement over the piece of garbage that could barely kill level 30 Corpus that it used to be.



    (All that said, I wouldn't be against them rounding up the base damage up to 30, just to make it a nice multiple of ten).

  6. IMO it would be nice if the player could effect the rate at which you build up the multiplier. Right now IIRC you have to fire a fixed amount of shots in order to reach maximum damage, which sucks if you actually want to reach the max-damage/min-range faster. They could totally make it so that negative range accelerates the rate at which the ring shrinks but also accelerates the damage buildup.


    The energy drain could also afford to be toned down a smidge.

  7. You're comparing 7 or so nodes to 100+ nodes so naturally open squads on AW missions are going to be a lot more common since those are literally the only spots you can go to play them. Also just because a vocal portion of forumites dislike AW doesn't mean that absolutely everyone hates and avoids it.


    But still, AW hate is definitely exaggerated. It's barebones and needs lots of improvement but it isn't bad, I'd dare say it even has a few upsides compared to the main game.

  8. To my knowledge the Healers can't buff each other (save for maybe some fire/poison resistance), they're just ridiculously tanky. Thankfully they actually aren't too hard to deal with, just keep 20m between you and them so they don't charge you and they'll just shamble very slowly and make themselves prime targets for headshots.


    It does suck that they spawn on top of their target and are pretty much guaranteed to do some poison damage, but if you get the New Loka message, just go to someplace secluded so they'll spawn out of way, make sure have enough health to survive the poison proc, and do some fancy bullet jumping away from them once they spawn.

  9. Yeah, I'm not terribly excited about Rhino's Charge having a combo mechanic, personally I still want it to be changed into a Juggernaut-style sprint attack where you have limited turn speed and physically run into enemies and smash them against the wall. Damage could possibly scale depending on how long/far you carry them and/or how many enemies you catch in your charge.


    I do like the idea of Charge and Stomp having synergy though.

  10. You mean they brought these back?! Oh sweet, I really missed the PA system, it was a small detail that really added a lot to the tileset. Just a shame they'll probably go unheard in co-op mode since "unalerted" and "multiple players" don't mix in this game.


    Now all we need is for the Grineer to have radio chatter again.

  11. My question is is it even necessary? I mean with Valkyr can already be fitted out with an ungodly amount of health and armor, not to mention boost it even further with Warcry, and Hysteria comes with innate Life Strike and almost constantly hits for crits, so as long as you aren't just standing around and letting yourself get shot I imagine a good Valkyr would still essentially be "invincible" up until the point where you're reaching unreasonably high enemy levels.

  12. Other than the drop chance for the Pheralic Pod BP being a bit stingy, this one honestly isn't all that bad. I'd say Mesa and Equinox are still more of a pain by comparison; at least once you complete the quest you're free to farm him at your leisure.

  13. Something that kinda bothers me is that while you yourself are retreating from enemies once they become too much for you to handle, the Kurbrow has a habit of foolishly standing it's ground instead of keeping up with you. This inevitably leads to it bleeding out, which in turn leads to you either having to risk your own hide revving it or leaving it behind and losing responsible owner points with it. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but at least Sentinels are (literally) always by your side and don't start getting pissy with you when they die.

  14. Where's the "meh" option. In my experience you either join into a game with two rather neck and neck teams and really enjoy yourself, or you end up being pitted against one (or more) veteran decked out conclave mods who wipes the floor with you for the next ten or so minutes and reminds you how pathetic of a scrub you really are. I'm assume setting up matches based on conclave ranks/levels really isn't a thing.

  15. Or picking up items in a small radius could be a default mechanic and not require a Sentinel at all. Honestly, in a game that's almost all about picking up loot you would think that we wouldn't have to use a very specific item (or companion) just to do something that should've been available from the get go. I'm actually a bit sad that the Devs just blew it off as "something only casual players need/use."

  16. How about we stop making them have one shot capabilities.. Please?


    I think Nullifiers are enough.


    The only way I can see Ramparts or any similar turret one-shotting someone is if they're paying absolutely no attention whatsoever or are just new players (to which I'll admit they should either deal less damage or not be present at all on Mercury).

  17. Because that's how throwing knives work? How do you slash with a throwing knife? They're made to penetrate.


    We also have arrows and bullets (puncture-based weaponry) that are primarily slash-damage focused. I don't think a throwing knife lacerating enemies is too far-fetched for the Warframe universe. Although I do agree with Skaleek that the Hikou would be the more-likely candidate to be primarily slash damage.

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