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  1. Would definitely like to see it fixed. Ground slams have become a staple movement tool and losing their versatility to a bug would be a darn shame.
  2. Current behaviour: The movement speed buff of Saryn's second ability, Molt, does not currently transfer over to Archwing. In fact, casting Molt, going to Archwing cancels the movement speed buff, meaning that after you go back to the Warframe, Molt's speed buff is no longer active. Expected behaviour: Molt's movement speed buff is not canceled by going into Archwing and also applies to Archwing, similar to what happens with the heal rate that you can get from the Regenerative Molt augment. Likely cause: Molt's movement speed buff does not show up as a buff among the buff icons. Making the movement speed buff a proper part of the buff would likely fix it. Examples where buffs carry over to Archwing, tested on Orb Vallis: Saryn's Regenerative Molt augment for Molt Saryn's Venom Dose augment for Spores Saryn's Toxic Lash Volt's Shock Trooper augment for Shock Volt's Speed Mirage's Hall of Mirrors Mirage's Eclipse Chroma's Elemental Ward Chroma's Vex Armor Rhino's Iron Skin Rhino's Roar Gara's Splinter Storm Granted, I was really surprised that even Hall of Mirrors and Rhino's Iron Skin work, but to me, that's further proof that it is intended for every ability to remain active in Archwing.
  3. To my surprise, pylon stacking is not the only scenario where the bounty bugs out. I just had a run where the mission objective didn't change to "Destroy the pylons" during the second pylon phase: Because I couldn't find anything out of the ordinary, I checked the logs. The only abnormality was the absence of these two lines, indicating that something indeed went wrong during the second pylon phase: Script [Info]: CamperHeistOrbFight.lua: Landscape - New State: 7 for /Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/Heists/CamperHeistOrbFight, was 6 Script [Info]: CamperHeistOrbFight.lua: Orb Fight - Starting final attack Orb phase
  4. In Profit-Taker phase 4, if a pylon lands on top of another pylon (shown below), the bounty becomes impossible to complete. Profit-Taker can be killed as normal, but the bounty pop-up will never appear nor will its rewards be distributed. I've attached two runs that were affected by this bug:
  5. Fixed as per hotfix 30.3.5 Regardless of the player's location, pylons now land as normal and the state of the fight no longer bugs out.
  6. Prophet taker... Is this a newly leaked Nef Anyo bossfight?
  7. UPDATE: The cause & workarounds are now known. Have a look at these comments of mine. During the second armor phase, the Profit-Taker's legs can regenerate if you are host, which happens quite often if you have fast kill times on the legs. This negatively affected: My current Mirage pb, 1m45s, which would have been the world's first 1m41s run, but I lost 4 seconds to leg regen. My 1m50s Saryn run, which would have been my personal best at 1m42-43s, but I lost 7.8~8.5 seconds to leg regen. A run with 2 legs blatantly regenerating. If you turn volume you can clearly hear the kill sound of 6 legs, rather than 4. Here's a short compilation of the legs regenerating Here's Aziimuth's more recent compilation of leg regen bugs. Note that you don't just lose time to firing more rounds into the regenerated legs, you also lose time to the arch-gun being on cooldown from firing that extra ammo, where normally that wouldn't be an issue because of how I made my build. Regardless of whether you are host or client, this will frequently occur during the second armor phase, which happens after the first pylon phase. To the best of my knowledge, this bug has existed since the introduction of Profit-Taker. It is one of the most impactful bugs to the fight that is currently in the game. This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here: Profit-Taker leg regen Profit-Taker shield regen Profit-Taker pylon skip Profit-Taker affected by shield ospreys AoE weapons only deal their AoE damage portion when it hits the technical head of Profit-Taker. Inability to fire the zenith after cancelling the disc animation Arch-Gun deployment is currently unaffected by holster speed
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