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  1. Haha it took a while to write, but I waited a day with posting it and forgot to update the relative timings. I have updated them now, thanks :)
  2. You only get a percentage of the buff that is listed in the UI. Worst case old: this was around 5% Average case "enhanced": this is around 16%.
  3. I spent an hour testing the effective damage buff that mirage gets from her Eclipse buff in the orb vallis during an entire cycle while standing still in one open spot. This time around, I did it twice; once with the classic engine, once with the "enhanced" engine that was added two days ago. The results are terrifying: We observe that classic > 4 months ago > "enhanced". The classic system gives higher buffs than 4 months ago, as measured in this post. We (Profit-Taker speedrunners) only picked up on this change three days ago as we normally don't run whenever
  4. The bounty not showing up may be related to pylons falling on top of each other, as demonstrated here at 1m22s:
  5. I agree that it looks cool, but it stops being novel after the first few times. 4 Seconds of being unable to do literally anything in the game makes it extremely unpractical. The animation is also forced to be on the ground (which admittedly, makes sense), meaning enemies are more likely to hit you. You also lose potential DR bonuses from Aviator and Aerodynamic. In the context of Profit-Taker, the animation takes so long that it takes away player agency: you cannot react to your surroundings and just hope you survive. I've died plenty of times while casting the Arch-Gun, DESPITE using
  6. I reported this bug about a year ago but the thread doesn't seem to exist anymore, and it hasn't been fixed yet, so here we go: If you cancel the animation of zenith's alt-fire (from automatic to semi-automatic) using for example, a rolling animation, lose the ability to fire with the weapon until you try to swap from semi-automatic to automatic again. This is demonstrated here. Enable the subtitles to see the relevant keypresses used during the demonstration. This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here: Pro
  7. Arch-Gun deployment is a weapon swap, meaning it should be affected by holster speed mods, but in practice they don't affect Arch-Gun deployment. In case there are any balance concerns relating to quick access to Arch-Gun deployment: Necramechs were recently introduced and allow you to access your Arch-Guns near instantly, so that shouldn't be a valid concern anymore. This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find the other bugs here: Profit-Taker leg regen Profit-Taker shield regen Profit-Taker pylon skip Profit
  8. Exodia Contagion has multiple damage instances; projectile direct-hit, explosion and direct-hit DoT. The damage instance is meant to work like this, according to the wiki: Projectile direct-hit does 2x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 33% Impact, 33% Puncture, and 33% Slash damage. The explosion does 5x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 100% Viral damage. The direct-hit DoT does 1x the Zaw's damage, with a damage distribution of 100% Blast damage. In practice, the modded damage is also transfered on each of these damage instances, which I as
  9. Shield Ospreys used to not affect the Profit-Taker at all, which is assumed to be intended behaviour. This changed with the Warframe Revised update: shield mechanics were revised and among other things, shield ospreys have been giving the Profit-Taker shields ever since. This cannot possibly be intended behaviour as: If it occurs during the armor phase, you have to unequip your Arch-Gun, then take out the element, to then re-equip the Arch-Gun. Aziimuth, has a perfect example of this in his PT bug compilation. It wasn't in the patch notes. It adds an extra layer of unf
  10. If everyone in the squad is more than 500 meters away from the pylons while they are still in the air, they despawn, allowing you to progress to the next phase. This is demonstrated here. Doing so will bug out the mission meaing you won't get the bounty rewards. Possibly related is another bug, where you don't get the bounty rewards despite progressing through the fight in a normal manner. In my 1600+ Profit-Taker runs, I have seen this bug once, here. The cause of this remains unknown. This is part of a series of bug reports related to the Profit-Taker fight. You can find t
  11. After the second armor phase, Profit-Taker will regenerate her shields while vulnerable to start the second shield phase, but the shields regenerate for an excessively long time. This occurs in every Profit-Taker fight, without exception, and this bug has likely existed since the release of Profit-Taker. The expected behaviour is that the Profit-Taker regenerates shields for exactly enough time to get from 0 to 100% shields. Instead what happens is that she regenerates long enough to effectively restore 140% of her shields. Even once she has fully regenerated her shields, you have t
  12. During the second armor phase, the Profit-Taker's legs can regenerate if you are host, which happens quite often if you have fast kill times on the legs. This negatively affected: My current Mirage pb, 1m45s, which would have been the world's first 1m41s run, but I lost 4 seconds to leg regen. My 1m50s Saryn run, which would have been my personal best at 1m42-43s, but I lost 7.8~8.5 seconds to leg regen. A run with 2 legs blatantly regenerating. If you turn volume you can clearly hear the kill sound of 6 legs, rather than 4. Here's a short compilation of the legs regene
  13. Tier 2 and 3 ISO vaults are not explained. You can enter them by speaking with mother in specific locations on the cambion drift. You only get tier 2 and tier 3 matrices from those by chaining them. Still not entirely sure how to get scintillant after reading these notes though. EDIT: The ISO thing is actually addressed in this hotfix, cool. "Within one wyrm cycle" is worrying though. If doing the 3 vault runs back to back without extracting does not give the tier 3 rewards though, they have learned nothing. EDIT2: Seem to have lost 11-12 father tokens, not sure how. Had eno
  14. The game will never be balanced again with the helminth system. Haven't decided yet whether I welcome it or not. On another note, it's been 103 days since Ballista Measure had its undocumented release in update 27.4 When will it finally: • Be officially released? • Be buffed to sensible values? 20% range is nothing. • Be transformed to give projectile speed instead of range? • Be fixed to apply to all arch-guns? It still doesn't apply to Fluctus in Orb Vallis • And finally, have its drop rates buffed? The mod is incredibly useless and still goes for 150 plat due to
  15. This thread was brought to my attention and I feel the need to weigh in as I am currently the world record holder for Profit-Taker solo runs. I recommend everyone that dislikes Profit-Taker to have a look at my guide: The six principles of Profit-Taker so they can see that nearly all of their concerns can be alleviated with proper builds, after which they can enjoy the fight. Many things that people in this thread list as the issues that they have with the fight are addressed in some way shape or form in the guide, but I'll go ahead and clear up some misconceptions here too:
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