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  1. Fixed as per hotfix 30.3.5 Regardless of the player's location, pylons now land as normal and the state of the fight no longer bugs out.
  2. Prophet taker... Is this a newly leaked Nef Anyo bossfight?
  3. @Trajectos Let's gather some facts. • All blessings give 25% of their respective buff. • The UI for all blessings states that they should give a 25% buff. • If the credit blessing applies only once, such as in the index because the credits are awarded at the end of the missions, it still gives a 25% buff. • The math done in the original post is consistent with the in-game finding down to half a credit. What on earth possesses you to deem it reasonable to assume a flat 40% buff is intended in spite of the above points that indicate otherwise?
  4. 1. There was already a video in the bug report I linked, showing off an unmodded Kuva Bramma dealing blast damage. There's also this video which is a supercut of where to shoot the Exodia Contagion, with added information in the description. 2. While it would be a good use of the overlay, it's not currently how it is used or how it has been used in the past. It also wouldn't make sense that the overlay exists for Exploiter orb. 3. That would be a decent compromise. Fair enough. Let's agree to disagree.
  5. 1. You don't seem to know the full extent of the bug. As detailed here below the image, it's not the case that every AoE weapon doesn't work. Instead, for an AoE damage instance to deal damage, the head of Profit-Taker (where it's coded to be) has to be within the radius of the AoE. This allows the Kuva Ayanga, Bramma and Exodia Contagion to deal their blast damage to the Profit-Taker when hitting it from below (close to its head). Despite having a smaller radius than the Kuva Ayanga, the Arquebex can damage the shields from anywhere on the Profit-Taker. This is indicative of it having custom
  6. I'm pretty sure Arquebex is intended not to work against Profit-Taker's armor phase and that it is unrelated to the AoE damage issue. Reasoning: 1. Arquebex works against the shields (because its AoE radius is large enough), which is normally where the AoE damage issue shows itself. 2. There's a massive glow appearing on the orb when you use Arquebex, presumably to indicate that the boss is invulnerable to it (in that phase). 3. If Arquebex were to work against the armor phase, the entire section of the fight would be trivialized beyond belief. The Arquebex would outclass any and al
  7. Another update: it's possible to get leg regen on phase 4 as well (Youtube link) This shouldn't come as a surprise as the function 'CompleteGetUpFromStun' triggers leg regen, which in turn is triggered after Profit-Taker gets up from the pylon phase, as figured out in this comment from the the current thread. I analyzed the log of the run using the Profit-Taker analyzer, here's the result: Whenever leg regen occurs, the kill times are marked in red. You can see that I got a triple leg regen in the video at the 1 minute mark. I almost beat leg regen in this case - you can se
  8. I'm a bit late, but this issue issue was fixed in 29.10.0 (it's currently patch 29.10.10). I've confirmed that the fix doesn't just apply to rolling as listed in the patch notes, but to any form of animation cancelling: The alt-fire survives being interrupted by the escape menu, arch-gun deployment, rollling, and leaving archwing.
  9. There's not much to this bug. Tribute is affected by the invert tap/hold abilities setting, but Spellbind isn't. Reproduction: Try self-casting Spellbind with just a tap instead of a hold. It won't work regardless of the settings.
  10. Tested in Profit-Taker, because it's an easy source of a ton of credits with known values and any other credits gained are insignificant enough to not skew the results. In this album you can see the relevant screenshots. Without any boosters at all, profit-taker drops 125k credits. With Chroma's Effigy, that value is doubled to 250k credits. With a personal credit booster, the value is doubled to 250 or 500k credits at the end of the mission, depending on whether you used Chroma's Effigy or not. Now let's introduce the relay blessing booster. The relay blessing bo
  11. If everyone in the squad is more than 500 meters away from the pylons while they are still in the air, they despawn, allowing you to progress to the next phase. This is demonstrated here. Doing so will bug out the mission meaing you won't get the bounty rewards. Possibly related is another bug, where you don't get the bounty rewards despite progressing through the fight in a normal manner. In my 1600+ Profit-Taker runs, I have seen this bug once, here. The cause of this remains unknown. This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find t
  12. After the second armor phase, Profit-Taker will regenerate her shields while vulnerable to start the second shield phase, but the shields regenerate for an excessively long time. This occurs in every Profit-Taker fight, without exception, and this bug has likely existed since the release of Profit-Taker. The expected behaviour is that the Profit-Taker regenerates shields for exactly enough time to get from 0 to 100% shields. Instead what happens is that she regenerates long enough to effectively restore 140% of her shields. Even once she has fully regenerated her shields, you have t
  13. UPDATE: The cause & workarounds are now known. Have a look at these comments of mine. During the second armor phase, the Profit-Taker's legs can regenerate if you are host, which happens quite often if you have fast kill times on the legs. This negatively affected: My current Mirage pb, 1m45s, which would have been the world's first 1m41s run, but I lost 4 seconds to leg regen. My 1m50s Saryn run, which would have been my personal best at 1m42-43s, but I lost 7.8~8.5 seconds to leg regen. A run with 2 legs blatantly regenerating. If you turn volume you can clearly he
  14. Zenith's altfire will always break if you swap from automatic fire mode to semi-automatic fire mode while dodge rolling. Normally, when swapping from automatic to semi-automatic, you fire a disk, which allows you to use semi-automatic mode. If you swap to semi-automatic mode while rolling, the disk is not fired and you lose the ability to shoot with the Zenith. Pressing alt-fire to swap while in this glitched state fires the disk and allows the player to fire again. Vid [Turn on subtitle for keypresses]
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